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  1. Yup, you need to finish the game as there is one location in the story that cannot be manually visited.
  2. There is actuallt very easy method for these 2 trophies: After certain events in a game you will get a "grenade launcher" that has 3 types of ammo: shrapnel, sleep and berserk. Now to hit 5 enemies at once you can either: take over a fort and after recaliming it you will see somewhere on a main market area a gathering of soldiers, or when you explore a location with supply camp, you will find small groups of soldiers with a small restricted area around them. There are 5-6 of them hope this helps
  3. With taxi fares you need to buy taxi company and stay as Franklin as there is no specific hour to get a call. Owner of the business will call you around 8-10 times. Mine called more.
  4. review and promo copies - best example - Powerpyx, who dropped today on his page trophy guide for the game.
  5. Hi Guys, I found achievement guide on one of other pages for ach/trophy hunters. XBOX version apparently had more DLCs and almost 100 trophies, but all those for PS4 are there: https://www.xboxachievements.com/game/final-fantasy-15-pocket-edition/guide/
  6. got my Community Ambassador last week. I just started Day in the Life trophy so I hope in 23 hrs I will have my plat
  7. Helghast Elite for me. I have platinum in Killzone (PS3 version) and Killzone 3
  8. Hi Guys, Champion of the Gods for me I have all platinums for all GOW games. Probably soon I will be doing again GOW3 remsatered on PS4. Cheers
  9. Hi Guys, Got all of them: Uncharted 1-3 on PS3 (starting Drake Collection in next few weeks) Golden Abyss on Vita Uncharted 4 done with a glitch for speedrun and crushing so please don't count it. Cheers
  10. Right now I have a lot of fun with this game. I did not used to in the beginning as the game was glitchy as hell, but now I am in half of Hard playthrough and finished alomst all trophies. If there is anyone willing to boost or needs help online, just add me with MOH message My PSN ID: KubaLenart