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  1. Thank you invisible man for your great wisdom. Where ever you may be.
  2. OH BOY ANOTHER YONGYEA VIDEO! [Vague intro surrounding topic of discussion] [Read article] [Plug Patreon]
  3. One thing to keep in mind while doing missions is, while as dumb as it sounds, the longer you take on missions, the more you are paid. So if possible, you could do a little fishing/hunting while running the timer down.
  4. Yes, just monsters in Master Rank (for instance, regular Nergigante isn't needed) if we're only speaking Iceborne wise.
  5. USJ Gold Star Treatment guarantees a Large and Mini Great Jagras crown. USJ Blazing Azure Stars! guarantees a Large Dodogama and Mini Azure Rathalos. Down the Dar, Muddy Road guarantees a Large Baroth crown. Egg Lovers Unite guarantees a Large Kulu-Ya-Ku crown. A Rush of Blood guarantees a Mini Odogaron crown. The Proving guarantees a Large Anjanath. The Heart of the Nora guarantees a Mini and Large Deviljho crown. (Not needed for trophy)
  6. Resident Evil 2, I borrowed my friend's copy for a couple weeks, but I need to buy it eventually.
  7. I found that if you connect a DS3 controller first (P1) then a DS4 controller (P2), then switch them with player 1 holding the XMB button, it fixes that issue for some games, bayonetta included.
  8. Hardest in my experience was Payday 2 for PS4 since it required a 4 player trophy. The game is buggy, people would DC, or just flat out leave.