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  1. Do you need milk or what? He was just saying the physical version is doing alright. “Have some courtesy”, my ass. How about don’t snap at people over nothing. How in the hell are people even upvoting you.
  2. I tried playing this again a few weeks ago and... nope, can’t do it. It’s so bad.
  3. That was an interesting read. I completely agree with how unhealthy that lifestyle must be. If he does end up taking the number one spot, I wonder if Hakoom would feel sad or angry or feel relieved and free? Oh myyy- What were they?
  4. Welcome to the forum. 😌 My favourite console is the PS4.
  5. I looked at your profile and this is what I recommend (not in order): BioShock Remastered and BioShock Infinite because they’re great games and they have fairly easy platinums. I’d skip BioShock 2 (if you have it), I personally hated that one and dropped it. Minecraft Story Mode I never played it but the platinum is easy and story games are always fun and relaxing! This would be great to play after having played some tougher games. Fallout 4 if you’re into RPG’s and can play it first without worrying all too much about the trophies. The platinum trophy either requires you to make a backup save a few times or you have to play it a few times. It can be annoying and a very slow progress if you dislike the game and/or didn’t follow the trophy guide. But it’s a great game. Would only go for the plat if you really like it. Titanfall 2 fun and easy game even on the highest difficulty. The only trophy that is somewhat difficult (but trust me it’s doable) is completing some time trial. There is a whole forum about it on PSNP, providing many videos how to do the course. I did it in maybe 15-20 tries; others more, others less. Horizon Zero Dawn AMAZING EXPERIENCE! Super fun game and easy platinum, can play the game without worrying about missable trophies. Resident Evil 7 great horror game, if I could platinum a RE game, then you sure can! The Forest awesome survival game on land where you can be eaten by cannibals. You crashed and lost your son, your objective is finding him and discovering the secrets of the forest. Great exploration in caves! Can be played with friends. Batman The Telltale Series can’t go wrong with Telltale. Great games and easy, no effort platinum. Subnautica One of my favourite games and obtained platinums! You crash on a planet filled with water. It’s a survival game entirely under water. In order to progress in the game, you have to explore, dive deeper, find materials and make better equipment. Very intense survival game and amazing experience. The trophy list feels rewarding!
  6. Everything I buy is for PS4 and digital unless mentioned. ~January 2021 Awkward €3.24 This War of Mine: The Little Ones €4.99 Zero Escape: The Nonary Games €17.99 Stranded Deep €11.99 3 months PS+ €19.99 12 months PS+ €44.99 Yakuza 0 €4.99 PS4 Pro The Last Of Us 2 Limited Edition €574.01 ~February 2021 Nintendo 2DS XL Animal Crossing New Leaf Limited Edition €270.90 Risen 3: Titan Lords Enhanced Edition €3.99 Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice €9.89 Salt and Sanctuary €8.09 The Outer Worlds: Board-Approved Bundle €59.99 Miitopia (Nintendo 3DS - physical) €12.37 MySims Kingdom (Nintendo DS - physical) €5.92 (COMPLETED) MySims Agents (Nintendo DS - physical) €6.08 MySims Party (Nintendo DS - physical) €9.49 Tomodachi Life (Nintendo 3DS - physical) €20.51 ~March 2021 Othercide €19.99 Little Nightmares Complete Edition €7.49 Spirit of The North €5.94 The Vanishing of Ethan Carter €3.79 Moonlighter Complete Edition €11.99 Saints Row The Third Remastered €17.99 The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia €14.69 Dying Light Season Pass €14.99 Evan’s Remains €2.99 Beyond Blue €13.99 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy €12.49 ~April 2021 1 month PS Now subscription €9.19 Aven Colony €8.99 Aven Colony Cerulean Vale DLC €2.99 ’n Verlore Verstand €4.49 Started playing Ace Attorney Trilogy and The Outer Worlds. I barely have time to play. 😖
  7. There are a lot of visual novels on sale and I’m all here for it. I think my first two purchases will be Punch Line and Aven Colony. For people interested in VNs: World End Syndrome and Our World Is Ended are on sale too. They’re both really good especially Our World Is Ended was mindblowing. Check them out!
  8. Not my cup of tea. I have Stranded Deep but dropped it cause I kept dying after finally getting somewhere and it feels a lot clunkier than the other survival games I played.
  9. I’m all about the revenge man
  10. Awesome!
  11. Nier Replicant!
  12. Devil May Cry 4!