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  1. Hi, it seems very buggy or winning by forfeit does not work anymore. I did not count but I play at least one hour every morning and evening for three weeks, boosting with a partner who always leaves as soon as the game starts so I get the win but nothing popped yet. Now I am considering playing the 4 minutes. Edit: I confirm completing the matches is required. I tried counting my games and got it around 200 wins.
  2. Hello, I played several games where I shot all 3 different rivals but the trophy does not pop. Tried both online with a friend while I hosted the game and offline, but nothing. As the guide says, I did not leave the game in between, even shot some rivals several times... Did I miss something ? Thank you
  3. Agreed, premium is not worth the 20 euros difference between Extra and Premium. From the app, you just need to go to your profile > subscription management > subscription settings > cancel subscription (my app is in French so maybe it is not those exact terms) This way, everything will stop at the term and you can choose the one you want. If you do not proceed, you may pay for another year of Premium.
  4. Last June I upgraded from Essential to Extra in order to play Shadow Warrior 3 just before it disappears from the offer. I paid around 15 euros for the remaining 5 months of my subscription (which was interesting as Shadow Warrior 3 is actually 40 euros in the store). Tbh, at the begining I was not very interested in this PS+ Extra offer, but after subscirbing I listed all the games I found interesting and it appears it was quite a lot of games. I wanted to finish as many games as possible from that list within those five months and thought I would do the same next year, paying just for a few months to complete the list and playing some interesting new games. But even though I finished a dozen games, I did not have time to complete half of my list. Now that my subsciption ends next Monday, I finally decided to take a complete year of PS+ Extra with the 25% dsicount to have time to clear the list + some other new interesting games without rushing that would come to the offer. And then, the next years, I will subscribe only for the last 2 or 3 months. About the PS+ PREMIUM, I subscribed around 45 days for 1.50 euros and I do not find it really interesting. They really should make an effort on it. There are so many more PS1/PS2 games that could be there.
  5. If it is a pricing bug it could also come back to the old full price. 0.26 EUR is a good price for a game that cost 13 EUR when I added it on my wishlist.
  6. Hello, Lately, it seems that the two step verification must be enabled to log into your PS3 I had the problem with my PS3 and Vita at the beginning of the year after using another Internet network. When I came back to my usual network, I could not log in. For both my PS3 and Vita the solution was: - Log in to your PSN account on Playstation.com - Click on you avatar top right - Account setting - Security (will bring you to another page, just click "OK") - Activate the two step verification if it is not - Emergency codes (not sure about the English terms but it is just below the Two step verification state) - Use one of those codes to log into your PS3 with your usual ID/email address. Hope it will work for you. Let me know.
  7. It is free compared to all poor people who paid 13 EUR a few months ago.
  8. Hi, For me it is actually 0.26 EUR in France. Thank you for the great information!
  9. I really like the PSVR experience and was waiting for the PSVR2 but it is bit too much. I will wait for a price drop and some more games available. Such a pity they did not consider the retro comaptibility with PSVR1... it would have been a strong argument.
  10. A lot of people got level 20 trophies or multiplayer today and yesterday on Hitman 1 and 2 so it seems clear everything is still obtainable. When Hitman servers will close I think it will be announced long before and there will be threads about it.
  11. Hi, No, you can play them with different characters.
  12. Hi, You have to win 10 sets. You can boost them easily with a partner.
  13. Perfect, exactly what I wanted to know. Thank you very much
  14. It is hard to choose only 10 best and impossible for me to choose 10 worst as I enjoyed all the VR games I played so far. The Best for me are: 1. Beat Saber 2. Astro Rescue Mission 3. Carnival VR 4. VR Playroom 5. Arizona Sunshine 6. Island Time 7. Shooty Fruity 8. Robinson The Journey 9. Creed 10. Surgeon simulator I was about to mention Hitman 3 but the VR gameplay is not intuitive and there is so much motion sickness. It is better playing it the non-VR way. I still have many VR games I have not started yet (Blood and truth, After the Fall, TWD Saints and Sinners, Moss, Ghost giant, The Inpatient, Rush of blood, Doom VR, Superhot VR, Skyrim VR, Firewall, RE7) that this list could easily change even though I thnink my first 5 would not change.