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  1. You can play without a problem by relying on the AI to do most of the stuff. There might be some times where you need to step in, but it's not that much, tbh. GIve it a try on a secondary account, see if you dig the systems, and then play it on your main profile.
  2. Freaking Detroit: Become Human!!! It's an absolute blast of a story, and a pretty awesome interactive drama.


    Godamnit, Connor!!

    1. BeTheBesty


      So looking forward to playing it after my PS Now subscription runs out 😊

  3. As someone from Southamerica (saludos desde Chile, hermano!), I would recommend you to create an US account mainly for the purpose of buying stuff, and keep playing on your regional account. That way you don't need to throw away anything. Apart from that, you need to be more specific.
  4. This has to be one of the funniest shit I've seen in recent years. It never gets old. Couldn't agree more!!



    1. PooPooBlast


      ROFL this is the best version I've seen yet! 

    2. Folkenio


      I saw it a while after I started Yakuza 0, mostly due to Majima being Majima, and it remains one of my favourite clips of all time!

    3. PooPooBlast


      I think my second favourite meme has to be DAME DA NE! It sucks to have the original meaning lost but hey at least we got something funny out of it :lol:

  5. That sounds quite weird. Can you upload a picture of your trophy list in the PS3? The language thing, also. I remeber changing language on my console back in the day, and most trophies would resync to the current language, overwriting the previous one (except in cases where a list only had the original language intended by the developers). Now that I read again, you mentioned that you got a NEW PS3 about 5 years ago. Was there a previous one where you got your save data? If so, maybe it's some sort of conflict between the two systems, the new one being in french. Maybe a solution would be to transfer your save file to the new console. That may rectify the situation.
  6. Man, what an awesome interview and interviewee!!! Thanks for answering my question, @PooPooBlast!! It's actually cool to learn more about this kind of stuff, so don't apologize. Keep on rockin', my dude!!
  7. Pleasure to meet you!! Awesome username, btw! Have you found information from your field of study being misinterpreted in videogames? If so, how?
  8. As said above, make sure to pray before going on adventure to boost your score. Labyrinth of Chaos is a good place to do so, and you also get some loot that may be useful. Aside from that, you may try to join random rooms on Hard to play on co-op. Since you just want to level up, it's easier than boosting, and faster. Also, keep at least 5 sets of equipment ready in case you need to swap at path selection. Depending on your character, try to have an NPC that covers another type of skills you can't (i.e. you use a Fighter, and NPC is Wizard/Sorceress).
  9. Te recomiendo le des una leída antes de responder. @shebahs1 En caso de que no lo tengas claro, el sitio ya de por sí tiene un foro sobre lo que corresponde a uso de partidas guardadas y qué conlleva eso. Como te comentó @B1rvine, las reglas existían en el 2018 (la última actualización es del 2017), por lo que en el caso de Arkham, no hay justificación. La diferencia con Sound Shapes es que ese juego tenía una función de cross-save, de manera que podías traspasar tu partida a otras plataformas en las que tuvieras el juego (de ahí que haya gente con platinos de segundos en ese juego u otros con cross-save). Arkham City NO tiene cross-save, y tampoco Call of Duty, por lo que es fácil detectar el uso de partidas adulteradas/manipuladas. Lo de haber usado una PS3 sin conexión a Internet tampoco se mantiene mucho, ya que al sincronizar los trofeos se actualizan las fechas con los servidores. En tu caso particular, Arkham City tiene los trofeos de las medallas de desafíos con segundos de diferencia, lo cual es imposible de manera "legal". @B1rvine, I can help with the translations if needed. I'm a native spanish speaker and writer. The user seems to confuse cross-save functionality with save file with autopopping. Checking the list on Arkham City, the challenges medals are obtained within seconds, which is impossible under normal circumstances.
  10. Been playing it for a couple of days, and the pit stop is waaaaay too freemium to be ignored. It's a bum that they are going this way, but it's kind of naive to not expect it. At least I got a buyer for my copy, so maybe I'll reconsider getting it back when it's cheap. The online should have been just that, an online matchmaking. Just goes to show how they want to shape the industry on the following years.
  11. I just realized I have 10. Last time I checked it was 7. It's mostly ModNation and Minecraft.
  12. What I get from this is that you have acces to servers that were shut down years ago (FIFA 09 closed on 2011, 13 closed on 2017) Some links to verify the info: Regarding FIFA 09
  13. So...

    After a week or so of playing Sekiro, I'm getting used to being kicked to oblivion by the learning curve and the bosses. It's so frustrating yet encouraging to overcome the challenge, pretty much how it felt when playing Demons's Souls the first time.


    So far, it's an awesome game.

  14. It's not on the rings inventory, it should be at the end of the list where all the consumables are. Make sure to speak to the Maiden in Black, in case you haven't. I can't check on game, due to my PS3 being dead from a couple of months ago.