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  1. Hey everyone, i'm gonna start game to earn platinum. I saw a lot of players they got bug these '' The Extra Mile " & " Versatile Showman " trophies. Also i saw a lot of new players they got platinum? so how could they avoid buggy trophies? does there any way to get platinum without buggy trophies. I meant safe way to earn platinum. Cheer
  2. It's long time? did they restore servers online again or not yet?
  3. With 100% also please
  4. L.A on ps3 ? i can get 100% trophies on offline or not?
  5. I don't know, but i think yes you can. I would to say to you continue and earn platinum ASAP.
  6. Omg it's cool, there is any Latency on PS NOW?
  7. Cool, so i can play online. If my friend play on ps3 system. Can i play with him multiplayer if i play ps now??
  8. Guys does PS NOW? Play games ps3 multiplayers? or only offline games? if yes can i play with my friend on ps3 ?
  9. Oh thanks bud. Thanks for info
  10. Why? it's problem with Minecraft Psvita?
  11. Make a new account and choose country japan then you go there on store and purchase version of japan. Before it's easy to find it fast because there is old store website, But now it's hard because you will buy it from console store ps3.
  12. I hope really restart old store website to buy games ps3 and psvita. It's so easy to search games.
  13. I hope they return old psn store website.
  14. Yeah guys but still we need old store website ps3 and psvita. The old store it’s easy and fast to buy games and dlcs so easily.