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  1. Hey, would it not be interesting to know the total completion rate excluding the DLC-Trophies?Like having the option to see the completion rate for only the trophy lists with a platinum? There is games where you get the plat and are like at 50% completion rate, just because like some big developres keep pushing out tons of dlc for purchase or somebody who doesnt wanna pay ps plus to play get the dlc trophies. I am not to serious about the completion rate, I play the game if I like I plat it, if i have the GOTY or free dlc I play it but else ,I am not interested paying another 10-20 bucks for extra content. But just for the curiousity as I like analyzing numbers.
  2. I didnt accept him on PSN, I was just asking him essential questions before we hop into the game but he was just impatient, agressive and couldnt take a no. He probably thought this website is a safe heaven for making threats. I made a request to the support ,Will see when/if they respond.
  3. thank you for the reply, sry I never knew there was an option for it:have a good day mate
  4. Hey guys, I cant help it, there is certain people who cant accept a NO for my sessions and they will start to trashtalk me and spread wrong information(i have players i helped and which can testify that im the opposite of what the guy claims me to be) Is there anyway to block those people? It goes that far that a guy posts his adress and wants to fight me LOL. I already contacted the support, to report him for racist paroles....
  5. had this in uncharted 3 i was playing nornally not for trophies had guys join and interfearing with the whole match
  6. Exactly! I had enough games i played without boosting, because i m Ready to put up a fight. Though i have a friend and we boosted gt sport, yes its possible.
  7. Haha. People with your attitude make it easier for the me as a hunter to get wins.because you re too shy to put up a fight.Thank you,spread the word,so people who really dont let themselfes get played wont have to spend much time in this poo multiplayer.
  8. Hahah I am already done with the wins and poles, and i tell you my aggressive play helped me! friendly "clean" racing gets you nowhere. Higher ranked players know exactly how much they can ram you before getting a time penalty etc. So either be the hunter or be hunted, simple is that. For anyone still doing the trophies, be aggressive with your driving style trust me.
  9. sarcasm?
  10. Is it ok if people join a session, you plan out when to play together and before the session even starts people tell me "Hey I already got the trophy "but I am ready to help" "? And then you have to keep running after them, if you want the trophy. Also when I state specific times or time frames people still try to haggle,I am sorry I dont got 24/7 to religously hunt trophy LOL. Would you decline such people from your future sessions? I will definitely do, especially those guys who never join the sessions here, to circumvent bad rep if there is a system in place here. I just cant come behind that logic, can anyone explain me the psychology behind that. Thanks.
  11. Hello, is there anyway to make my sessionยดs wall private? I am annoyed by people who are not part of the session and dont make efforts to request a join keep spamming "add me" after I delete it. The "manual approval required" does a good job at keeping "dead players" from joining but never particapating. It would definitely help to keep the wall clear and see who joined when for priority.
  12. Honestly this game doesnt deserve to be titled "The Real Driving Simulator" rather "The Real Dirty Driving Simulator". Driving clean brings you nowhere. The matchmaking too is complete bull crap. Are you honestly telling me that someone who has 300.000km+ on their dashboard is a friggin DR D SR E driver??Lol Its clear that at least half the players stats are wrong. And why do we have to play against the same idiots in the races over and over again?I thought the game is popular and has a good playerbase yet I get matched with the same players on end. On top of that I get cursed out at the end of the races for reaching 1st place despite 3 guys fighting me the whole race, reporting those messages and getting back the reply "these messages dont violate TOS" Hahaha.glad i only paid 10 bucks for this half-assed crap. No I dont care about online "competitive" racing nor do I believe I am the best driver but please if you just wanna crash go to Wreckfest. Ps. Save your "git gut" shit
  13. It doenst matter wether I race clean or dirty, and there is enough people who alread manipulated matchmaking.So u never really on par with the people in the lobby. I reached SR A or B easily its not difficult. But I m not gonna waste my time by being polite and let myself get rammed offtrack,getting contacted on puropse etc. all this has nothing to do with real life legal racing. So from this point if most people play this online racing with their own rules you either submit to this which makes you tolreate and agree with such behaviour.or u play the same get ur trophies and never to touch the online mode again. because its just total garbage. Same boat man,pen system is so friggin inconsistent. guy brakes randomly and too early i hit him accidently he rolls off track i get penalized 2.5 secs,other lap i get rammed no penalty for him. i touch a piece of sand on side of track "penalty for ignoring trsck limit +1.5sec" other guy cuts corner like with 75% of his car off track penalty system: "nah its alright man"๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ glad im at 45 Poles and 63 wins, 120 races after the online trophies the game is gonna collect some dust in my shelf lol
  14. Try qualify as best as possible and then learn how to defend your position. Block people from overtaking when they slipstream you. Take turns close to the inner side, a lot of times if you take the turn from wider angles people will use u as brake dummy. Brake a little bit earlier cuz idiots will brake-ram you. Take a car you can control easily. I use Nissan GTR on Gr.4 i had a lot of battles where i could defend and keep traction because the Nissan GTR has very good traction even with TC on 0. so a 4WD will probaly make things a lot easier. Also generally i found Race B to be easier to score poles and wins, because 1. You have rolling start,so you dont start bumper to bumper with everyone 2. You can choose a car you are comfortable within the required category unlike race A where u r forced with fixed cars 3. Penalties work better on Race B cutting corners or ramming are little bit more punishing, still the penalty system is inconsistent and total balls And for the people who claim you CANT boost wins, thats wrong boosting is POSSIBLE but not easy: 1. Get a friend 2. have similar D and S ratings 3. have close qualify times to each other like 59.6xx seocnds and 59.7xx for example 4. queue for race 5. hope one of you gets pole 6. pole guy goes for win 7. 2nd guy plays wingman and blocks people from catching up to pole guy yes its very difficult but possible. i did this with a friend, we matched multiple times!
  15. i remember having to do some knife flights again,especially the really tight ones like the one close to the cinema or in hollywood boulevard just do them again.have you done any knife flights online?i think u need to do at least 7 or 8 offline else u cant get the 100%