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  1. What is the hardest challenges int htis game? I see you talking about wingsuit, but wiht rocket swing its more easy?
  2. I got this problem but i didnt deleted the save or the game. What i did was when i reach 14.500 i stoped running and got the trophy a few seconds.
  3. I tried run forwards to a building but didnt work. But if i run into a tree the score counts.
  4. Welcome to Fall Guys, where anynone can win a game without doing nothing. This game its BOTY (Bug Of The Year)
  5. Isso já é mostrar apenas o que conseguiram fazer nessa conta e depois as pessoas pensam "Muito bem, este jogador é bom tem 100% em todos os jogos que jogou", o que na verdade é mentira porque escondem os jogos que jogaram mas não fizeram 100%. É a mesma coisa que eu mostrar as minhas cadernetas de futebol completas, mas tenho escondidas as que não completei.
  6. Bravo, someone learn how to do maths!
  7. Nah, this game its only Skill, you dont need Lucky to get this trophy. its all about skiiillllllllllllllllllll.
  8. if you played a few PS3 games and you did some Platinums you know this game its more luck than skill to get the 5 wons in a row. You have Platinum on Mirror's Edge? Wipeout HD or Gran Turismo 5??? This games you need SKILL. Fall Guys you need LUCK to get the trophy.
  9. Its more easy win 5 games in a row on Apex Legends... I hate this fucking trophy.
  10. In Dark Souls you needk Skill, in Fall guys you need luck.
  11. All the tail games must be deleted. That mode its broken.
  12. What is that back to back team games?
  13. We must wait for a squad game mode and win there. I hope the dev launch that mode soon.
  14. When they fix the game, the lag, the tail grab, 6 rounds, disconect from server, hitbox, Fall Ball 4 vs 5 and many others bugs. yeah, maybe became more easy.
  15. If the devs dont give a fuck for the game and the bugs and created a stupid random pure luck trophy, why they must give a special item?