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  1. Here we go again for 1 more trophy need to download the game again for 100%
  2. Can you Build all variants of the Tesla Gun in more than one zombie match or must it be build in one match all 5 ( Normal, Midnight, Bloodthirst, Reaper and Hurricane). I Know you must build the Normal Tesla Gun first.
  3. Bad really Bad online trophies to get and to get to Level 50 will take a very long time to get to Level 50. Gran Turismo Platinum Trophy Acquired all Gran Turismo Sport trophies! 1,019 Achievers 0.73% Ultra Rare
  4. Today is a great day to go for a Condor on Alpina 12 if anyone still needs condors for platinum.
  5. Resident Evil 3 Re-make Re-make LoL😤
  6. She's Alive Resident Evil 7: Biohazard First Trophy 2 years ago
  7. Posted September 27, 2017 · Report post In the "Uncrossable Jungle" area there's a Tornado Build where you build a satellite for a lost pilot. Upon completing that build you'll be able to obtain a gold brick with Jay. DO NOT leave the area without collecting that golf brick, or the electric thing you have to hit will disappear, making the Gold Brick unobtainable. This happened to me while close to 100%, and this was my fourth playthrough due to glitches. 3 Have a look at this
  8. Why do some players only get 58 of 60 or 27 of 29 trophies of a Game and not all the trophies in the Game some of that trophies are very easy to get (The last 1 that is needed) to get the platinum trophy?
  9. Can you get the Survival Mode Trophies on NG+ aswell or must you start a New Game on Survival Mode?
  10. Over and Over the same thing....