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  1. No you need to do it again just once every trophy.
  2. YOU CAN'T GET IT, But Try maybe it's work.
  3. So, Can you type it? all names of trophies online? and required ? Thanks
  4. I made here tweet and i hope anyone make like and retweet to let them see it for fix it. If they saw a lot of people wanna LBP.ME back again they will do it. https://twitter.com/t7pe/status/1353952636723212288?s=20
  5. Yeah, i try to be better in English Language.
  6. Thank you so much dude, sorry about English language it's my second language. Lol it's my first Language is Arabic
  7. So i understand from you there is no any trophies online for Hitman 1 with all Dlcs? Just only on Hitman 2,
  8. But there is 2 version for Hitman 2 there is Hitman 2 additional expansion what's names of these trophies?
  9. Cool, my question is there to version for Hitman 2 and Hitman 2 Additional Expansions. I have all of them dlcs but i wanna know all trophies online to earn them before server shutdown nowadays ALL DLCS please. Can you tell me names of them? There is 2 Version for Hitman 2 , Hitman 2 additional Expansions.
  10. for all trophies dlcs? are you sure?
  11. Does there any trophies online for Hitman 1 for all dlcs? because i wanna start game before they shutdown the server?
  12. Yeah, i know that i try it talk to them, but they didn't answer me on twitter @Littlebigplanet , but Website LBP.ME is down for 1 month.
  13. Are you sure for all dlcs? hitman 2 ? or just for base game?? what about hitman 1 dlcs?? I'm ready to play all of these trophies ID PSN: Tiricy
  14. So, that's mean i can get 100% trophies to all LBP 1 , 2 with LBP on psvita?
  15. Website for LBP.ME is down now for 1 month !! so my question is that effect on platinum or 100% for all LBP 1 , 2 , vita or not? i wanna get 100 % for all LBP on ps3 and psvita.