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  1. It's very sad what happened to ps3 & psvita. It's the best devices for trophies hunter.
  2. Server Shut down .. FIFA 16, FIFA 17, FIFA 18.
  3. Thanks a lot for info.
  4. Thanks a lot for info.
  5. Guys what's trophies will be unobtainable ?? Can you please type it?
  6. There are few games you can't play on a controller ps4. Just only ps3 controller or you must have cronus pro plus to play ps4 same like controller ps3 by adapter.
  7. It's the last day before the server shutdown. I wish you guys got everything you needed
  8. Maybe ur connection is bad.
  9. Are you sure about servers are down?? Please confirm that.
  10. It's crashed with me and my friend. When we tried on ps4, there is no any crash app with us !!
  11. It doesn't work with ps5. It's happened with me on Dying Light always crashed. You must play it on ps4 or I think you need an external HDD to play it on ps5.
  12. Yes, i think that. so don't miss it.
  13. Thanks for your advice.