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  1. Yes I got it after. Nov 23rd.
  2. I did do it against bots however I had to do it about three times for it to count. Finally got it when I blew up a carrier. i did it on Orbital on B1. They always spawn near there.
  3. I was able to get Flawless on Emperor's New Clothes by Panic! At The Disco. I know its a DLC pack but tbh its worth the money. for the No Mistakes trophy you can easily add modifiers to any song and slow it down, no bombs etc etc to make things easier. Obviously shorter the song is better you dont want to be playing a 4 minute song to mess up at the last second. Shorter song = less time to mess up.
  4. If you wanted to 100% the game with just one more playthrough you’d need grounded perma and make sure you upgrade everything but I wouldn’t recommend it. I’d at the very least do an easy perma per chapter for upgrades and the perma death trophies then a third playthrough for the grounded trophy. Up to you though. Good luck!
  5. Had nothing to do with my friend. I haven't been able to unlock any in quickplay by myself. but good to know thanks
  6. The only time I had one pop during active gameplay/instantly was Snitches Get Stiches. All the story ones, misc killing ones, revives etc etc I've gotten have been during the loading screen or when I loaded back into the base. Im on PS5 if that helps. Edit: I forgot the trophies for finding the secrets in the levels have so far also popped during gameplay/instantly for me
  7. Could have been many reasons for this. I just got it last night finally found a standard snitcher and one shot it in the neck with the Barrett sniper, the trophy popped. I was playing campaign with my friend and two bots. Remember it will not unlock if: theres the snitch corruption card activated that releases a horde regardless if you killed in instantly/quietly if you're in solo campaign/quickplay You have to make sure its a standard snitcher and one shot it with a high damage gun or possibly throw a frag at it. We had multiple spawn in one run during the Hell's bells and Abandoned sections of Act 1. We've been playing Act 1 over and over again to get supply points and that was the first time I had seen more than one spawn in a run, just gotta keep playing.
  8. what am i chopped liver
  9. 151- It Takes Two Difficulty: 2/10 Enjoyment: 10/10 Hardest Trophy: Platforming Prodigy (Helltower? More like hello-from-up-here-tower!) Most Fun Trophy: Power Couple (You are unstoppable, nothing stands in your way!) Thoughts: Please find someone to play this game with, preferably someone you know well. I haven't had this much fun and relaxation playing a game in a long time. Every level was crafted to feel unique and I never felt bored or as if things were being repetitive. The puzzles aren't difficult so you can play with someone in your life that isn't big into games. The way the teamwork was crafted was both hilarious and clever. One of my favorite chapters early on had each player carrying different weapons that when combined would open new paths and kill enemies. Another level had us exploring various parts of a kid's room, the imagination seeping through every inch of my screen. It was funny, it was clever and at times it was touching. I could say more but I don't want to. I truly think everyone should go into this game as blind as they can. I will say no trophies are missable you can pick up things post game in chapter select. The game isn't difficult but the reason I listed Platforming Prodigy as the hardest trophy was because my depth perception is very questionable and when you mix that with platforming up a tower that has various moving and spinning pieces can take awhile. But please please please do not let the trophy percentage stray you from this game, or the fact that its co-op. Find someone in your life to give this a go with and remember they have the friend pass so you only need one copy of the game! (unless both want to earn trophies then you need two full copies) This was one of those games that reminded me that games can be goofy and relaxing without becoming childish or boring. I'm looking forward to replaying chapters again with other friends and family members.
  10. I just got this platinum a couple weeks ago. The guides are a bit misleading imo, I was under the impression that you'd get this naturally while 100%ing everything but thats not the case however that doesnt mean its not obtainable. If you find you're short on supplies after 100%ing all regions go back to where raids were (monasteries etc etc) and open up the yellow chests there that dont count towards the 100%, this is why people are short on supplies. Those small chests that are yellow on the map but dont count towards the wealth are what have the supplies in them. If you can't remember where the raids were PowerPyx has a map on his website. Took me a couple hours of going back to those places and opening the chests to collect what I needed. On the subject of being able to buy any I never saw that option from merchants. Dont stress its still doable just have to grab those smaller chests when raiding if you're still mid game, or go back and grab them if you're in clean up phase
