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  1. journeys end was the last update for terraria so unless they make more trophies linked to in game achievements or like the steam list then this will be the last few trophies
  3. I've been having a lot of crashes recently with this new update, especially when I host worlds it crashes for my friends a bit too. The weird thing about the dead man's chest was my game crashed and I got no trophy notification but when I looked at my list the trophy popped haha. Duplicating is pretty easy if you have a second controller, it basically doubles what you have every time so within like 5-10 minutes you can have 999
  4. Killed her another 15 times today, (god bless duplication for those lacewings). No trophy yet. Also I tried to get the dead mans chest trophy and my game crashed when I died.
  5. that's actually interesting that they've changed it, i haven't been on my vita in a bit so I was just assuming
  6. Even though the update doesn't exist on ps3/vita it shares the same trophy list so would you not still be able to mod the trophies?
  7. here to say i've killed her another 2 times today, trophies still haven't popped. Friend said his game was changing on PS5 so i decided to try it again but still nothing yet.
  8. Just killed her twice, both day time. One time nothing happened and the second time my game crashed. both of these are after waiting for her to spawn fully and even launch an attack at me. Trophy just doesn't seem to pop for any reason at all I do have a screenshot of the error, can't post it in the forums though I don't think. Evidence of crash is here though if you would like it
  9. I beat it in once in day time and a few times in night time, trophy didn't pop for me either time
  10. I just noticed while playing with Keyboard and Mouse that there's no limit for how far you can move your cursor like there is on pc. If you have a rod of discord you can teleport across the whole map. This is quite useful but it is also annoying when you move your mouse off your screen and you can't find it. (Side note, has anyone been able to get the empress of light trophy to pop? I've killed her 5 times and no trophy yet.)
  11. I completely forgot it was even on PS4, how we feeling about PS5 list?
  12. I know im a little late but theres a soft power cap where the only way you can get your level up is with pinnacle gear and prime engrams, I think (this is not fact) that if you dont have DLC the soft power cap is lowed than if you did have the DLC
  13. cheers
  14. The trophies are insanely easy, anyone with a brain cell could get them within like an hour or two of creating a world
  15. I don't care about my reputation, I'm getting this game if its an easy platinum it looks so dumb