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  1. I'm going with a list. I'll post single titles and months (to sum up months that weren't my favorites): -For Honor -March 2019 -Conan Exiles -June 2019 -October 2019 -December 2019 Other than the online function, after a year of using it, I barely see any benefit beyond the discounts on sales (and even that I used).
  2. It's the same list for the PS3 release, except for the Tera-Driver trophy. Other than that, nothing new.
  3. Awesome poll!! And highly scientific indeed!! My votes are casted!!!
  4. Aslo to be noted, PS3 has an unobtainable trophy, Run Like The Wind, which is basically asking to be flagged if you get it nowadays.
  5. Both @FawltyPowers and @Copanele make good points. Give some evaluation to those first. Personally speaking, I think it depends on what stage of your life you are. Gaming should be a hobby and not a chore. If you find yourself pushing to play, even when you don't feel like it, it seems there's a bigger issue you may not be considering (at least that's what I interpret). There's a lot of stuff to do beyond gaming (it may sound ridiculous, this being a site dedicated to GAMING), so try to find something that resonates with you. As an example, I started collecting ad playing videogame related board games. I currently have the Uncharted and Fallout ones, and, although I haven't played them a lot, the few sessions with my group of friends have been a blast. Point is, don't pressure yourself to enjoy something. Fun times are a choice, not a 9-to-5 24/7 job. If you're not interested in playing, go do something else. Spice it up a little, give it some time and space. Then go back to play something WHEN YOU FEEL LIKE IT.
  6. Ok, I'm in. What’s your favorite Christmas (or holiday) memory? From recently, when I got a 10-pack of socks from my parents last year. I usually run short on them, and last X-mas was a complete surprise.
  7. As of now, yes, it is. My only complaint about it is the fact that, as you state, there's already an unnanounced character. I'm pretty sure there will be another re-release of the game with more characters, costumes and stages. I've been on hold to buy this due to Capcom's infamous track reccord of "Now-This-Is-It" Editions.
  8. Bad wording from my part, I should've said SFV Super Ultra Completerer All-In-One Package Edition.
  9. It seems we are reaching the end-of-the-line for SFV. Hope to see soon a SFV More Complete Than Before Edition.
  10. Not all PSN users are registered in this site. It's been said before, and always seems to be ignored. EDIT: For some info about numbers, PSNP has about 4 million registered users. After some digging, PSN has, as of March 2019, 94 million active users. Which makes this site be around the 4.420734042553192 % of users. More data about it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PlayStation_Network https://www.playstationlifestyle.net/2013/07/03/psn-passes-110-million-accounts-sony-pictures-developing-exclusive-original-tv-style-programming-for-psn-timed-exclusives/ https://www.statista.com/statistics/272639/number-of-registered-accounts-of-playstation-network/
  11. At least on the site, nobody. https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/9729-tom-clancys-ghost-recon-breakpoint/1-taming-the-devil
  12. Where I live (Santiago, Chile), winter is not as harsh as in other regions of the world. I dig it, since summer is way too hot here. I'm also not troubled with the low temperatures, I'm way too comfortable with those, and If anything, you add another layer. Summer makes me want to tear my skin off.
  13. Pretty sure is the one that's been available in digital stores since some time. Would've been nice that suddenly the "Mysterious Seizure Inducing and Murderer Videogame Polybius" got released as an actual game.
  14. Good to know. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Nice, Hollow Knight!!! Definitely gonna play it!!