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  1. Hey, Can't we just not installing the DLC and get the plat? Thanks
  2. Hi, Definitely still obtainable. I helped some players to get it lately.
  3. Hej, Can someone tell me if the trophies pop for every player if the game is played in local coop or just for the host? Thank you,
  4. You are welcome, well done
  5. You can use Devil Jin: Down and forward + X + O + R1
  6. Hi, The physical ps4 version seems not to work on PS5. Had someone the same issue? Is there any solution? I have not found anything about this on the Internet. Thanks
  7. The problem occurs for almost one year now. I am sure they will not do anything to fix that.
  8. Hi, This is probably because of the regionality of the game. For instance if a player got the 1000 game trophies with the EU version of the game, he just has to finish one game with the NA version to unlock the trophies. That is probably why you can see players finishing the game very quickly.
  9. Hi, I sent them a message too a few weeks ago but no reply... I hope they will patch this soon...
  10. Hi, Wreckfest does not auto-pop even though there is a save transfer.
  11. I hope for a physical release
  12. Hi, Thank you so much. I tried everything for more than one year but nothing worked.
  13. Hey, Indeed, it seems that we only play 4 players maximum.
  14. Hey, I just plat the game and I confirm the guide works perfectly without the update. Thanks for the guide. The game is very pleasant.
  15. I save on the cloud before each to be sure. Yes, it is 8 in total. The game is enjoyable but I do not understand why this happened. Also, I had the same problem as you regarding the personnal information missing after Zipp interrogation. Finally I just kept playing and at the end I got everything. No idea why.