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  1. Brazilian here too, i lost my 150+ hours save, corrupted for some reason, so i have to play again to get the DLC and NewGame+ trophies. So, avoid it if you have a Latam copy, and don't want to play again from 0. Azar da desgraça meu fi.
  2. But it only work with the phisical copy right? Because i still can't find that Editions button.
  3. Yeah i saw some videos, and it looks like, only people who had the game before that update, have the option to return to Editions, even redstone is messed up for simple things, i guess i will stop playing and wait a update.
  4. Wow i buyed Minecraft last week, and i can't even play, the game freezes and lags, everything is slow, horse and boats are slow, lag everywhere, there is nothing that i can do to change that? i only got the digital version.
  5. The list is boring, yes, but i think it is a compensation for the list in TLoU1, i hate that multiplayer mode, unnecessary grind for the platinum.
  6. I understand what you mean but i just don't care about what the internet community says about games anymore, since CoD Ghosts, that i really love, suffered an disgusting and unnecessary backlash. What i see is people whining about the crunch and spoilers, because it is aparently, "too woke" or full of "gender vitimism", and even if it is the case ( i also hate those progressist propaganda and vitimism), people are instantly turning ND as a scumbag company for no reason, thats what i see, i think it is a great move to focus on SP, that is what they are good on, and what i personaly care. This is true, the MTs cosmetic parts of U4 and TLoU are fine (as in other games) but those ridiculous itens they include that obviously are game changers, are stupid and should be abolished from all games. Any game that also create weapons/itens, that are unlocked by level, also bothers me, unless it is not a PvP thing, people in a 50+ lv will obviously have more advantage than people in lv10. For me atleast, games are about having fun, and some games are focused on gameplay, as others are more in narrative, so games like RE games, are more famous by its mechanics in survival horror, that's why RE5 and RE6 are so hated, because people misunderstood those games. Uncharted and TLoU are beloved by the experience it gives to the players, more than its gameplay, let's be honest, Uncharted mechanics was innovative, but also really bad, the cover and shoulder shooting was great, but the aim reticle or crosshair, was a real downside, and also the clumsy nathan movements and lack speed was unfun, but overall, it was a great experience, TLoUs did great improvements from Uncharted, and was a really fun stealth experience, mainly on Hard modes. What is happening with other companies like Ubsoft, EA and Bethesda, is that people are realising that they are doing little to nothing when it comes to innovation in their games, look to Assassins Creed or Fallout, games that are just the same again, with nothing really incredible on them. EA literally killing franchises and dooing poor polished games like Fifa, NFS Heat, BF V, etc. Look to all disapointments we had this generation, i don't think that, besides the garbage MP, ND did a great job in their games.
  7. I still don't understand the hate, suddenly ND turned out to be a sh!t developer from day to night for what reason? I don't know if it is due to Xbox fanboys spreading lies or because that "crunching" thing (that i would die to be able to do and earn as much as then, i work the same and earn less than U$300 hahaha). Honestly, i more interested on GoTsuchima, but i will buy TLoU2 just because of the hating lol
  8. Yeah, Plant 42 is the hardest boss in the game in knife only, but i did a playthrough without saving jill, so the first tyrant boss fight on the lab is very easy, but the one on the helipad is a tough one.
  9. It was my first atempt for that and luckly i got it, i played safe with no rush, that car is a beast, one oversteer and everything is ruined, but thank God i got It.
  10. Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, i only needed 2 online trophies, so it is painful to me seeing that on my list, but cool for those who did.
  11. For me is titanfall 2, that time trial run is ridiculous, i don't think i will do it, also Gran Turismo 5 and Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale VITA, because of closed servers
  12. The 10 player boost on australian servers works, but may glitch, better to go on australian and put ranked match, high chance of getting everyone on the same lobby, but can also be done against bots with 4 friends, kill all the enemies, and the team must suicide quickly.
  13. Isn't it the opposite? I always thought that it was Leon A meeting Kendo and entering the police station in front door and Claire B going in the backdoor and going up in the burning helicopter. I played all scenarios in PS1, but maybe it was just the way i chose to play that.
  14. I needed several tries, but honestly, i liked that race, because that car was really satisfying to drive.
  15. I still don't understand why those companies shut down servers on PS3/PS4/Vita, on PC, some games from late 90s still have servers on, like Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 Arena.