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  1. As if Canada isn’t already expensive enough.
  2. There’s a list on PSNP that shows most owners of games. Thats a good list to follow. I think you can find it under the tab “games” then put it on “PS4 - most owners”
  3. What I noticed with PS4 games compared to PS3 games is that the story is far more important. PS3 games were more about gameplay than following the story, stories on PS4 have become a big factor to have a successful game. Maybe hack and slash or Souls-games are more your thing? I could be wrong. I just read that you disliked God of War 2018 cause of the boring combat when GoW 2018 is a lot more focused on the story and character development, older GoW games are more about the action and epic battles, it wasn’t open. Perhaps you need to play something more action based and not “beating around the bush”.
  4. When I get a PS5 I’ll try my upmost best to not get a huge PS5 library. Despite the fact having an enormous PS4 backlog, I still buy games every month (Death Stranding for €19.99 is exactly what I’ve been waiting for all this time). I will try to focus on max. 3 PS5 games and only then buy the next one when they’re finished.
  5. Thanks for the replies!
  6. Just a question to be prepared. If I upgrade a PS4 game on disc to the PS5 version and SELL it after, does the buyer get the upgrade or only the PS4 version? Is the upgrade for only one person? ~Got my answers, thank you. 🙂
  7. The replies are weird. Congrats, thats pretty cool! Idk what this game is.
  8. I agree. You can’t compare easy plats like God of War 2018, The Last of Us, Astro Bot etc. to Ratalaika plats tho, lol. God of War etc. are easy plats yes but amazing games and it takes hours to complete it and you get a feel for the characters. Ratalaika games on the other hand can be completed in 30 minutes and it doesn’t require you to even complete the game sometimes, others like My Name is Mayo is just pressing x and thats it. But for people to make such a big deal out of it is funny to me now. There are tons of interesting topics on here and people choose to discuss, have a whole internet war, on a forum post about easy plats. X’D I can’t help but laugh at these people, they obviously got nothing better to do. I mean it was pretty recent a forumpost sky rocketed to almost 400 replies in 2 days cause of easy plats, thats insane.
  9. Death Stranding for €19.99 🤑 I was waiting for this! Prototype bundle for €9.99, will probably get that too.
  10. @TheNocturnalOwl I read your post, is it best to buy a HDMI 2.0 if you own a 4K HDR tv?
  11. Changed my mind.
  12. I mean... honestly, just try the free trial and see if it works for you. If you can’t, buy the cheapest one. My internet is just under 30mbps and the quality was horrible, not unplayable but unreliable (seeing squares/pixels, lag). Person somewhere above has 50mbps and had bad quality too.
  13. Only Battlefield and CoD has completely different developers with different attitudes. Do you really think that the makers of CoD give a shit?
  14. PowerPyx’s guides are alright but often incomplete so make sure to look up other guides as well to find the best one. You’re welcome btw
  15. Wow, its unbelievable how many people STILL request this. THE GAME. HAS BEEN. ABANDONED. Fucking move on.