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  1. just wanted to add that i just popped the Chapter 6 trophy in Episode 2 prior to the Chapter 4 and 5 episodes in case others are still having this issue as well
  2. they do nothing. i had this happen to me. i contacted Ubisoft and Sony both tried to tell me the other could pop the trophy and that they would not. I asked if i could do anything to reset my stats in the game and i then didnt realize a response. i have tried deleting my save file and redoing everything, reinstalling the game and my is still bugged.
  3. Batman Arkham Knight. Definitely one of my white whales....darn that Brutality 101 lol
  4. Hello I know this is an old thread but I thought I'd give it a go. Finished my Hard playthrough and the collectibles trophy didn't pop. Noticed in chapter select I was missing a comic on Chapter 7, went through it again and none of the comics spawn in. Does anyone have a fix to this I'm really not wanting to do an entire replay again on top of the chapters i need to clean up for no deaths. Any help is appreciated! Edit: i also reinstalled the game (same version i was playing on as its digital) and the missing collectible spawned in and the trophy popped
  5. Hmmm I wonder if I should risk the biscuit and see if Canada will get a steelbook as well
  6. Its not so much financial roadblocks its just the average ebay steelbook just for the steelbook is $70-$100 and like I sadly just cant justify that. But my main concern/bummer is the fact a lot of the preorder steelbooks arent an option in Canada, again the US Best Buy exclusives are plentiful and really nice but theres no way of getting them outside of the US. I've managed to secure some older ones through places like FB Marketplace and Kijiji (Canada's craigslist) but mainly again new ones/preorder exclusives are options here. I did manage to secure the UK TLOU2 steelbook from so I might have to continue looking at international sites it seems. Anyways I forgot to say awesome collection you have I really love the Medievil steelbook
  7. I recently just got interested in steelbooks mainly with converting back to physical media. My issue is I'm located in Canada and I noticed a lot of steelbook editions are available at Best Buy US and not in Canada and they dont ship outside of the US. A good example of this is RE8, Best Buy US has/did have an exclusive steelbook but I can't get it shipped here. So a lot of the time if I want a steelbook I have to purchase some giant $200CAD+ edition of a game which isnt feasible. Doesn anyone know somewhere that does ship internationally or in Canada that have special editions of games that come with the steelbooks? I'm not keen on buying secondhand from ebay because prices are ridiculous and usually I'm looking for new games. Any help would be greatly appreciated I just really wish it was wider practice to have mid tier preorder bundles that included steelbooks (at least with games I've wanted in the past this has been few and far between)
  8. I'm apprehensive on the Ellie casting. Lady Mormont was a cool character but she literally only had about 20 lines. And I also applaud them for casting age appropriate but having someone that looks 10-12 at the age of 17 is not going to sit well when it comes time to touch on Part 2 events. So in that case im hoping for a recast of older Ellie. Pedro is a surprise should be an interesting take on Joel Im looking forward to this. I also have to trust Neil and his judgement just again have concerns with the Ellie casting (beyond acting ability) it just doesnt feel right. I look forward to being proved wrong when the series airs.
  9. Go to your profile and then trophies. Highlight the game you want to sync and press the options button and select “sync to PlayStation network”
  10. I had this happen on a different game with the PS5 and I manually synced my trophies from the console and they appeared.
  11. Hello! i encountered a little something while cleaning up the lanterns last night that I thought I’d pass on in case I’m not the only one it happens too. Hopefully I can prevent someone from having a slight panic. After clearing all 4 areas of the glowing/lights I was still missing the Expert Secret Keeper (45 lanterns) trophy. No worries, I started to back track and make my way to other plateaus to grab the remaining ones. On my way I counted the ones that are shown as completed when you’re in your “sonar” mode. I noticed I only needed four more. I found a few small ones (from chasing the cluster of butterflies and lighting the tiered lights) and the trophy didn’t pop. I did 7 more for a total of 11 before the trophy finally popped. I recounted all the marked ones again making my way up to the mountain plateau and I did indeed only have 4 missing from that count to total 45 (8 in the forest, 10 in both the second and third plateaus then 13 in the mountain) Even removing the the 2 I counted in the “mainland” (small area before the forest) I should have only needed 6 more not 11. Needless to say I’m happy the trophy popped but wanted to pass this info along in case it happens to someone else. So just keep finding lanterns it will eventually pop. I was also playing the PS5 version. Cheers! PS: semi relevant to the trophy. I found the “sonar” would bug out a bit sometimes and stop highlighting glows. For example I’d be on a tall building see a glow and start gliding towards it with the sonar still active and suddenly it would stop showing all the glows and lantern symbols. Had to stand still for a couple seconds with it off before hitting triangle again and it resetting itself.
  12. I can say some parts are difficult but isnt that the point? There are a lot of strategies to consider when playing TLOU games but especially on grounded. Some it’s easier to just run by enemies, sneak by enemies or be patient and pick them off one by one. In the case of the OP Timestamp staying in the grass in the second section and stealthing them is key. I did my grounded perma (per act) run on stream and let me tell you some of those Abby sections are tough but once you do beat them it’s so satisfying. I say to anyone doing grounded to just keep trying: look at things from a different angle and you don’t always have to kill. As an example I basically run through most of the entire Hillcrest section. if anyone needs help/tips with sections I’m more than happy to lend advice. I even have a lot of my sections recorded if you’re a visual learner. TLOU is my favourite series and I always play both games on grounded. Endure and Survive.
  13. This trophy was a pain in the ass mainly because Lara doesn’t like to grab edges. I did this in NG+ and only died to enemies about 5 times but jumps and ledges where my ultimate nemesis with about 20 deaths to those.
  14. A close friend of mine had been achievement hunting for years and she moved onto trophies when she got a PS4. She asked me if I wanted to do the GTAV platinum with her and I said sure (not even knowing what that meant or would entail) and I had a blast playing with my friend. It really opened up all these parts of games I was ignoring/not noticing. a lot of the reason I continue is to experience a game in full (it’s why a lot of the time if I’m really not enjoying a game I abandon it) but I also grew up playing sports competitively and tbh prior to trophy hunting all I ever played was call of duty and I was bit of an asshole. Trophy hunting has allowed me to be competitive with myself and also play a lot of games I wouldn’t have otherwise tried and I’m so thankful for that. So that’s why I continue: it fuels this semi-competitive nature in me to a degree and keeps me trying things I wouldn’t normally or things that are out of my comfort zone all the while appreciating everything a game has to offer
  15. I’m actually surprised it’s still at the low percentage it is considering there’s a guide on this very site to help you get the platinum in less than 5 hours which is what I did. There is zero grind involved and minimal time spent dealing with the clunkiness of the controls on console