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  1. Can i boost the T1 against bots?
  2. I Started the game yesterday but i never can find any game of Hazard. And this mode dont have any settings to play with bots. The game only Starts with 16 players.
  3. I restarted the game and on the first kill with the shield i got the trophy for killing 7 and 20 melee Kills.
  4. I did 88 Kills with a rank in a round against bots and dont got the trophy for the 50 Kills. Also i killed more Than 7 bots in a round with shield and dont got the trophy.
  5. If you didnt play online last weekend you dont have any rewards.
  6. What are you talking? This Glitch still working as you can read here. Yes. Last weekend if you did 7 casual ir ranked Matches you got 150k, and today they give the bônus for that. What you have to do ia the glitch like a daily login.
  7. This bonus from weekend worked like a charm as i said before. I just did this ridiculous trophy, time to finish the story.
  8. The FEB schedule already announce. The Next daily login its from 15 until 22 and only gives 50k.
  9. Thats the weekend bônus from played online Matches. But you Need to Turn off the PS5 each time you enter offline?
  10. I didnt have the game, and now i habe because its in PS Plus. I dont play fighting games, i think my Last One i played a few hours was Tekken 3 on PS1. But i love this Dragon Ball FighterZ.
  11. The zeni trophy in this game is so stupid. I Started this game Last week and i saw the online gives 800 zeni per match. You Need 25 000 Matches to reach 20 million zeni. I read a few years ago the give as login bonus 1 million sometimes. I checked their site Last year and they gave only 50k every month as daily login. This os ridiculous.
  12. I just did the 530.000 bp trophy with a dummy account. Take me a few data, 230 Matches.
  13. No, the reward its only 1 FEB. Im already did more Than 7 ranked games.
  14. This weekend there is a event if you play some ranked you got some zeni. The reward gonna be 1 FEB. Maybe the Glitch work with this bonus? Its 150k if you do 7 ranked Matches.
  15. But i dont know what time is the daily reset.