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  1. Lol, you got issues. I never bought a bundle before so I thought why not ask people who know it better than me? I thought maybe people know an estimated time. Jeez, get a grip.
  2. I want to buy a PS5 around Christmas, I’m hoping for a PS5 bundle by then. The ones where you get the console and a game or two in one box. Will this be possible or will bundles like these come out on a later date?
  3. You have to find a balance. You shouldn’t stress about games you haven’t got the trophies for (yet). If now is not the time, then now is not the time. I mean I’ve restarted some games 6-7 years later, its not a big deal. If you force yourself to do something, its never fun. So don’t sweat it, just continue to game and maybe one day you feel like catching up with some unfinished games.
  4. People are such trolls on these forums. 😩 I’m getting the PS5 much later, my first PS5 plat will probably be either Demon’s Souls or Horizon Forbidden West. Plenty amazing games to choose from.
  5. My favourite game getting the recognition it deserves. 💯
  6. It looks awesome. I never played a Final Fantasy game before, since the last remaster it got my attention. I might pick up some Final Fantasy games. ^^
  7. I cancelled my pre-order a week ago (Belgium). I’m going to wait for bundle deals, better PS5 versions (slim/pro) and discounts.
  8. I just wonder if people who are not going to buy a PS5 are going to be able to add these games to their account? We were able to do that with PS+ PS3 and Vita games through the PS Store website or through the PS App. I hope all PS+ members can just add these games but wont have access until they buy a PS5.
  9. I’m very excited for this game!
  10. 1. Where did you get the name Rick Sanchez from? 2. Do you like Rick and Morty? 3. What are your favourite games on the Nintendo DS? 4. Do you eat enough fruit?
  11. I’m selling some PS3 games and brand new PS4 coloured controllers from the latest release. Make sure to check it out! Belgium only, sorry guys.
  12. I don't want them to remove any trophies but if I had to choose its the hatchet hits from x meters with the Huntress and protection hits 200 times or something. I find it annoying how they keep adding trophies that I would have gotten already if there was an in-game tracker, like the 200 hit one... I played this game a lot for fun and would have gotten this. They added the trophy after I was tired of the game and it's not worth the grind anymore, lol.
  13. Ring
  14. Lol yeah I couldn't let it pass.