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  1. I’m going for The Nonary Games and Far Cry New Dawn when my boyfriend has time to play it. Been having a lot of lack of time and whenever I do have free time I’m too tired to play. Did two routes on The Nonary Games today.
  2. I'm in favour
  3. The forum isn’t only for trophy hunters.
  4. Lol wtf? You could’ve and should’ve not commented at all.
  5. Dutch is my mother tongue and I speak English fluently. I understand a bit of Turkish but can’t speak it and French is the same.
  6. Everything I buy is for PS4 and digital unless mentioned. ~January 2021 Awkward €3.24 This War of Mine: The Little Ones €4.99 Zero Escape: The Nonary Games €17.99 Stranded Deep €11.99 3 months PS+ €19.99 🐤 12 months PS+ €44.99 🐤 Yakuza 0 €4.99 PS4 Pro The Last Of Us 2 Limited Edition €574.01 🔥🔥🔥 ~February 2021 Nintendo 2DS XL Animal Crossing New Leaf Limited Edition €270.90 🔥🔥🔥 Risen 3: Titan Lords Enhanced Edition €3.99 Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice €9.89 Salt and Sanctuary €8.09 The Outer Worlds: Board-Approved Bundle €59.99 Miitopia (Nintendo 3DS - physical) €12.37 MySims Kingdom (Nintendo DS - physical) €5.92 MySims Agents (Nintendo DS - physical) €6.08 MySims Party (Nintendo DS - physical) €9.49 Tomodachi Life (Nintendo 3DS - physical) €20.51 ~March 2021 Othercide €19.99 Little Nightmares Complete Edition €7.49 Spirit of The North €5.94 The Vanishing of Ethan Carter €3.79 Moonlighter Complete Edition €11.99 Saints Row The Third Remastered €17.99 The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia €14.69 Dying Light Season Pass €14.99 I started playing The Nonary Games (purchased in January) and I’ve been really enjoying it! Just having a lack of time atm. Been waiting for The Seven Deadly Sins to go on discount too. I have no regrets buying the Nintendo at all, I’m having so much fun playing the MySims games, lol. What I didn’t check properly though was that the 2DS already had Tomodachi Life and Miitopia installed, so that’s money to waste but I’ll keep a hold of them and sell them in the future. Who knows it could be mad expensive one day? Cool to know as well: games purchased in March went from 269 total to 96 total cause of the discounts. Happy spending everyone! 😄
  7. Yup, I didn’t like the second game either. I stopped playing it and now it’s just sitting there in my backlog. I loved playing the first game, Spyro 2 was such a letdown. Too many minigames like you said.
  8. Yeah, it’s taking a long time. It should’ve been fixed by now for sure. I still haven’t started this game cause of the bugs.
  9. Jeez, people are so toxic.
  10. Ooooo, thanks for sharing! I love the Alien movies and games, the next one looks really good. Its a coop multiplayer game. I just looked at a trailer and it looks like the gameplay is similar to World War Z.
  11. I seriously do not understand these decisions. They removed the activity feed, they removed the option to write a message in a friend’s request and now they removed communities too. Do they want people to not socialise? Are they going for an extremely individual “world”? What the F... are they thinking?
  12. Backup saves wont work as there are different requirements for each ending. Someone can drop you all the rings.
  13. I’m going the buy Saints Row The Third Remastered. ^-^ It’s better to buy Persona 5 Royal apparently... I’ve been waiting it out.
  14. Yes, the All Discounts page shows the game pictures which looks better than the specific deals pages. The sale announcement pages show a list only. I just noticed how the All Discount page doesn’t show the date unless you click on a game, it would be clearer for everyone if that could be added. That way I don’t have to click on every game I’m interested in to check the date to time my purchase.
  15. I really like the site but I’m not using it for only one reason: When I click on a discount tab (deals like the Indies games now) it doesn’t show the game picture. It just shows a list, I prefer to see the game as well to have an “eyecatcher” because a lot of the time a title doesn’t say much about a game. It would be nice to either have: 1. When I scroll over a title, without clicking on it, the game picture appears (with perhaps the game’s introduction with “dot dot dot” > click to read feeling) or... 2. Show the list with game picture like PSprices and the PS store. I don’t know if it’s been mentioned before or if more people are in favour of this. Thank you for your effort!