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    Video games (boy, what a revelation!), watching movies, D&D homebrewing, drawing, manga, anime, and miniature collection. I'm also a Special/Deluxe/Collector's Edition hunter, although only if it's in budget.

    I'm a cat dude. Dogs are okay, but not my choice.

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    It's currently raining in my town.


    I'm feeling great, trying to do great. Sometimes it's hard.


    I'm also transitioning from videogames to other hobbies and prioritizing other things. I've been selling/giving away some of the titles in my collection, and learning to appreciate some of the small things in life. It honestly feels like I've changed in some way in the last months, and I'll try to ride that path for as long as possible.


    Still, it's hard at times.


    Thank you for reading. Hope fortune finds you.

    Folken out.

    1. Baranov_925


      Raining blood? 🙏

  2. I don't think so. All trophies for the platinum are related to Miriam's story, so, while Zangetsu may be able to help in getting some trophies (maybe the Cartographer, not sure), you still need to get the Good Ending in order to create a new save file for Zangetsu.
  3. My only advice, as someone who is also not great at puzzle games, take it easy. I went head first into the PS3 version back in the day, and some nights I was dreaming with block moving and tower climbing. Luckily I never died lol. Take your time, it sure is a cool experience.
  4. On Friday 22 of April, it will be 2 weeks since I was let go from the Miniature Painting Studio at Piedrabruja. The last five months were amazing, and everyday I got to paint a lot of stuff that I may not have considered before. For that, I'm extremely grateful.


    While the loss of the extra income may hurt me on the long run, it is a chance to finally take the leap into the abyss and start doing miniature painting independently. I've already delivered my second commision (with great results), and got to apply what I learned on the Studio.


    Come May, and I'll be going full gear on this. It just feels a bit overwhelming at times, but then I kick myself out of that mindset, and keep going.


    It's time to step it up.


    There's at least 2000 points of Soulblight Gravelords to paint, and a future game of Sigmar on the horizon.


    Wish me luck!!😎

    1. visighost


      Good luck!


    2. Zassy


      Damn, that's a cool outcome. :o I used to know a few folks who were hardcore into miniature collection/painting, and they always paid fairly, top dollar, for quality results. Your independence might attract customers like them with sharp eyes.


      Yeah, best of fortune to ya! o/

    3. Folkenio


      Kindly appreciate your words, @visighost and @Zassy

  5. Thread updated!!! First come, first served!!!
  6. May be a bit late, but congrats on getting the trophy.
  7. I know at least on PC servers are down since 2014 maybe. Here's a thread about the onlie trophies from 2018 that may shed some light on the matter Also, some players are still earning trophies, with the latest platinum being from 3 days ago. User played the game for a week: Hope it helps.
  8. Nobody got in touch, so here are the codes!!! First come, first served!!! US ONLY GHOSTBUSTERS: 3ZN5 K6A6 0EH1 9AT0 GHOSTBUSTERS II: 3AMP AVVE ZST8 NEW3 If you claim it, let me know. -First and foremost, if this is not the place to do this, please inform me. Very much appreciated.- Hello, I have two codes for the classic Ghostbusters movies from a recently purchased BD pack. The code is only valid for US legal residents, and since I'm not currently there, I'd like to hand them to someone who can make use of them. DM me and I'll ask you a question. Correct answer gets them both. Good luck.
  9. Servers are still active. Technically, you don't need to play online to earn the trophies, but some of the covenant items have better drop rates when playing online with other users (invasions, coop, and such). Other than that, it's a good way to start on the franchise.
  10. Got Journey Collector's Edition for dirt cheap. It Takes Two for a friend and me, and the game is amazingly fun!! Got an impulse buy for an used STEINS;GATE Elite, and it came with a working code for Linear Bounded Phenogram
  11. photo-2021-11-26-16-03-20.jpg


    It's been a hot minute since the last time I posted, and boy, does it show!!!


    I finally decided to rake a break from trophy hunting. Long gone are the days spent sitting next to the PC, looking up guides and walkthroughs while playing. It was definitely taking its toll on my mental health, and keeping me from enjoying other hobbies.


    In the meantime, aside from gaming with a friend, I've been painting more miniatures, kept on DMing my regular group and playing in another one, and selling some of the titles from the collection I stopped playing/platinumed.


    And I also started part-time working as an assistant painter for a local game shop. Since mid October, I've been painting a lot of stuff, learning and understanding the process behind everything, and, overall, having a blast. Slowly but surely, that little voice on the back of my head telling to "stop trying" has been less vocal. This has been the rope I needed to step out of the hole, and I can't believe how long it took me to get a hold of me.


    It surely has been a hot minute.


    If you read up until here, thanks. Hope the day finds you well, and wish you good on your projects.

    See you around.

    1. Honor_Hand


      Best of luck in your endeavors, friend. I can see painting miniatures has really grown in on you as a hobby. It's been a while since we last talked about it but I still have that on halt even though I've found most of the tools and materials for it. You know, getting stuff done here is far harder than it needs to be so that's why I've been unable to start, that and real-life complications that continue to arise time and time again. Hopefully, I'll catch up with that one day.


      But anyway, hope you can still find enjoyment in games in your own unique way. There's a ton of options and manners we can enjoy what they have to offer, I'm sure you'll be finding what works best for you.


      Cheers! :)

    2. Folkenio


      Sinceramente, espero que estés bien. Y muchas gracias por tus amables palabras, bro.

  12. I was missing the Falling Snow one, definitely an oversight on my side. Will update the main post. Thanks for your time, everyone.
  13. That's exactly what i did. My first thought was that I may have missed one of the doubles, but I had already bathed in every one (checked multiple times), so I'm very sure about it. All the other corresponding stages already have the hotspring icon on them too. Huh, that may work. Will give it a try. Thanks. That's why I'm only checking Trail of the Master, since every other stage already has the hotspring registered. Thanks anyways.
  14. Hello, I'm currently having trouble with the Spa Lover trophy. So far, I've already checked every region and stage that has bathing waters, and I still can't pop the damned trophy!! And yes, that includes the 7 baths in the bath house, but for some reason it doesn't shows as completed. Has anybody a clue about this? I've been repeating the stage for the last hour, and I'm starting to go insane. Any help would be appreciated. I'm currently using this as a checklist for the locations https://www.(URL not allowed)/t163200/spa-lover-trophy EDIT: Nevermind, I found the stage I missed (Falling Snow in Kinki region). My brain surely played me yesterday. Thanks for all your replies and time.
  15. From my perspective, due to the way PC always has been the de facto point of comparison in terms of graphics, optimization and modding when it comes to games and similar matters. Consoles are constantly being ripped by the PC community due to being already obsolete in hardware, and requiring the purchase of a new device in order to have an improved experience, while on PC, you just upgrade your components. It's mostly thrown around nowadays to refer to the most die-hard members of the bunch. In the end, we are all gaming anyways.