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  1. Hi, I understand you do not want to kill or ban people after all the work and training they probably achieved but I am pretty sure it is 50 attacks on the same vault so I guess the best thing to do is creating another one and having 30 people maximum. It seems (but not sure) that if you get an attack to your second shelter, then switch to your first one, it maximizes the chances to get the same attack to first. Maybe you can try this way. Good luck
  2. Hi, I tried this 3 times but the trophy did not pop. Yet my guy was walking all the time as I blocked the controller stick with a rubber band. I played the whole game three times and I would like to avoid a fourth playing 4 hours in a row. I tried leaving him walk close to the base twice and another time in the canyon. Any idea why it does not work? Thank you,
  3. This game looks very nice and interesting. I do not know what to think about the trophies but I will definitely get it if I can get it for a good price! Thanks SinisterPledge for the details and explanations.
  4. Hi, So, we just need to play and complete 15 waves solo with Murmillo to get all the trophies?
  5. Thanks for the information, I will try again in coop then. it is way easier.
  6. Hi, Does it work playing local coop? I just did it and got nothing... How do you manage beating the spire throwers in the 4th wave? Thanks,
  7. Hi, If there are no more events then no you cannot get the 100%, even paying, because you need to succeed to Boss Hunt, opening chests (through at least 2 community events because one event gives you maximum 3 chests) and play the Cat and Dino thing (the ones I need). This is a bad decision as there was a lot of people playing last time we did Boss Hunt. The Plat is still obtainable.
  8. Hi guys, Thanks for your replies and explanations. It looks great but too much time consumming. If it was not online I would take it and do it little by little, but if the servers close after 1 or 2 years I will not have time. Especially because I have tons of game to finish. Maybe I will go for it in a few years. Thanks again
  9. Hi, I never played the game but it looks quite interesting and I would like to know if there are some online trophies? That MyTeam mode looks like Fifa Ultimate Team, which requires to be online to play and open packs. Is it the same here or nothing online is required? Thank you for the help
  10. Hi Wolf, I checked yesterday evening and saw the same thing... It seems they stopped everything suddenly. I just need the Cat vs Dino things but I am quite pessimistic about it now. Let's wait and see
  11. Thank you guys, so I guess the best thing is buying a physical copy of the old version. That would be great that they fix the problem so we can access with the new version.
  12. Hi, I do not know anything about Minecraft but would like to buy one in order to try. Please, can someone tell me what is the difference between the new Bedrock and the Editions? If I buy Bedrock, can I get all the trophies (even those saying "Editions only") or should I get both versions for that? Thank you,
  13. Hi, Little update to whoever it may interest. So, I tried without the updates. Of course you do not keep your save (my previous saves are back up), and you start from the very beginning. I went to the explorer notes locations, it went well until the 5th Helena's note, that I could not find (the crate were not there). It was the same for other explorers, the few first notes were there but not after. I tried going to the 30th Helena's note and it brought me... nowhere. This 30th note is at the same location that the Overseer. So I thing this location cannot be reached without the update. And if we cannot reach it, then no Helena's 30th note and no Overseer dossier. So, no trophy. I hope this will help some people. It definitely seems that only the Genesis season pass can provide this trophy. It is a pity. Let's hope for a patch fixing this like they fixed the Ultimate survivor trophy (I got the trophy despite the update, whereas I do not have the Aberration DLC), because 35 euros for that season pass is way too much. Thank you again for all your help
  14. Thanks guys for the explanations. The HLNA command do not work. I think I will give a try uninstalling the game. If my save file do not work, I will collect everything again. It is worth it as the Genesis season pass is way too expensive. Unlocking a trophy by paying is a terrible decision... I will let you know what is the result.
  15. Hi, I am on my way trying to get the Perfect Explorer trophy (collecting 100% of the explorer notes) from the DLC 2. I learnt that this trophy now requires the Genesis Season Pass as it brings 3 Helena notes on the Island. Without the Genesis Season Pass, I cannot get the 3 last notes and so the trophy. As I have a physical version of the game, do you think that if I uninstall all the updates and patches from the game, it would allow me to get the trophy? Without the updates, the 3 extra notes do not appear in the game so the explorer notes of the base game would represent 100% of the explorer notes. Do you think it would work? Has someone here already tried? Thank you,