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  1. No back up, gotta start over then. Thanks. ✌️ All these years studying graphic design and I still don’t make backups…
  2. @HusKy My laptop broke and I lost all my files. When I buy a new laptop, do I still have my custom lists on here?
  3. My laptop broke and I lost all my files. When I buy a new laptop, do I still have my favourite lists on here? The PSNP plug-in thing on Google Chrome with that Monkey thing extension… I can’t find the thread.

    1. MoonMun21


      Here's the forum with the PSNP+ info and download link if you haven't found it already

    2. Darling Baphomet

      Darling Baphomet

      Is your hard drive still intact? I believe you can buy cases for your hard drive that let you use them as externals and recover your files that way.

    3. LoveInHell


      I spilled a glass of grapefruit all over it… Stopped working entirely.

  4. All these years of buying digital games to then finally say “I’ve bought enough” to only now implement Playstation Stars. I’m getting 0 rewards for all the stuff I purchased but now people are being rewarded for buying stuff. I can’t help but feel like it’s unfair. ☹️

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. MidnightDragon


      Same, but it is what it is

    3. zizimonster


      Yeah, if only they rewarded us for past purchases, too. :(

    4. LoveInHell


      Better now than never but damn imagine how many points we could’ve been rewarded… I have nothing left to buy that really peaks my interest. Besides a mountain of unfinished games… It is what it is indeed. >.<

  5. Is it fair to say I’m a little bummed out that people didn’t already get a level and points? I bought like 300 games already, why am I not getting rewarded for that? Ugh…
  6. Since when can you lock your own threads? I never noticed it. When I made a forum thread, it said “Moderator options” and then “Lock”/“Unlock”. Is this a function I shouldn’t be having or is it the same for everyone?

    1. Beyondthegrave07


      Premium feature only. Has been there for years. :)

    2. LoveInHell


      Ohhhhh, I never noticed it. Pretty cool cause I made a dumb thread and it was easy to just lock it.

  7. I need to go, played for quite a bit and I can’t find a save button anywhere. I never noticed an autosave. Edit: I found it!! Ignore this.
  8. The cost of getting a Vita in central Europe is about €100-200 depending on colour. It’s honestly not that bad, often they’re sold in mint condition with the box and a game or two. I haven’t been able to sell mine though.
  9. Granblue Fantasy Versus is really fucking hard. :(

  10. I played this game last night and thought it would be a really cute cat game but it's depressing as fuck. I never found my mom back and cats started hissing at me.
  11. Last I arrived at the theater and put the tape in but couldn't play it because of no electricity, I walked out and that's where I quit. When is the first checkpoint?
  12. I played this game for about 40 minutes last night, couldn't find the save button anywhere so I thought there must've been a checkpoint somewhere. Started the game up today and NOTHING saved, I'm all the way back in the beginning! 😤
  13. I just found the best wallpaper ever.
  14. What do I do when I'm not gaming? Now the question would be: what do I do when I don't watch anime or don't read manga? Stare at my ceiling and pout "why am I not rich?".
  15. So I am making a PS5 wish list on here and yesterday I checked again and it's making me physically cringe and die inside how many Ratalaika-like games there are.