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  1. My bad, had to be Heroic from start to end, "cant change it from heroic to lower during the playthrough else it will void the difficulty trophy" is what im referring to; you can only change the difficult after you got the Heroic + the others difficulty but cant during the playthrough, good luck
  2. Cant raise difficulty mid-game to get higher difficulty trophy, sorry about that; had to start and end story on Heroic :// Sorry that was my bad, you can change the difficulty after the story concludes but not anytime during it. Tried it on another account but didnt get it to pop :((
  3. No NG+, Heroic is pretty harsh in the beginning but once you got a few levels, upgrades/runes and gears, things should be a bit easier. You can still do all optional trophies after finishing the story though, so if you run into a hard Arena/Bounty boss and just cant beat 'em, either save them after levelling up yourself and your gears or wait until after the story ended then lower the difficulty to beat them with less HP/dmg reduc.
  4. Yeah, should wait for another patch before going through the game for collectibles and plat (same thing on Xbox/Steam side, their achievements are still bugged, their patch fixed the same thing as ours, only 2 story trophies ^^)
  5. Not plat-able yet :/ side quest trophy still bugged (the 42nd/hidden sidequest is bugged and wont be added to the quest counter), same as Helmet, Accessories (collected but not popping) and Armor trophies(chest containing Crystal Mantel is still bugged)
  6. you need to finish 1st in Champion League, unfortunately, though you don't need to be 1st in all 10 races just need be 1st after race 10 (around 85-90+ pt) Might be helpful to add a save before finishing the 10th race of Champion League on PS4 then do 1 race on PS5, forgot to add that
  7. VR long-stages give around 2-5 mil per run (if you finish first, you also take your rival bonuses) In Standard mode, you should still get a decent amount even if you lose (around 1-2 mil per run with long-stages). You need Play-Pass to play the VR minigames though (I only started farming for cash from VR once I got the Free Pass)
  8. * What i did was: Have a legend save with 100% completion at the last 2 boss fights (there should be a safe room before fight with Soma) then complete the boss fights you should get all story related trophies (Chapters, Free Skateboard) plus ones for Side Cases, Investigate Professor, Amon and the legend difficulty one too. (It should also pop the equipment, records and skateboards collection trophies) + Auto-pop with 100% completion save: - TownGo: you just need to open that up in the phone menu and go through the tabs (Shop, City, School) and it should all pop (worked for me) - Skills acquiring trophies: open the skills menu and they pop for me. - For the 4 clubs related trophies, just talk to the person that let you play their club minigames then it should pop (Boxing, Dancing, Robotics and Racing) + Same with girlfriends' trophies, just talk to one of them and they'll all pop - For the squirrel search trophies and all of your gadgets related ones (Observation, Detector, Noise Amp, Dog), iirc I just scan one of the squirrel that had already been completed and they all pop. (I also had a save at the end of the squirrel search side-quest just in case) + Have to do again: - Ex-Mercy - Hama of The Dead: 50 pickups, you just need to get one more pickup and it'll pop. (Quickest way is chapter 3 of the minigame, grenade first 3 turns then grab 1 of the pickups behind the 3 zombies on turn 4) - Drone Race: go through the champion league again. (You should have the best drones and parts after finishing this trophy once on the PS4) - Aircellios, Skateboard Race and Dice&Cube: finish last stage. (Should be simple enough) - Play all minigames: just redo some of them (if not all), in my case, I got it to pop after Koi-koi and Oicho-Kabu (probably to let it update the counter for the trophy).
  9. Try PowerPyx guide, it worked for me First 4 stages should be easy to handle using their F2 rifle strat (combo stacking easily once it is upgraded + you know where and when enemy will spawn) and then for the last 4 stages, it will be entirely luck dependent for the most parts if you use their Masamune strat (Knife + Flash Bang run, careful with the enemy attacks though, since last 4 stages are on Village of Shadow difficulty meaning 2 hit will kill you for most parts if you don't block); I got lucky with the RNG god and got Masamune + Blade Master bunch of times in a row (Doing around 5k dmg a hit) which lower my plat time considerably