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  1. I've contacted playstation support, and they say it's an issue for Epic to resolve, a "playstation expert" told me that Epic needs to patch it and they can't do anything on their end...
  2. The issue is not even in Epic's Fortnite trello board, it seems they're not even fixing it rn. Hopefully in the next STW ventures event cycles through we'll get the update 🙏
  3. So if I download the PS4 version, it will auto pop the trophies? If so, when I return to the PS5 version it will auto pop?
  4. The trophy "Oops..." didn't pop for me me either. It's for the mission "I'm Probably Dead". It's the recent update that caused this, we just wait for a fix now
  5. If you are grinding for Gnomes, Treasure chests, and Mimics, play the Dungeon event that is available rn. It showers you with these collectables. Better do it now, because it might change soon, since STW rotates it's events.
  6. Figured it out, it was a controller problem
  7. I've been trying local co-op all day, and that trophy isn't popping. Idk what I'm doing wrong.
  8. Dudes be like "games bad, balancing is a mess", my brother in christ you installed the game.
  9. Thank you so much, now I understand it
  10. How do you get this trophy? Also, I still don't get the skill stuff in this game, can someone explain it to me if anybody knows.
  11. Yeah, just checked, it's patched on the console versions... I guess I'll have to grind the skull caves now
  12. I just want to get the auto petting machine for my animals, it becomes so unbelievably rare if you finished the community center, I honestly think this item shouldn't be this rare. But I don't want to mess up my save file, anybody knows if Item ID spawning from buying chickens disables trophies?
  13. Asking, wanna do the sonic racing games with a friend.
  14. The LBP1,2,Karting, and Vita Plats. My favourite childhood games. Finished them before the server shutdown.
  15. Asking if this game can be boosted now, I'm sick and tired of level 300 masterminds, survivors, and hacker that ruin the game.