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  1. We must send or contact Ubisoft to fix an issue with server FC2. If we don't talk with them, they will be announced after that the server officially will be down.
  2. I do it, I deleted game and save data. Also I rebooted my console. It's nothing changed !! I still have same issue until today. I don't know why happened like that. I send ticked on activation support, but they didn't help me & answer me. They're closed my ticked. This error app it's happened with most of players.
  3. It's easy for me. Because I'm always AFK on PlayStation.
  4. Guys If I played on v1.0 of the game can I get nuke weapon trophy?
  5. Are you sure about that on update 1.11 of the game in offline mode ?
  6. Thanks a lot.
  7. I get it. If you try it then work with you. I hope you tell us here on forum.
  8. Can you explain it more please? for example pic for that website.
  9. I still get error app everytime I wanna play MW. I don't know why It's happened like that. I can't play online anymore or War Zone. Does there any way I can play? I hate this error too much. I used my PS5 also happened same issue error app on MW.
  10. Does there any way I can get my trophies from ps3 to ps4 if not! Does GZ had trophies online ? I mean I can earn platinum both version after 31/5/2022 ?? Does servers shut down effect Platinum on Phantom Pain only? or also GZ??
  11. How to transfer my data from ps3 to ps4 version GZ??
  12. Thanks a lot for info ..
  13. Just retweet Ubisoft on Twitter, posting on forums. Don't give up guys.