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  1. I will say there is a post on the GRID forums with a post from Codemaster Community Manager that indicates some uncertainty as to whether this is even being tracked at the moment (along with a bunch of the accolades). I would suggest waiting on this until they have their shit together...you could be completely wasting your time! See the bottom post here : https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/43455-around-the-globe-trophyachievement-problem/
  2. Yep same for me. I fell off the platform on the final wave. Was really annoyed but started again and it took less than 60 seconds!
  3. I think you have to win Showdown: Ravenwest' Career Event which is the last event in the Grid World Series.
  4. I think Battle Chasers is a hugely underrated game. I absolutely loved it when I played it on Xbox and will be double dipping for sure.
  5. I think GRID is a perfectly competent racing game, but I'm not sure it's 'fun' as such....there's a bit of soul missing in the game somewhere, I can't quite put my finger on it.
  6. For those going for Around the Globe, I read a post on TrueAchivements where a user has 31 hours played and his xbox achievement tracker shows just 6%!! Allowing for some time saved in menus, I still make that over 500 hours to get this trophy!!
  7. 60 hours of just driving round and round?! Guess I won’t be getting the plat 😀
  8. Haha...that billboard one killed me too....took me a good 15 minutes of swearing to find it! Mostly the guide helped me a LOT though....I probably spent less than 2 hours clearing up after the game was finished.
  9. I know Powerpyx has a collectibles guide up...check his website. I know there is definitely nothing in Lunas room so it's not there. Good luck!
  10. People who are 100% completionists make their own CHOICE to pursue that goal. That's great, but in doing so, they inevitably can't play some games due to difficulty, broken trophies, peripherals, etc etc. I think it's a bit odd then to complain about a game having a VR component as part of the trophy count. It's a developers right to use trophies as they see fit to enhance their game. If it's not for you, then simply don't buy it. I do have some sympathy though....I myself had a 100% Xbox account for 6 years....eventually I drove myself nuts worrying about what I could and couldn't play!!
  11. That’s odd. Not sure it makes any difference but I did it in Free Painting mode In the lighthouse.
  12. Yep, same happened for me. The in game counter said 34/30 when I finished, but I still had to rescan the Sanctuary slab a further six times.
  13. Toast of Tsushima...
  14. I essentially want my trophy list to be a reflection of the games I have seen credits roll in. Platinums and completion percentage are the cherry on the top!
  15. Yep I have spare one. Send me a friend request when you are on. Do you want to do the Firing Range trophy in co-op? We both need it and it should make it quick