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  1. Ohhh. We’re on World Tier 4 now. Thank you! I’m going to see later today.
  2. It depends on what game tbh. I don’t like online trophies for games that are focused on the singleplayer like Tomb Raider and Uncharted. If a game like Call of Duty and Battlefield has online trophies, then thats fine.
  3. I’m going to be really pissed if I can’t get the plat because of this. If there is a rotation of when they are available and when not, they should put a timer in game. Just how Destiny 2 has a reset every week on the same day. My Expeditions in Progression show a timer of 00 seconds in red. This is just frustrating... I want to do these challenges. Its not just the plat only, you literally can’t unlock a specialisation if this mission really is an Expedition. I’m going to keep playing and see if it unlocks somewhere, maybe I need to progress even more. I don’t have a stronghold that is called Manning Zoo either. I’ll post again here and update. If its the case that this is indeed an Expedition and they removed it permanently, then this plat has become unobtainable.
  4. !! Some trophies are indeed glitched though but I am a little surprised "The Ollie Starkey" trophy didn't unlock for you. It should've unlocked by completing his story. If you have to start over, you can pick a character's storyline in the menu, you don't have to do another full playthrough on all characters. "A Heavy Burden" is also story related and can't be missed (or well shouldn't be missed) during Ollie's playthrough. "Sugar Daddy" - you have to craft glucose syringes and inject it 15 times playing as Ollie. (he's diabetic) As it goes for "Hot on Her Wheels", this trophy is DEFINITELY bugged! Check this out: For this trophy I recommend doing a new playthrough to get all of the collectibles and to follow a video guide. That's how I did it, just do a collectible playthrough.
  5. Oh my god. I am so happy that there are side missions and that you can bond with some characters. Hunting is going to be fun too. I’m super excited! 13 minutes ago, Ghost said: About the different endings question though, its a bit of an odd answer. Does this mean the game will only have one ending?
  6. I don’t watch speedruns. If I do, I like to watch Bloodborne and Sekiro speedruns. This guy is a legend on Youtube: Faraaz Khan. He’s very enjoyable to watch. He keeps it interesting.
  7. I made a trophy guide for Black Desert as I saw there wasn’t one yet on here and the other guides I found were a little outdated. There are also some differences between the PC and PS4 version. The game gets updated quite a lot and its the type of game where new methods are constantly found. If you find something new that can be helpful to the guide then please leave a comment!
  8. Jeez, same. My neck and back are bad because of this too. I used to go to a physiotherapist and it worked really well but having gaming as a hobby (as in: I’m completely addicted to gaming and lowkey in denial 😜) it just fucks it all up. Oh wow thats a really fun idea. I’m going to keep that mind.
  9. I’m seeing some very interesting habits here that now I realise are my habits too, lol. I might have to update my list. 🤓
  10. Oh so thats how it is, thanks!
  11. I can’t find the mission anywhere. Not in my progression or my map. I haven’t done the last Black Tusk mission yet, do I have to complete that first?
  12. Oh, thanks! Yeah they should make this more visible.
  13. Well, lol, I’m not that hardcore either. I wondered because I’m AFK-ing on a game a lot.
  14. Are there any habits you have while gaming? Like for example you always need to eat a snack or have a beer. Or you always need to be in the same position or you always make these folders/maps to put your games in. Any habit. My habits while gaming are: - I always need to sit in the same position otherwise I feel uncomfortable or “not in my element”. - I don’t like it when certain things are not in the right position on my desk while gaming. Like my phone always has to align with my PS4 or it bugs me. - I always get a snack and a drink while playing a visual novel. - When I have my laptop open on my desk, I dislike it when the screen goes black + it distracts me too so I always need to tap it to get the screen back on even though I don’t use it. - I always play my games chronologically from my library from top to bottom. I don’t like to randomly pick one from the middle. Ha, looks like I had to expand my list: - I don’t like playing on a big TV screen because my eyes would have to travel a longer distance to get somewhere so that messes up with my reflexes in game. Always going for small TVs. - I also want my TV to align with my face, it can’t be too low or too high. This is also important for my neck tbh. And it also has to perfectly align with my desk, it can’t be too much to the right or left. - My room’s light must always be on, I don’t like gaming in the dark. Even when I can see properly, I still want the lights on anyway. - I always wear a headset while gaming. - I have the tendency to grab my phone during loading screens. - I always write down the trophies and what I need to do to get them on a paper so I don’t forget. I have so many papers on my desk now. What are your habits?