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  1. Thanks a lot.
  2. I get it. If you try it then work with you. I hope you tell us here on forum.
  3. Can you explain it more please? for example pic for that website.
  4. I still get error app everytime I wanna play MW. I don't know why It's happened like that. I can't play online anymore or War Zone. Does there any way I can play? I hate this error too much. I used my PS5 also happened same issue error app on MW.
  5. Does there any way I can get my trophies from ps3 to ps4 if not! Does GZ had trophies online ? I mean I can earn platinum both version after 31/5/2022 ?? Does servers shut down effect Platinum on Phantom Pain only? or also GZ??
  6. How to transfer my data from ps3 to ps4 version GZ??
  7. Thanks a lot for info ..
  8. Just retweet Ubisoft on Twitter, posting on forums. Don't give up guys.
  9. Thanks for link.
  10. I don't know why PlayStation still ignore PS3 AND PSVITA !! I know it's old ! but still there a lot of players play it in the world.
  11. It's so sad why they ignore players !! Support of PlayStation it's worse support I ever seen!
  12. It's enough for two players? or require 4 players? for base game & Dlc 1.