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  1. Hi, thanks for the tips. Is it possible to make the engineer proceed with the transports without giving him orders each time? If so, how do you proceed? Thanks
  2. Hi, For those who are still interested on the matter, my 100 sacrifices trophy popped way before 100 actual sacrifices. Between my first killer adept (Demogorgon after the third or fourth try) and the 100 sacrifices trophy, I only got 9 killer adept trophies. I got the adept on the first try for at least 6 of those adept trophies. For the others, I mostly got them on my second try or third maximum. So I would say I got only between 50 and 60 sacrifices before it popped.
  3. Hi, Thanks for your reply. I got the trophy yesterday night and I am actually pretty sure both count because I got it way quicker than what I expected. I clearly did not get it after 250 different unhookings, most of the time I unhooked and got hit twice. I checked the trophy sceenshot: it shows that I am down at this moment, which means that it unlocked after the second hit. I hope it helps
  4. Hi, When I unhook a survivor, I get immediately 2 hits from the killer and it shows "+200 protection" twice on the screen. Does it count for two or only one ? Maybe the PS5 players can be 100% sure about it thanks to the stat tracking. Thank you,
  5. Hi, Lately, when I find a lobby as the killer, the game starts as soon as every survivor is ready, even if I am not ready and even if the countdown shows 30 seconds left or more. I does not change when I restart the console, the problem remains. Has someone the same problem and do you know how to fix it ? Thank you
  6. Star Wars Battlefront Journey to the savage planet Dead by Daylight
  7. Hi, This game looks nice but it is quite weird to see so many 00.00% for some trophies. Are those trophies glitched or the game is just uninteresting? Thanks,
  8. It is good to know that I am not the only one. I just checked and it appears that no one got it since the 31st of May. It will be probbaly fixed when the last DLC will be available.
  9. Yes I also tried then. Will start from a new game and will let you know.
  10. Thank s but I tried again on several levels, changing everything, but it does not work. I started a new save but nothing. I have no idea why. I am going to delete my save and try again, that is the only solution I can see.
  11. Hi, Use the pick with one player in order to get four cobbles. Once it is done, just pick up those cobbles with every player so each player has one. The trophy will pop.
  12. Hi, I cannot unlock the Movin in! trophy. Tried this in different levels several times but it does not work. Any help or tip please? Does it pop at the end of the level or as soon as it is done? Thanks
  13. Hi, I tried all those methods but it does not work. Anyone has found a better way to unlock the trophy?
  14. Hi, I do not understand why the guide mentions 15 quests because I only count 10. Does it count the cutscene or am I missing 5 quests? If so, where can I find them please? Thanks for the help.
  15. Hi, I played several levels with the offline multiplayer but the leaderboard of the Casino level (do not remember the exact name) does not show 2 players score (do not even show 1 player score) whereas I finsihed the entire game solo and played that level several times. Does this happen to someone else? Thanks