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  1. Likes Mortal Kombat a bit... and Transformers.
  2. No order: Hotline Miami Age of Empires II Warcraft III GTA San Andreas Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Counter-Strike 1.6 Majora's Mask Mario 64 Street Fighter Alpha 2 L.A Noire
  3. First of all, good job at doing this without the glitch and providing this guide here. I understand what YuriG is trying to say it's just that his way of delivering it was a too much. It was just a poor usage of words, it sounded like you were looking down on someone because someone didn't do the way you think it's 'right' but I don't think you did this on purpose. Anyways, thanks for taking your time to record with and provide us with a video guide.
  4. Embrace the Void from Hollow Knight is really a pain, having to kill all the bosses again, no saving and you can't die because if you do you'll have to start from the beginning all over again. This game has some really painful trophies on Steam. I'm glad they don't share the same list.
  5. I don't have a lot of trophies but getting all golds relics in Crash Bandicoot 1 (Practice Makes Perfect!) and Diablo 3 (Batting 500) were really boring for me. In fact getting all gold relics from Crash Bandicoot really made me not playing the rest of the trilogy.
  6. Hm... Age of Empires II Warcraft 3 Civilization IV
  7. The problem with KH series is that even a game like KHUX (which is for mobile) has something to do with the story, in the end it's your own choice to how you deal with it, you can play everygame till KH3 to get the hang of the story, you can watch some videos on YouTube explaining the story or you can just play it but don't expect them to explain everything in a game that's suppose to end the Xehanort Saga.