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  1. I was missing the Falling Snow one, definitely an oversight on my side. Will update the main post. Thanks for your time, everyone.
  2. That's exactly what i did. My first thought was that I may have missed one of the doubles, but I had already bathed in every one (checked multiple times), so I'm very sure about it. All the other corresponding stages already have the hotspring icon on them too. Huh, that may work. Will give it a try. Thanks. That's why I'm only checking Trail of the Master, since every other stage already has the hotspring registered. Thanks anyways.
  3. Hello, I'm currently having trouble with the Spa Lover trophy. So far, I've already checked every region and stage that has bathing waters, and I still can't pop the damned trophy!! And yes, that includes the 7 baths in the bath house, but for some reason it doesn't shows as completed. Has anybody a clue about this? I've been repeating the stage for the last hour, and I'm starting to go insane. Any help would be appreciated. I'm currently using this as a checklist for the locations https://www.(URL not allowed)/t163200/spa-lover-trophy EDIT: Nevermind, I found the stage I missed (Falling Snow in Kinki region). My brain surely played me yesterday. Thanks for all your replies and time.
  4. From my perspective, due to the way PC always has been the de facto point of comparison in terms of graphics, optimization and modding when it comes to games and similar matters. Consoles are constantly being ripped by the PC community due to being already obsolete in hardware, and requiring the purchase of a new device in order to have an improved experience, while on PC, you just upgrade your components. It's mostly thrown around nowadays to refer to the most die-hard members of the bunch. In the end, we are all gaming anyways.
  5. It seems to be a general problem. PSN Status keeps saying "All services are up and running", meanwhile on the user side it gives the message of "PSN is busy", or "Server Maintenance". I've been checking on DownDetector for a while, and reports keep piling on Which sucks, because I can't even watch YouTube or Netflix due to my main console being set up with the account as secondary device (and I have no physical way of changing that, since the "main" is in a friend's house far away).
  6. I bought this Funko and got a free copy of Cyberpunk!!! Or it was a massive discount (around $20 USD). Now I have a Funko to sell.
  7. Well, it's been a while.


    Just got the results from a miniature painting contest I entered back in May. I decided to push my skills to the next level, and give it my all this time, and even though I didn't win in the end, I'm still happy with what I accomplished.s


    My entry was a miniature of the Dancer of the Boreal valley, from the Dark Souls: The Board Game core box. It was my first time using OSL (Object Source Ligthing) and trying basing material. It definitely pushed me in a certain direction, and made me rethink a lot of my process up to that point. Now, I feel a bit more confident, and more optimistic about it.




    Thanks for reading.

    1. DaivRules


      Excellent painting job! Can't say my painting skills are anywhere near your level.

    2. Honor_Hand


      Amazing job here.


      Haven't been able to start painting stuff yet due to difficulties in procuring the materials and whatnot, but whoa, your painting skills are very impressive.

    3. Folkenio


      Thanks for the kind words, @DaivRules and @Honor_Hand!!

  8. Mostly because there wasn't backwards compatibility between both systems beyond a remaster/remake (in which it's a new list), or by cross-play. Don't forget the auto pops from Sly Cooper Trilogy PS3/PSVITA, Sound Shapes 3-console Fast Plats, Senran Kagura Estival Versus PSVITA/PS4, just to name some. Sure, it's not as much as nowadays, but it was there to some capacity.
  9. I'm finally going to new places. So far, I'm loving it!!
  10. BLOODBORNE 2 CONFIRMED!!! Holy molly, that trailer is dope!!! I'm gonna keep an eye on this.
  11. I thought at first this was a trolling post, but after seeing the trailer, I stand corrected JUST LOOK AT THOSE GRAPHICS!!! THE SOUND QUALITY IS AMAZING!!! MENUS ARE SO INTUITIVE EVEN A NEWBORN CHILD COULD PLAY!! You sold me on this @Winterglemm, I'm gonna do the impossible to get a PS5 now. I can't hold back, I need to know the intricate plot of Bibi & Tina!!!
  12. I'd barely say someone is lying to you. PSNProfiles tracks the site's registered users, thus it has its own rarity scale, mostly driven by its users (around 388.5k according to the site's stats). PSN on the other hand tracks all registered user accounts around the world, be those trophy hunters or not (around 100 million accounts). PSNProfiles is, in itself, an isolated island in the vast sea of trophy lists.
  13. Somehow, I've been logged in this entire time. Just finished some matches on Rocket League before everyone started talking about the server issues, and I'm currently on YouTube on my PS4. No idea how.
  14. A wise man once said But whatever, no matter the games, someone may or not complain.
  15. I may take this space to rant a bit about life.


    For the last 2-3 months I've been feeling discouraged to trophy hunting, which in itself isn't a bad thing. It mostly means that I am, finally, starting to enjoy back game more than when I was more active. Sure, there's still that cool feeling when completing the list, but it's not as important as it was back then.


    I've also been gaming online, something I've never been to keen about. It's incredible to have a friend to enjoy some of the games (shout out to @Kurt_House for showing me this world), and most importantly, to have a sense of shared progression. Since March, we've been playing Remnant, and I can't begin to describe how amazing of an experience it is on a co-op level. While the game has its flaws, the matchmaking system is beyond superior (to me, at least), and I can't imagine why this it's not the norm.


    Among other things, I've taken a huge dive into miniature painting. So much so, that sometimes is the only thing I want to do all day. Which, in turn, has made me stop gaming for too long. Most of my day is either spent watching YouTube or Netflix, painting minis for upcoming D&D sessions (or just for the sake of doing it), and working in magazine design. Gaming has, inadvertently, taken a back seat at this moment of my life, often diluted to more short doses of self contained moments through the day, or the occasional afternoon of monster hunting with my mate. Point is, I'm no longer interested in diving head first until the lights are off, to then rest a few hours and keep on doing the same. Which I'm grateful for.


    Somehow, these last few months have changed something in me. I've started to realize how much of a mess I was before, and it scares me to go back to that.


    Anyway, thanks for reading this far if you did.

    1. StrickenBiged


      Sounds like you've achieved a bit more balance. I also started mini-painting a couple years ago, and mix that into my evenings when I'm not in the mood to game. I enjoy listening to audiobooks and podcasts while I paint, and its also let me get through some amazing book series that I had missed. Like you, I find I enjoy gaming more when I take regular breaks from it, and its not my only hobby. 

    2. Folkenio


      Nice! Do you happen to have a site where you post photos of your minis? I'm always looking for new sources of inspiration and/or reference.