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  1. Thank you for sharing! Hopefully I can get 10 more millions during their 10-million-copies-sold event and then be done with the grind
  2. I can confirm that (at least) all 3 DLCs with trophies are still available in EU store (checked PL since it's my region and GB just to confirm another one). I cannot confirm that they went missing recently since I'm not checking the store daily.
  3. Hey guys is there anyone that have the Ultimate Edition of the game or both DLCs (has to be EU) purchased on some account they are willing to share? I can even pay for a slot. I want to 100% this game, but the only thing for me to do would be to buy it on gamestop, but since I'm not a US citizen I can't add my credit card and there are only 25$ gift cards available on Amazon and that won't work as well QQ ;_; ;<
  4. Well that's cheating! (just kidding ofc), but I think that these should be visible normally, without hosts interference. That seems like a common sense to let the users see what sessions are currently ongoing so they may hop in.
  5. Hello PSNP Society! So currently I'm boosting Uncharted 2 and what came to my mind is that it would be great to have an Ongoing Gaming Sessions under the Gaming Sessions tab. For example if people are setting a session for 3h then the users should be able to see that such a session is taking place, because maybe there is still an open spot for them. Right now, we all know that the session disappears right after it has started. While boosting UC2 I thought that when I set a session for e.g. 4h, I would like people to be able to join mid-session as some people tend to leave or not show up at all. Ofc the problem could be the no time limit sessions, but they could be limited to 12 or 24h or something. I look forward to reading your opinions on the subject, Cheers! Side Note: I hope this was not mentioned and if it was then sorry for the trouble, please redirect me there !
  6. I would like to bump this thread as I've thought about exactly the same thing while browsing my profile. In my opinion, which as I can see, I share with the creator of this thread and people that posted here, incomplete filter should count all games that are not 100% completed yet, regardless of the platinum trophy.
  7. Batman Arkham City and Metal Gear Rising were on PS+ before, at least in EU I would like The Last of Us, Batman Arkham Origins, God of War Ascension(just because I didn't get an online pass, because I've bought it from ebay so I lack one trophy lulz) and hell give me Journey or whole season of The Walking Dead pleasepleaseplease
  8. Go for the Resistance 2, obviously. Killing machine is a pain in the ass, but with dlc and 2nd controller, you don't even need a boosting partner, because almost all of the people playing nowadays are using this method, making it possible to boost with random people
  9. Hmm I've a few games that I'm playing at the moment, trying to complete all of the obtainable trophies in them ( can't get platinum in UFC Undisputed 3 and Fifa 12 QQ). That would be: Red Dead Redemption - 4 Multiplayer trophies to go, Resistance 2 - Superhuman walkthrough and 3 other trophies + platinum one, UFC Undisputed 3 - getting 25% in Title Mode is so boring and easy ZzzZz that's one hell of a long grind, Fifa 12 - EURO 2012 DLC Expedition mode - playing mostly with my friend in one team, because it's more fun this way, Got Mafia 2 and Fifa 13 waiting for their turn to plat and sell them
  10. That would be Far Cry 3. Slacked off with getting all co-op missions/trophies done, but I've finally got it, therefore gaining platinum and 100%, yay me :v
  11. Well last show I've finished would be American Horror Story: Coven. After great first season and a little worse(for me, people tend to prefer the 2nd season over first one) 2nd season, I must say that I was pretty disappointed in it. It was pretty boring, not much of a horror, hardly any plot twists worth mentioning. Finished it only because I tend to finish things that I start (well pretty much the same as with games, right :v?). Currently watching Trailer Park Boys. I've seen most of the episodes already, but with the rumours about 8th season being aired this year, I thought I would find episodes I've not watched yet to complete all 7 seasons
  12. LittleBigPlanet 2 that came with the console. First one that I bought was probably Uncharted 2. How not to love the ps3 with a start like this :E
  13. Dante's inferno, Assassins Creed Brotherhood - how long has it been ehh? Batman Arkham City. Got all the riddles and stuff, now I'm doing challenges and campaign to finish it with splendid new game plus
  14. Dante's inferno trials (fuck you EA for making uber hard trials that grants you a bronze trophy) - this one is not a platinum stuff but 100% one. Assassins Creed Brotherhood - such a long grind towards lvl 50 online, especially with no one around ...
  15. All Assassins but focking ACB cuz I got it too late to make a fast grind for level 50. Batman AA - one love to this game, even with my hatred towards annoying, some luck based challenges God of War series - GoW fanatics reunite AAAAAAAU Portal 2 - one of the best games, best thought game ever srsly