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  1. A lot of the trophies seem like stuff you'd normally do back in the day in the original CTR. It has some challenges, but it looks easy enough, IMO. Also, someone on the site already has some trophies for the game.
  2. This seems interesting. I got a question: Do you have any favourite animal/creature, and why (or why not)?
  3. I’ll Take the Physical Challenge - God of War Complete the Challenge of the Gods Earned it both on PS3 and PSVita. Damn those satyrs. Back in the PS2 days, it gave me nightmares. After playing it back on PS3, I actually enjoyed this challenge even more. I got back to this trophy this year while helping a friend who is way short tempered by doing the Challenge again.
  4. it's a person who enjoys the absurdity for the sake of a focussed goal, has the patience of a saint and the will of a true fighter, and is an avid historian. All the qualities of a true adventurer.
  5. Thanks for your reply! Forgot about that tab!!
  6. Is anybody playing Onrush still? I'm asking to see if it's necessary before creating a session to finish some challenges.
  7. By far, my favorites are: -Bloodborne -No Man's Sky -Yakuza 0 -Horizon Zero Dawn -God of War -NieR: Automata -inFamous Second Son -The Witcher 3
  8. In some cases, it may be due to hidden trophies/games. The score gets recalculated according to what is public in your profile. Your profile states you have 14 trophies hidden, so it's not an issue.
  9. I just got this trophy thanks to your video. It popped while going to the last set of cordinates, without getting out of the boat. Made sure to dive to the ocean floor on every one before that.
  10. Got me an used copy of this one. Just tried it, and it's way better than I expected. Too bad the online is dead now, the online pass was unused.
  11. I remember Splattehouse (not too realistic,tbh), and the previously mentioned Manhunts and Agony. I also found some info on banned games in general, mostly due to cultural differences and/or inappropriate behavoir according to said culture. It's mostly up to the region the game is being released. That's not to say the platform holders have no say in the matter, though. I remember some months ago there was the whole Rape Day debacle on Steam. There's a lot of coverage on that front.
  12. Sadly I don't have a second device, and I also tried your first suggestion. Guess I'll have to give it a funeral.
  13. Today I went to insert the MGS HD Collection on my Vita, and the cartridge wouldn't read. Not even an error when inserted, just flat out not being detected as in. The orange LED on the cartridge slot wouldn't even go on, as in reading the cart. I tried with my other cartridges and those work fine and dandy, but for some weird reason, MGS doesn't. Already cleaned the cart pins with a qtip and alcohol, and nothing on that front either. I bought this game pre-owned, and never had any trouble before. Other steps I already tried: Database rebuilding. Deleting the game bubble on the PSVita to try to reinstall. Using the cartridge after other games were read. Inserting the cartridge multiple times. Checking for dust or anything similar on the PSVita cart slot (no sign of that). Checking the connector pins on the game cart (pristine as a mirror). At this point I'm giving up. Does anybody has or knows some kind of solution? Has someone had this issue? Thanks in advance.
  14. Right now, Onrush, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Dark Souls 3
  15. I'm ok with a lot of the options posted before, but some personal favourites are: -A proper remaster of the Silent Hill HD Collection -Fallout 3 and New Vegas, as a dual pack -The original NieR