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  1. trophy did not pop for me with a combining 1000 kills over 3 stages I had to get it in 1 go and died with NO kills on the second go then the trophy pop for me.
  2. AFK with rubber band will work for 500 hours. That will be almost 21 days. But there will be a way and players will do it for a trophy.
  3. This game will DIE fast.
  4. Will be going for the platinum this weekend. Last trophy I need.
  5. Looks like it has a lot of dialogue. Trophies looks easy to get as well.
  6. I have no Audio in coop sometimes but in single mode there in no problem.
  7. This week track suck just 1 lap for win.
  8. I also know about this when I did it the other player that Coop with me was so mad at me for doing it.
  9. Finally done with it. Just play with an old controller. Best tip I can give.
  10. How many threads is there for 1 game that is the same? LOL my BAD!!!!!
  11. My post was delete that say this trophy will be in New Game plus 100% completion of the game. The First DLC Trophy New Game Plus 100% completion. Was I right? Keep this post in mind.
  12. I will skip this 1.
  13. This trophy will be in New Game Plus 100% trophy Base game and New Game Plus total 100% the game. Check this post
  14. Are you guys sure you have a PS5? The PS5 is AWESOME play a game on the PS4 then play that same game on the PS5 if you don't see it then I don't know.
  15. I just hope this 1000 miles trophy is not like that KAK Mafia game Drive a 1000 miles in a car. KAK game.