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  1. PS1: Final Fantasy Tactics It was my first approach to strategy games, and the story kept me hooked for years. Also, Akihiko Yoshida's art is my all time favorite. PS2: Okami It's the only game that makes me cry at the end. And is still a solid experience. PS3: Demon's Souls My first step into Soulsborne. An absolute hidden gem back in the day. PS4: Hollow Knight It's Hollow Knight. PS Vita: Dragon's Crown One of those games I still play from time to time with friends, and my first Vanillaware title.
  2. Seems it's gonna be GRIND TIME once again!!
  3. I have a friend who did it. So far, no problem at all, and he's been gaming since PS3. I've read that some leaderboards may cause problems due to rank progress and mismatch, but other than that, it seems to be safe (mostly).
  4. I agree @TurtlePM, I'll close it and award the code to @MarioMan200. So, congratulations to the one and only winner!!! I'll PM you the code now!!
  5. So far, if nobody else participates, @MarioMan200 will be the winner of the Electron Pack. Still another week to go!!!
  6. UPDATE @MarioMan200 IS THE WINNER OF THE GIVEAWAY!! CONGRATULATIONS I have an extra code for the Electron Skins Pack for NA accounts. It's valid until December 31st of this year. Instead of just posting the code, I'd prefer to leave it to luck, so, Ii you are interested, comment on the post and submit a pic of your favorite character from CTR. You have until September 20th 11:59:59pm PST. I'll put the participants into an RNG next day (September 21st), and the winner will receive the code via PM. {Closed early due to only one user participating} One entry per participant. I'd rather keep this as simple as possible. START YOUR ENGINES!!!
  7. More than quitting, it's a bit of diversifying activities. I tend to split time between gaming, D&D, getting back into drawing, and the general responsibilities. Too much of something is harmful in the long run. I get what you mean by saying "it feels like a job". Just don't feel pressured, and enjoy the hobby. You're only competing against yourself.
  8. A friend bought a knockoff on a local store. It's been working very well, and currently no issues. As for personal preferences, 2 of my 4 have troubles from time to time, so I may buy a knockoff. Other choice is to use a Dualshock 4 on the PS3. I know it doesn't work with every game, but it's worth the try.
  9. Good luck, mate! And good hunting!!
  10. From the Xbox News description of the update " will get a new upgrade to the Launch ability called Multi-Launch, which lets Jesse pick up and throw up to three objects. " I'll figure you need to pick up three objects and launch them against enemies. Try throwing them at different targets.
  11. No, it doesn't. There was no version on PS3 with all DLC on disc nor on voucher.
  12. You can also finish the game, and then all orders for every character will be available to complete. And, IIRC, sometimes you need to do orders for other characters if you fail an order from a desired NPC to make them reissue the one you need.
  13. You're pretty much there. At least it's not as hard as GoW 1, having to complete the 10 challenges one after another. You'll get there, just do one at the time.
  14. Same happened to me yesterday, when I tried to play the Farewell bonus chapter from the game.
  15. Finally, the latest haul!!! And a massive boost to the collection!!! And now I can keep on playing the Kiryu saga!!!