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  1. Make a new account and choose country japan then you go there on store and purchase version of japan. Before it's easy to find it fast because there is old store website, But now it's hard because you will buy it from console store ps3.
  2. I hope really restart old store website to buy games ps3 and psvita. It's so easy to search games.
  3. I hope they return old psn store website.
  4. Yeah guys but still we need old store website ps3 and psvita. The old store it’s easy and fast to buy games and dlcs so easily.
  5. I told you guys we push them to rejoin store online again. We need right now group up to bring website store ps3 and psvita.
  6. How? can you explain it Please?
  7. I don't have any idea. If you know about that please type it here. It's server still up? did you check it?
  8. Believe me it's hard. Don't play it. It's waste of your time, because Division 4 it's hardest trophy. Most of players now they have legend players and blue players. When you play against them it's not fear for you, because you have new players with icon gold most of players against you they have Blue & legend players. It's better for you play new FIFA 22. You will start new with all players. You can get plat so easy.
  9. There is no time buy which games you want.
  10. Watch out sometimes save data is corrupted, but about ur issue it's happened to me a lot it's okay. Just restart app game.
  11. Omg, it's true : (
  12. https://twitter.com/yosp Only guy can help us is: Shuhei Yoshida We gonna mention him.
  13. https://twitter.com/KenYoshidaCEO/status/1377722746650554369?s=20 He's CEO @Sony maybe we can mention him. I gonna to ask him to stop Jim Ryan.
  14. Oh, sorry about that. I didn't see it.
  15. FIFA 16 (PS4) Number of Affected Trophies: 2 Football Legend Class of '16 Reason: EA have discontinued the FUT Seasons feature.
  16. It's very sad what happened to PlayStation.
  17. Very sad news.
  18. Thanks i needed too
  19. I think you need players to boost with you on dlcs. it's available on store, but really i forgot names.