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  1. Every difficulty related trophies : Crushing on Uncharted 1,2,3 for example, and , as much as I love football, online trophies in FIFA, online trophies in general on every games.
  2. No need to restart, you just need to improve some abilities, like health or shield for example, the more you use points, the more you win place for extra mods or weapons.
  3. I try to boost the trophies but in private mode, I can't have the trophies ? Can someone confirm that for me please. I also try to find my friends on research mode and I've never found there group, I always found myself on a group with people to strong for me. Now I have a 27 people clan but I'm about to lose it because I am not a good player enough to do the things I need to complete the journey. Can someone give me some advices or help me achieve the platinum trophy on TLOU Remastered ? Thanks for reading me, hope you can help
  4. I was about to ask the same thing. I created game sessions for boosting online trophies but practicly no one answered so I thought about doing the trophies alone for the platinum, this guide will help me do it, perhaps.
  5. Thank you I got it, it works very well
  6. Can you explain how to perform the dupe ? Because I tried and it doesn't work, I dont know if I did it the right way.
  7. Thank you for the answer. Does it matter if you are a boy ? Does Gust still propose ? Because i'm a boy in the game and i don't want to restart the game, i will already have to because i missed the dee dee trophy.
  8. Hello i might need some help. For the Gust trophy, how high the relationship with him has to be ? Is friend status enough ? Does he have to make the proposal to unlock the trophy ? Thank you for the answer.