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  1. Can somebody confirm getting put in solo sport mode lobbies at odd times? I m just tired of being first and then getting pushed out of the curve and end up loosing. The online trophies should ve just been limited to finishing 320 races not winning ahem getting lucky to not get hit and set inhuman lap times
  2. I am by no means bad in 3person shooters i played for yesrs im not a pro either but i got cleaned out by lvl 1-10s in pvp because the aiming mechanics are so terrible ,uncharted is a very good example of how to implement good aiming mechanics. the pve is ok if they would have restricted low levels from entering high difficulty levels but no low levels enters to get a free carry or try to gun down zombie with their lvl1 guns. instead of rolling out a dlc they should ve paid more time into overhauling the gist of this game lol
  3. The developers really cut their own flesh with the pvp section of this game.I mean i have a high speed fiber connection yet i get 100-300ms ping in this game.Getting killed behind walls,shots not registering while the enemy seems to have no problem killing me wow.Paired with idiotic mechanics,aiming makes no sense, strafing and hip firing is the way to go wow.Plus getting matched in unfair teams i get low ranks who just started the game while on the enemy team there is people from 200-999. Haha ridiculous
  4. My idea would be to intentionally slow your internet connection on th PS4 with the MTU Trick. In GTA Online if you wanted to get a solo lobby or only certain people to join u could lower your MTU to 800 f.e. (MTU ranges from 0-1500).If your friend uses the same MTU to slow his connection it might work.I cant promise nothing, I could try it with someone I recently started GT Sport.or someone could try it with their buddy.Let me know
  5. No, for the 50 wins u can pick any ppv event and spam it.every day there is another i think.when the event is over u have to wait for next ppv.so hurry up server close on 31.May
  6. Hey For Anybody Wondering There Is A PPV Live! Yesterday I Boosted Steel Cages Which Were Pretty Fast To Win Like Approx. 6 Mins Per Match And Got The Trophy. Tho I Was Winning The Stats Were Not Showing The Wins Immidiately But I It Was Working. Today There Will Be A One-On-One Vs Some Girl,So Probs Easy To Exploit Ring Out Time Outs. I Think The Rests Of The PVPs Will Be Triple-Threat Matches Which My Be Annoying And Exhausting To Complete. So Take Your Chance With The Easy Matches Today
  7. Is your PS Store in French or your console?
  8. Hello guys, aside from Uncharted 2 which I remember giving the Marco Polo skin for multiplayer I never really had another game giving out skins,currency or even just a badge for having platted the game. I believe there should be a reward especially since I there is games like Uncharted,Rainbow Six Siege and GTA V which I kept on playing for tons of time.Would be just nice sign of recognition from the developers for having turned every stone in their game. I am not a "trophy hunter" per se, I like to find and try out new games. If it is a good multiplayer game I will keep on playing it.
  9. Hey, 1.check your ISPs Status if they listed any problems, planned maintenance or construction work. 2.Try to open specific ports for PSN or Games in your router 3.Depending on the time and days, how many people are at homes and use internet it can get slow at times 4.I used wifi myself on my playstations and it was almost always an absolute disaster so i recommend to use LAN with a proper cable, dont get cheapo cables which are not shielded properly 5.Try to use Goolge DNS Servers these helped me to improve my connection to PSN Do you have connection problems with other devices on your internet?
  10. For me it depends on the game,if it is a game I really enjoy then i will plat it, my longest plat probably is gta v must be 100-200hours back then on ps3 where there was no triple rp in online mode but i played it hardcore,not for trophies in the first place. I dont mind challenges i like to get rare trophies gta iv is my rarest plat too
  11. Whats up guys, just wanted to ask the people who changed their PSN IDs if they had any problems with their Digital Content becoming unusable? Feel Free To Vote On The Poll