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  1. one more thing, which might add to your decision: Pausing the game will still keep the timer running on the speedrun. You might want to watch a speedrun, making notes beforehand. which is why it may be more effective for you to do it outside of the no save run, like i did. so that whenever you save, you can close the game completely and prepare for the next part.
  2. to add to the comment before me, there is also one other way, how I did it, so you can choose what sounds best to you: Jill, save everyone and collect everything - you can do it on very easy, but this will mean there are more items to collect, which is why I would recommend normal at least. Jill, the real survivor, speedrun, save no one - is 100% doable. I didn't expect it to be possible, that's why I went on a break for half an hour, only to realise that I'm 2 minutes over 3 hours at the end. bruh. My mate did it last week, messed up a few steps and was still through at 2:30. Lastly invisible enemies, chris, very easy, save no one, and don't save. So now you have two plans to choose from. Also, how the hell did you do the catacomb crimson zombie on normal with a knife. He was tough enough on very easy knife only
  3. As everyone else already said - if you wanna plat the game, downgrading to 1.09 is your only bet.
  4. I understand every point you make. That's why i chose to start the post by saying that this is my personal experience with the game, and also later declaring that I understand that the guide was made for other ways to get at the game, like playing the game on professional regularly, not by the method I used. Also, I personally don't expect anyone to replat the game. Neither was the experience wrong, as by the time the guides were made the multiplayer was probably crowded enough to do the trophies regularly, or maybe even a slow strategy was used. However, some of the trophies descriptions were wrong to the point where you wondered if the guide maker played the game. For example The "Team effort" trophy in Survivors, were the maker claimed it could be done in a 1v1, which it simply can't. To your last sentence: That's exaclty why I decided not to adress the guide writers directly, but to write a post on how I went about it, correcting the steps that can be done more time efficiently. In a way, this is my guide, on how to get to the wanted result faster, based on the state of the game to this date. I do appreciate your comment though, and if I in any way made it sound like I don't appreciate the people who went out of their way to write the guides when they did, I apologize. I've just seen that there wasn't a post in here for about 4 months, and thought some people might appreciate a more up to date time estimate.
  5. Actually I don't think so since the multiplayer modes usually consist of two rounds, and it's random which team starts. Even if the account you want to start with is first, I don't know if you can quit out after round one with the kills being credited to you. For Siege DLC for example I don't remember seeing a quit out button in the menu, so it could be (I might be wrong here) that you need to close the application. Also doing the onslaught DLC would be problematic, since you would have to survive the hord of enemies on both consoles. For the survivors and predator me and my boosting partner walked at each other right at the start to get it done quicker, which probably won't be as smooth if you were to control both players. However, I can't give you a 100% clear answer, those are just my thoughts on it.
  6. Thanks for your post clarifying that. For whatever reason I did not realize that you can use the Republic Gunship. So i apparently made it quite hard on myself.
  7. No. For the DLC Guides the comments were already full of that "complaint" if you may call it that, but it was never changed.
  8. I make this post solely based on my personal experience, for people who don't know if they should play the game. I first skipped this game because 1) people said it's really bad, 2) for a bad game it seemed like an insane grind. The estimates for the DLCs alone, which are multiplayer only, are at 31 hours. That is insanely overestimated. Especially with the other post saying they racked up 100-200 hours, 60 hours for multiplayer only, I just thought some people might appreciate me sharing my experience. My total in game time, which doesn't include loading times so this might add another 3 hours or so, is at 27 hours flat, for all 71 trophies. The mutliplayer trophies were all boosted with one other player, and about 2/3 of the survivors agent kills were done with 1 additional player. Survivors DLC time: 59 minutes (like i said, for 2/3 we had one additional person, so if you were to do this with only 1 other player you will have to add about 1 more hour to this, including all the loading times.) Onslaught: 1 hour 58 minutes Predator: 34 minutes Siege: 2 hours 57 minutes Leaving the main game at about 20 and a half hours. I did play my first playthrough on easy, since the difficulty doesn't affect the amount of skill points you get for the mad skillz trophy, except for no hope. I collected all serpent emblems and misc. trophies in this playthrough, following the guide on this page. Afterwards I played the last subchapter of each chapter on professional, since it is enough to trigger the trophy for the professional playthrough. For the mad skillz trophy i used the farming spot on jakes campaign, which gives you 14k points per minute or so, if you play on no hope, which doubles your skill points (you won't encounter any enemies there anyways). One other thing to note is that the description for the "Everybody Dies" Trophy in the Siege DLC is wrong. The 100 creatures do not have to be player controlled. Using the trap on the catacombs map is most likely the quickest way to farm player agent and BSAA kills. I know that the 60 hour estimate for the main game was most likely for people who play the whole game on professional regularly. But the guide also doesn't mention the serpent emblems until step 7 and suggests to do it as a clean-up, when you can just follow a video guide on your first playthrough, considering that they are so well hidden that you will probably need it anyways. Plus that way you don't have to remember which of the 80 emblems you did or didn't shoot. I just wanted to show a way to get the time to a minimum, in my case 27 hours instead of the 91 hours that all the 5 guides combined tell you. And maybe this will make the decision easier for some people.
  9. They did correct it btw. Hit all the other requirements yesterday and trophy didn't pop. Plus, since i hit master rank, i haven't gotten a single upgrade hint! In the last 40 chests I didn't get a single one, while still missing 7 upgrades, playing mostly multiplayer so I even get the blue instead of the green chests for wins. Rank 27 on the server, and still just over half the upgrades. Getting really frustrated at this point. It's a great game, I do enjoy it quite a bit, but I didn't plan on playing it forever, so it really sucks to get this unlucky.
  10. It’s doable, but its really not fun. To complete some of the challenges you have to constantly spam slow mo mode which just really drags the game, and even then you’re not guaranteed to get it first try. For me the QUENTIN cheat just stopped working after i used it 2-3 times, I still don’t know why that is, so I can’t 100% tell you. I did it with 2 players via share play (the other person doesn’t need to own the game) and even like that + slow no some bonus objectives needed a few tries so you probably won’t be able to do it alone
  11. Hollow knight
  12. I post this just in case there will ever be someone running into the same problem I had, because the solution isn‘t easy to find: I did all the objectives for every mission but the trophy didn‘t unlock. If that happens to you and you are sure you‘ve done everything correctly, play the 1-player bonus mission „riding shotgun“ again and get just between 90 and 120 kills and the trophy should unlock. cheers
  13. Assassin's Creed Unity
  14. probably outlast 2 platinum, and nioh 100%
  15. Shadow of the Tomb Raider, got it installed but haven't started it to this day lol