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  1. I'd personally recommend Hollow Knight and Guacamelee 1 and 2.
  2. Yes, you can use shared content (DLC, games, themes) from different accounts on PS3. Go for it.
  3. Oh, that's another story then. Sadly, I have no clue. I'm not sure how it will work, considering that external HDDs get encrypted for use on the console they connect on first instance, so it may not be possible at all. Unless Sony works on a new update to grant access to such functionality in the future, it may as well stay there.
  4. Apparently not. The easiest way would be to transfer the data (in this case PT) to the internal disk and then transfer it to the new external. Considering that's the only one you won't be able to download again, it's the safest way to do so.
  5. It shows at least on the US Store. Try looking for Lords of Shadow 2 Revelations, that's the Alucard story DLC.
  6. It does, it's supposed to take place after Chapter 4, while the Spy Pack is playable after Chapter 11. that's the only real reason.
  7. I can confirm that Tokyo Jungle was bundled in a PS3 collection called Best of PlayStation Network Vol. 1 with Fat Princess, When Vikings Attack and Sounshapes. It's the Castlevania Lords of Shadow Collection, but Mirror of Fate came only as a download code for the game. Sealed copies might be rare depending on location, so it may be a good idea to buy from the Store.
  8. If you somehow manage to fully fund the next FIFA game for them, maybe EA would care. Anything below that is pocket change, sadly. Move on, mate. It's not worth it.
  9. Why would they fix something that isn't giving them money? EA doesn't care about consumers, it cares about consumers' spending. When the servers close, that's it. No fix, no patch, no nothing. Sadly that's the way with annualized sports titles.
  10. When I played it, I had a blind playthrough, and managed to get Ren and Nona together, good ending and Jonas as the step brother. It's painfully easy to do a lot of the stuff sometimes on accident, and like many it also took me 3 playthroughs. Seriously, don't judge the game solely on number of playthroughs if you aren't able to get the platinum in one sitting. Give it time, don't push it, or better yet, just drop the game. Not every game is meant for everyone.
  11. I don't plan anything. It's always up to what I feel like playing.
  12. That works too. Also, make sure to check the Sales & Deals threads, most of the time those are the best way to know if there's some price change. Wish you luck on your quest, mate.
  13. You don't need to register. Just bookmark the page and done, check it regularly.
  14. Yes, you can have a specific region account as primary, and still play the game on you main account. All digital content should work fine, as long as the game is from the same region. From what I've read, it works the same as on PS4.
  15. Grinding those steaks for futures hunts at the moment.