  11. I'll give this a go today thank you!
  12. Thank you so much! I appreciate your positive feedback In regards to this... Odyssey had more filler than Origins, and Valhalla has more than that. This is coming from someone that really enjoyed Odyssey: Valhalla is too much of nothing. I personally recommend Odyssey but I wouldn't go beyond that. Ask around with other people that have similar game interests as you and see what their takeaway from Odyssey was that should give you a better gauge on if you should dive in or not
  13. 150- Assassin's Creed Valhalla Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 2/10 Hardest Trophy: Completionist All the Way! (Complete all territories) Most Fun Trophy: N/A Thoughts: Have you ever been playing a game, doing the trophies, and think to yourself *why am I doing this?* That was me for most of this game. Having only played Origins and Odyssey I was really excited for the new entry in the Assassin's Creed RPG trilogy. The setting was up my alley and I couldn't wait to explore the vast world on my PS5. But that was ultimately the issue with this game: it was too large. Ubisoft's biggest enemy is their own ambition and yet the lack of it at the same time, allow me to explain. This game has close to 800 collectibles in the base portion. This story is close to 40 hours but the platinum is 100+. This is 60ish hours of complete filler content that adds no real substance to the game. I don't even know where to begin to compile all my thoughts and my experience with this game so I'm going to break down what I felt were the pros and cons of my experience with this game: Pros The raids were a blast. I enjoyed calling on my fellow warriors and going into battle, I wish there had been more of these interactions, although admittingly there were a good amount. I give kudos to Ubisoft for attempting diversity within the types of collectibles you were chasing: not just items but there were cairns, side quests and beasts to slay. Granted this wasn't executed in the best way. (more on that in the cons) The main core of the story wasn't terrible again the execution was the breaking point. Cons Too much of nothing. While the core story had potential the way the game gets you to those satisfying moments are anything but enjoyable. Forcing several side quests between major story beats ultimately inflated the length and had me actually having to look up things that happened during the game towards the end because it was 70 hours of gameplay ago and I frankly couldn't remember. There was no indication of what was a main quest and what was a side quest in the UI (unless I missed this in 110 hours of gameplay??) Quests are broken down by region but unlike Odyssey I didn't see a symbol or anything to indicate to the player what should be priority. This ultimately lead me to spending over an hour doing a questline I thought was something I needed to do to progress and didn't. Collectibles and 100% regions once again takes far too long for no pay off. These collectibles add nothing of value to the game and theres close to 800 of them...while I gave kudos for the attempt at diversity in the Pro section at the end of the day running around for 800 items is exhausting. Cairns while a good idea on paper were frustrating at times (there was one I spent 30 minutes on, this could purely be chalked up as a singular personal experience but I doubt it) SO MANY BUGS. Oh my god. I quite literally encountered a bug every hour of playing this game. That is roughly 100ish bugs and/glitches.100. And this is me NOT counting small issues that most games have these days. I'm referring to: main quest NPCs not moving to forward the quest thus having me reload a previous save, Me falling randomly into the environment and then dying, getting teleported to a random spot like the SKY or into a structure and not being able to fast travel out thus again having to load a previous save. (See video I've linked for some of my encounters as I didn't hit capture on most of them but did grab a few) Needless to say I've officially experienced the Ubisoft burnout. I have two more games I own that I will be completing and then I don't think I have it in me to continue to give this company my money. This is the first issue I've had with their games but it will be the last. If Ubisoft would shrink these games then they could potentially have something here. Problem is there’s too much filler for the sake of having filler. Decrease these storylines to 15-20hours and add an additional post story open world content around 20-30 hours if you want. You do NOT need a 100 hour game for this. Bigger isn't always better. I cannot stress enough how much I didn't enjoy my time with this game. It nearly broke me lol I hope for people out there had a better time than I did. Heres a video with some of the issues I encountered so just multiply this video by roughly 100 and you have my experience with Assassin's Creed Valhalla.
  14. 149- Dirt 5 Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 4/10 Hardest Trophy: Stuntmasta' (Score 30,000 or higher in a Career Gymkhana event) Most Fun Trophy: N/A Thoughts: This is going to be a short one. I have never played a Dirt game and thought I would dive in considering I have access to it through EA Play. While the art was bold and bright everything else fell flat. 125 Career Events that need to be completed and very little variety. While most will say a lot of racing games don't provide variety this felt extremely thin. Needless to say I should have known and will not be touching another Dirt game in the future. To add salt to the wound this game has DLC which I will never clean up because its just the base game repackaged again....I cannot justify spending more money on the same content. There really isn't much more to say unfortunately.
  15. Very excited you played this one! Gives me a bit of a boost to go for it. I suggest Outlast 2 its a UR plat and a higher difficulty. I know you love those shiny URs.... 😉