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  1. I totally get this, and more of in a general way, hence why I never picked up any of the current-gen consoles. I've watched some gameplay of a few PS4/Xbone games, and sure did find a few really good ones, but not enough to warrant picking up either of those consoles. Most have this certain "feel", where it focuses heavily on really amazing graphics and go for a lot of cinematic cutscenes, but eh gameplay and story (not presentation.) Not sure if it's just the fact that it's hard to do anything truly unique anymore, or if it's just the companies burning out or whatever. Honestly, I've been focusing on the PS3 and PS2 a lot lately, and am having a blast with those libraries, same as older consoles like the Genesis, too. I've just visited my local used game shop, and found some really good PS3 games for dirt that I've never really thought of playing before; so glad I did, tons of fun. ^^ And then there are the updated rereleases, where they just kind of up the resolution and/or framerate, and don't do that much of a good job, half the time. The difference between the PS2-PS3 was greater, since it was "HD" and supported widescreen, whereas PS2 didn't before (though some did widescreen), but the jump from PS3-PS4 isn't big enough for me to feel the need to rebuy them. I know it has a lot to do with the fact that it isn't backward compatible, and a lot of people sell/trade their previous console for the new one, so rereleases are good for that reason, but I always keep the previous-gen console, so it's rather pointless for me. Sometimes it just feels like there are too many rereleases and not enough new games or IPs (I know that rereleases are often a safe way to make money.) But yeah, I agree. This gen just didn't do it for me, and I doubt the next will, either; none of them really stood out to me, aside from like 3-5 games. I'll just stick with the older consoles for my gaming needs; too bad they don't have trophies! It's not that PS4/Xbone games really suck or anything, they just don't stand out as much or lack differentiation. I know games cost a lot to make these days, so most AAA companies would rather play it safe than to try something that may end up not selling as well as expected.
  2. I personally don't focus on the rankings or anything like that, but I do like seeing those trophies pop in the corner. I usually just play a game once through without trophy hunting, but will go back and look through them once I beat the game for the first time to gauge it. I don't have too many games, but I enjoy them and the trophies are a nice little way to get more out of the ones I have. I don't aim for plats, but if it's a game I really love and they don't require DLC or online play, then it's fun to try. Though it doesn't mean much to me, it does to others, so it's a personal preference and goal for some. For example, I'm doing Heavy Rain right now, and am having a really fun time going for the platinum, as it really fleshes the game out and lets me see all there is it has to offer. But then I have games like Red Dead Redemption (the first one) and GTAV; I pretty much did all of the offline trophies, but can't get the online ones, so I'm stuck at like 50-55% for those. I think I only have like 6 plats (lol) but I love all 6 of those games. Anyway, yeah, rankings don't matter much to me, but it's good seeing it green. I don't use this site for that feature, but as a nice way to see my game and trophy collection. If others have the time and ability to raise through the ranks and enjoy it, then that's fortunate for them, and that's obviously how they invest in their games and have fun. ^^ If you don't like the leaderboards/ranking, just ignore it. That's what's nice about gaming; many different ways to enjoy it for many different kinds of players.
  3. Having the same issue; I went to update my profile earlier with some new trophies and it showed 0 and acted like it's private. Checked the troubleshooting guide and everything is already set up properly. So I went and got another trophy and synced it again, only for it to still be showing 0. edit: syncing it again after getting a second trophy has fixed it ^^