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  1. What are the settings for that race? and how many XP?
  2. This is still the best? I only need reach level 50, i did the online trophies 2 years ago and this is so boring.
  3. i started this game 2 years ago, i did the online trophies in almost 1 week and that was very hard. now, 2 years laater i only need to reach level 50. I know some method to boost XP but they take so long. Anyone knows a better way?
  4. Im with problems with the Veteran Prepper too.
  5. My Youtube Channel: Facebook: Ground Zeroes (Soon) Intel Operative Rescue S Rank Classified Intel Acquisition S Rank Eliminate the Renegade Threat S Rank Destroy the Anti Air Emplacements S Rank Déjà-vu S Rank + Final Quiz
  6. Game: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Platinum Number: #100 Difficulty: 8/10 Classification of Game: 8/10 Time to Platinum Aprox: 60 horas More Difficult Trophy: Big Boss (Cleared all MAIN OPS and EXTRA OPS missions at Rank S.) Most Time Consuming Trophy: Big Boss (Cleared all MAIN OPS and EXTRA OPS missions at Rank S.) This was my #100 Platinum, and i have all Metal Gear Solid Platinums. Im so proud. Put a like on my personal page on Facebook:
  7. I know, but i only sync the trophies at the end of the day. Now, i have 3 trophies at the same time, and people gonna think i used a hack on this game because its impossible get those 3 trophies at the same time. And i want all the Platinums cleared without hacks, i only have SOCOM with hack and Buzz Quiz TV with the glitch.
  8. This sunday happens a very strange thing in my game. i posted on a ofrum but nobody respond to me. Im gonna quote that message and put here. This happens to more people?
  9. Sim, é o primeiro português. Mas lembro-me de á cerca de 2 anos ver bem a lista dele,s e aquilo é hacks pro todo o lado... Por isso, ainda bem que ele foi retirado na leaderboard Portuguesa. Ele não tem mérito nenhum nas Platinas que tem, é só hacks.
  10. Game: Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine Platinum Number: #99 Dificult: 5/10 Classification of Game: 7/10 Time to Platinum: 100 hours Most hard trophy: Keeper of the Armory (Complete all the weapon challenges.) Time Consuming Trophy: True Son of the Emperor (Kill 40,000 enemies in the game (all game modes combined).)
  11. I agree with you. I only use the PSNProfiles cards for the number of games i have, and on i use 2 gamercards. Here in Portugal i use other 2, one is from a site for Portugal where we banned all the cheaters, but let stay the people with SOCOM and FUEL hack. Like PS3trophies.or, they stay the people with that hacks on the Platinum Clubs. With other hack platinumes, they dont let people in on Platinum Clubs.
  12. I have SOCOm hacked, the Buzz Quiz TV istn a Hack save, its s glitch.
  13. This is unfair. Ypurgamercards give a tolerate of that 2 Platinums, SOCOM and FUEL. Im gonna quit of this gamercards in all my signatures in all foruns. And believe in me, you gonna lose a lot of users because of this. becuase of 1 mistake we made.
  14. This is unfair. I only have 1 hack platinum, SOCOM. I think you can tolerate 2 hacked games, SOCOM and FUEL. All the others i think you can flagged or ban. And ehy this guy only have 1 Flag? This guy have a lot of games with hack saves, he is from my country and he have been banned of our leaderboars because he have more than 5 games using cheats. take a look better. Take a look on SOCOM and FUEL platinum. If you only see he hacked MotorStorm, you did a great job. LOOOL.
  15. Game: Metal Gear Solid 2 Dificult: 9.5/10 Game Classification: 9/10 Time to Platinum: 90 horas Most Hard Trophy: Virtually Impossible (Complete all VR and Alternative missions) Time consuming Trophy: Great Dane (Collect all dog tags)