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  1. April 22, so next thursday
  2. Just synch on my PS5, but it's not 4 silvers, it's 2 like the other parts. 1 gold, 2 silvers, 3 bronze trophies.
  3. Ok I can see them offline, they're here, thanks for the tip.
  4. Ok, bought this game last night finished it, but apparently it was a PS5 version. All trophies poped, got pictures of them but they're nowhere in my trophy list on my PS5 and on Ps app, can't sync trophies with PSN either, error NP 117622 9. I tried to do the game on my secondary account but this time no trophies poped, don't know why. If anyone has an explanation please tell me cause I don't know what's happening. Thank you.
  5. Is the DLC out for anyone ? Tried to play it after downloaded it but impossible to play. Saw videos on youtube on it, try to launch the DLC the same way but it says I must go to the shop and buy it,
  6. Did you talk to them after you beat there bosses ? They give side quests after that and there's also some hidden quests, don't know if they count though. I got the trophy, I think it's not bugged you probably have missed some quests.
  7. Hey, I got a problem with this trophy, I unlocked it, got the picture and the video of it but in my trophy list it says the trophy is lock, like I never got it. Did someone have the same problem or am I the only one ? Thanks for answers.
  8. all trophies unlock except the dlc ones, got every gold but the story related and the challenges from Screwball did not unlock.
  9. OK don't know what to do, everything is not private, the update changes my avatar on the profile but trophies are still hidden, nothing seems to wanna change
  10. Don't know why but my pisture profile is the same as my avatar which is not normal. I changed it and the update change the picture but the trophies didn't show, I started to think it's a PS5 problem. OK I updated my profile saying no one can see my profile history and it still only shows guitar hero even if it supposed to show nothing. I think it's a problem with my PS5 settings. Damn...
  11. It happens when I updated the profile, don't know what do to in menu, do I have to check every games to unhidden them or not ? It also happens on another trophy site, my list is empty except for guitar hero which is not even in the privacy menu list.
  12. I've tried everything, the trophies never show, don't know what to do about it. Maybe It's a problem with my PS5, don't know. My avatar on the site is not is not the good one to, It shows the same avatar as my picture profile.
  13. I did it several times and nothing works
  14. Hi, I got a problem. My trophy card only shows the Guitar hero trophies from my list and nothing else, I tried everything on my PS5 but no trophies shown. Don't know what to do about it, can someone help me please ?
  15. same as you, the trophy doesn't want to pop