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  1. Ok, this sounds neat!! Pretty sure a tuna people will participate! Sorry, my puns are fishy sometimes...
  2. UPlay is not some paid service, it was a client for Ubisoft games. It no longer works on PS3 and XBOX 360, currently being called Ubisoft Club. Make sure to check the info on the link. You may need to create an account on their site and then link your console to that, but I'm not sure if it works.
  3. The game's region is America, so you'll need to download the Online Pass from a US account. What region is your account?
  4. Last year, the Highlights/Wrap-Up mail arrived around mid January (at least from checking my inbox), but it's up to Sony to do it. There's no real way to know what they'll do or when.
  5. Congratulations to the winners!!! ANd thanks for hosting another awesome giveaway @B1rvine!!!
  6. I've never played Arcania, so I'm a bit curious about it. Aside from your comment, what features would you praise? Also, how is the narrative?
  7. I'm sure this was discussed in another post but I can't find it right now. You may have an issue with some PS3/PSVita games, but PS4 has barely some trouble with the name change, as far as I know. The warning mostly refers to online leaderboards and such.
  8. Finally got around to having great answers, and all that got dumped by the a couple high value ones! Still, this is such a fun giveaway event. Keep up the good work.
  9. Hey, thanks for the follow, man!!

  10. I know, it has happened before (looking at you, 2011), and it still happens today. I keep reading stuff on local trading groups about accounts hacked and logins from countries other than the original owner. And yeah, you can delete the payment method once you buy. Still, I would vouch for the prepaid card.
  11. Yeah, and it's also the safest. That way you don't need to worry about auto-renew payments and such. And your bank details won't be linked to the account, which in case of hacking can be quite an issue.
  12. As far as I know, PS Now isn't available in South America, and for US accounts, it must be with a US registered credit or debit card. So, no dice there, mate.
  13. At least for us southamericans, only through prepaid cards. Even with a US account. CDKeys seems to be a good option for that.
  14. About Ghost of Tsushima...


    I've been thinking a while about this, and finally feels like I can put it into words.


    This game made me realize I no longer enjoy playing open world/sandbox style games. And while I've played a lot of these and still have some to play, it's a type of game I would start avoiding like the plague. My break point was back when I finished AC 2. I enjoyed the shit out that game, and, having purchased the Trilogy bundle on PS3, I figured it was best to keep riding that high, and started with Brotherhood. Boy, what a letdown.


    The map felt 10x bigger than 2, the story, already bloated and all over the place, was everywhere and way more present, and although the color palette was improved, it was the same game. The fact that solidified this was when Ezio started to complain about feeling old and how all of his body hurt. Man, if that wasn't some foreshadowing, I don't know what it was.


    And thus, from that moment, open world games seemed to be the less interesting lot to me. They feel generic, empty, boring and over saturated. Ghost of Tsushima highlitghed that with a billboard and a full orchestra playing by the side! And I know it's a good game, I'm actually enjoying the moment to moment gameplay and narrative, the combat scenes and the characters. But the fact that, after having to travel from point A to B (yes, fast travel exists, but not for every situation), you are required to go to point C, D, and Z in missions, and still keep engaged, it's a bit too much. At least for me. I've had situations where you are required to follow an NPC, some environmental stimulus appears on screen to remind you "hey, there's this thing here", start following that, and suddenly the game doesn't like it and forces you to "go back to the mission area, you doofus, you can't be exploring this rich world we're offering, because you accepted to go deliver some stuff to this person".


    -"But GoT, it's just 30 seconds, it's not gonna take too long, and I don't want to revisit an area that I'm not planning to come back in the future for just the one thing".


    -"Nope, too long!! You signed a contract with this person, if you don't deliver their shit they'll die waiting!!! You'll kill the people of Tsushima with that attitude!!"


    Anyway, that's it. Thanks for reading if you did. The ending got a little weird, tbh.



    1. Honor_Hand


      I think any type of game can get boring after a while, especially if you play solely that type of game over a long period of time. That's whether it's open-world or not. Open-world games in particular can often feel devoided of "life" or an actual focus to them when you have so many tasks to do at hand at any given moment. I wouldn't say they are a type of game I favor over others, but every now and then I try to switch things around and try other more focused experiences to keep the fun going. Like, say, if you're doing an open-world game, mix it up with a fighting or rhythm game on the side. And once you're done with the open-world one, jump into something that's not an open-world title.


      Last year I did the whole GTA trilogy of games on PS2 back to back and man, was that exhausting. 😅 The games are fun, somewhat dated but still fun. But playing all of them in quick succession certainly felt tiresome.



    2. Folkenio


      Thing is, I don't even play open world games that much. I've gotten more used to contained experiences, and I like to play more than one game at the time. It's just that the structure of those games feels repetitive, at least to me.

  15. Well, I seem to be getting the same issues as you mentioned @Hoenn_Squall. And apparently, yeah, you'll have to wait a bit to be able to purchase the game (thanks for the info @Vauxhart) Your character should transfer to the version you decide to buy as long as it's the same account and region. About the trophies, I think it's most likely you'll earn those retroactively, but I'd wait until you buy your bundle.