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  1. Atelier Series - JRPGs centered around mostly female alchemists as they use their talents to help solve their problems or just make ends meat. more for the anime fans Battle Chasers: Nightwar - Akin to more old school RPGs with an overworld and instanced dungeons. Blue Reflection - An easy plat as well as a somewhat decent story despite not having the biggest budget, but mainly for the hardcore anime fans as it involves magical girls at an all girls school. Cosmic Star Heroine - A shorter RPG influenced by stuff like Chrono Trigger, Phantasy Star, & Suikoden Final Fantasy Type-0 HD - My personal favorite Final Fantasy, it has action combat with unique characters and weapon styles. it also isn't one to pull punches with it's story. it's also an easy plat if you pay attention to the trophies beforehand. don't be like me and have to get them on your Agito [Hard] mode playthrough. Tokyo Xanadu eX+ - An action combat JRPG from Falcom the creators behind the Ys and Trails of series. the game plays like Ys but outside of combat plays like the modern Trials of Series as well as dash of Persona if you wanna more common comparison. i recommend a guide though as Falcom the developer is known for jam packing their games with stuff you could skim past without noticing which could mess up your trophy collecting, hidden quests, information on characters for their bio pages so you can't fill them out stuff like that Trails of Series - Long but satisfying JRPGs with great characters, music and just overall a high quality experience. I recommend a guide more on this series even more than Tokyo Xanadu eX+ since this series is more of their bread and butter and get more love put into them.
  2. PSN: xPhrance Just looking for some more friends. I like seeing what other people are playing and hearing their takes on said games. I mainly play single-player games, mainly JRPGS and the like. I have just recently started trophy hunting as well so i'm not as accomplished in that fact yet but if anyone has any tips on trophy hunting or just wanna talk games add me and just put your from PSNprofiles in the FR.