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  1. Thats what I'm saying thats why I haven't touched this yet. The pc version has it but not console come on now. But I'm guessing it will never happen I don't even think the devs updated the game even.
  2. Did they ever update this game to where you can use music from YouTube or have the devs never updated it?
  3. I've been recently been playing the older titles of both MXGP and SX. I see this is pretty much the same trophies throughout the series and I'm wondering why is the platinum percentage half of what it usually is. Is it more tedious?
  4. Many Developers have recently came out publicly stating their PS4 game upgrades will feature new or existing trophies for the PS5 version. Plus no surprise here companies like Ubisoft, Milestone most likely will have the same trophy list for PS5 as well. So we should have PS5 Trophy lists for Marvel Spiderman PS5, Warframe, Ubisoft franchises confirmed for PS5, Milestone PS5 upgrades, other remastered games for PS5. We are a week away from release and no trophy lists. I believe by the time PS4 was released we had 10 prerelease trophy lists out. Not to mention most of destruction Allstars trophies got leaked from various outlets.
  5. So recently announced by devs in a forum update, warframe will have the same exact trophies as PS4. Kicker is trophies that requires progression like Where Credit Is Due and K-Driven if you have gotten them on PS4 in order to get them on PS5 you'll need to earn 1 more credit or 1 more mile/kilometre. Trophies that require a certain task like Weaponsmith and That Which Does Not Kill Us require you to redo it one time on PS5. One little bonus for the in game unattainable trophies that are bugged to where some you can get some you can't im 100% sure those are PS5 new trophies and probably aren't for PS4 so I would earn those ones that aren't bugged so you can get it on PS5 on your first attempt. Note the previous sentence was my own opinion might not be true.
  6. I would use future loosely in this situation cause when we all think future we think days months years ahead but the reason we have timezones are to count time for different areas and when the sun comes up that counts as a new day for somewhere and if the sun is down they're a day behind. Yes are bodies grow at mostly the same time and therefore aren't in the future. Time as it self does go in the future and past in this world or it would be sunny everywhere and night everywhere and we would all use the same time. With that in mind that's kinda of stupid to have where you get it first you got no matter what time cause people live eat sleep their way of life change completely. So when someone gets a trophy for playing their timezone its unfair because the other person is sleeping and behind in time. Short story time should matter they have it as a feature next to the trophy but penalize the people who are behind in time having to miss dinner or stay up longer. Games release they have different time zones suitable for a release for everyone. Even have different applications for different regions, but for a game that doesn't have different applications should be based of time to earn and not first come first serve.
  7. No matter on what the timezone is. Would seem unfair if it's not based on timezone considering country's are a half a day or even a whole day ahead.
  8. Edit: Reading back this looks like a really bad joke but just interested if the site counts time and date as a factor.
  9. So I thought of something if two people went for a trophy but one lives in Europe and the other lives in the US. If the European gets it before the American can the American still get it first because of the timezone. So if the European gets it's at 12 noon for him but the American got it at 10 am who gets the first spot on the leaderboard.
  10. I dont know but on playstation not any trophy sharing site says 0.1 of the population for breakpoint has the platinum. I'm guessing someone at ubisoft dev team or test team didn't or forgot to use their in studio account for playstation to not count it but instead used a official psn account where anyone can create and use.
  11. So Playstation has breakpoint platinum at 0.1 so who got it and how? Happen right after the recent bug fix update.
  12. Trophies synced up for you or did you just get them.
  13. Right so if I have 20 trophies in the cabinet I have to write a well detailed page in the about me on how and why I like the 20 trophies. Plus someone manually has to go in my profile then go to my about me section. A way easier solution when you add a new trophy to the cabinet a box pops up that allows 10-30 characters that you can say My favorite game platinum.
  14. I know that I mean on the profile with the milestones on the right it be nice to bring it to the filter. Hence the correct order I said earlier. Be also nice if you can customized were games are on the list.
  15. Would love to have a feature under profile where you can sort how many trophies/platinums you have by a certain Developer/Publisher. Also the trophy cabinet needs reworked to where you can add text to why it's in your cabinet or why its special to you. Lastly having a option to filter your trophies by the date you earned them in the correct order. These are just a couple cool ideas to add to the site, do you guys agree? What do you guys want instead?