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  1. If I dont own the DLC then I dont play it obviously. And since I am not an Elitist Hunter who craves 100% on every single game, I dont give much of a rats poo. Not even mentioning the crazy prices for some DLCs which would cost me more than the game itself. And nowadays I dont really get excited for DLCs, IF at all I d wait for sales or a complete edition.
  2. Of course but under the condition that they play it in English as I did ( so they learn it by playing and intuitively), but certain games I wouldnt allow which are designed to exploit the players money (FIFA, NBA). Or Games like COD which run-and-gun-no-brain-but-aim. Also considering that a lot of games today try push certain agendas I d also not want them to play those kind of games.
  3. Are those servers free or do they have to be "rented"?
  4. A good gaming chair,ultimately that's what our back and butts spend the most time on/with while gaming
  5. Do I need multiple consoles for this? Or can I solo boost via LAN?
  6. What garbage is this? I just wanna play spec ops and installed the according packs, yet when I go to add ons its still not installed? I installed them 3 times now and everytime I check I can still install them....
  7. I mean I played R6Siege (1000hrs+) legit, its a fully populated multiplayer yet I got the plat in two months just by playing and learning the game plus I wasfighting "Veterans"/ DDossers/ MnK/Turbo cheaters, is Bad Company worse than this? And I am still playing it today, if I ever saw someone intentionally throwing games or boosting I d also not care and just kill them in the game, as stupid as it sounds. Same thing with Uncharted 2 and 3 people who were boosting there: The rarity of the plat just tickles me and wants me to try the game. Are these p2p or dedicated servers? Andf thanks for ur comments
  8. How many players make a full lobby? And I will probably boost it over weekdays to avoid crowds. I ve done some PS3 games and yes there were a lot of "veterans" still playing and joining our matches (AC,BioShock). I dont mind waiting,if people see there is a session for it they might buy the game to join. Make it stable what do you mean?
  9. From my personal experience, before trying to coordinate the boosting session, I gotta make sure that people actually need all the listed trophies, because if they, say need only half the trophies, they will have less of an incentive to play fair. If you have a big time gap make sure that people can find a mutual time slot to be online. Make sure people send you a friend request before hand and reply to your message, if they dont then they re most likely not interested or serious. And yes this might sound pretty strict BUT if I see that the player who requests to join already joined other sessions then there will be a very high chance that this player is not gonna show up to your session (session hopping), that is when I directly refuse the join request. Also beware of the player who joined who wants to go first for the trophies thats a big no-no, I had it multiple times where people wanna go first so that they just leave me in the dust afterwards, example UFC 2009, guy wanted me to get him all trophies and then "after that we get all your trophies", I refused ofc and he deleted me and used the excuse "I dont really wanna do the trophies either way" (Yeah sure LMAO, what a change of heart) One very good tip for you, try to keep the people who were good boosters on your friend list and exchange each others "games to boost list". Also PS Messages is one of the worst messaging applications ever, I had 95% bad experience there when trying to coordinate a group of players, it is a messy and chaotic tsunami of messages when multiple people write and important messages go under. Discord is a good and effictive alternative, you can mention specific players, you can send links(ps message tends to censor links), you can pin messages. Hope this helps a little
  10. Dear PSNP-Team, is there any plan to include the option to make the session wall private, so that only joined players can post there? I am asking because it gets quite annoying to have spammers keep posting their discord IDs, "add me", "let me in"(just so they can ghost the session and not participate either) " this can be done solo" or general trashtalk/trolling thats coming from people who cant accept that session host doesnt want them in the boosting session. Yes I know you can put users on the ignored list but that doesnt help as this incedents happen quite often. Also it helps to keep the session wall clean and tidy, so that important messages dont go under. Please take a serious consideration for this, thank you. I am glad that there already is the "manual approval" to let the host decide who joins or not
  11. I unlocked the trophy while both of us were using created fighters. One with max striking stats, max strength and 50/50 cardio and tempo the other guy with the lowest stats on every attribute. We were exchanging punches in close quarters, one threw the superman punch(L1+ Square) and the other(me) heavy punches(L1+Triangle) to the head, after my character dodged a few punches he Flash KOd my boosting partner.
  12. That explain why the game is only 4 bucks ln the store. Plus cant understand how a 6 GB can almost always have 1 Minute loading screen before every match, disgusting that is.
  13. This game has one of the worst online servers I have ever seen: "You cant play online check your internet connection"- me having 1 GB fibre optic LAN Connection After 3 hours of ranking up to "Pro" Game: Let me reset you rank so you start at 0.