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  1. You can reset your stats anytime with books from the smith and tea house. Nioh is mainly gear dependent so early on your stats are best directed for meeting requirements for equipment until high levels. My advice to you would be to aim for some core stats. 10 Body 15 Heart X - Stamina - as much as needed for your current equipment load to be under 70% weight X - Strength - Meet equipment requirements X - Skill - Meet equipment requirements 10 or 20 - Dexterity 10 or 20 - Magic 25 - Spirit With this distribution you will be able to use all guardian spirits and you will have enough ninjutsu and omnyo to pick minor offensive and support spells.
  2. Crown chances for investigations are based on reward box: 1 Silver and 1 Gold - 6% (small) 3% (giant) 3 Gold and 1 Bronze - 6% (small) 3% (giant) 4 or more Gold - 6% (small) 6% (giant) 3 Purple (Tempered Investigations) - 6% (small) 3% (giant) 4 or more Purple (Tempered Investigations) - 6% (small) 6% (giant) Pick the investigation that best suits your target size. For certain rare monsters like the Gold Rathian, it can be difficult to aquire suitable investigations. In this situation the arena quest is the best option. Whilst the crown chance is lower, Arena loads quickly even better if you have a solid state drive. Like others mentioned if you post the crowns you need we can point you in the right direction.