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  1. 1-Resident Evil 2-God of War 3-Crash Bandicoot 4-The Legend Of Zelda 5-Dark Souls
  2. Cure For The Itch, Linkin Park
  3. 7 days Trial and enjoy!
  4. The game is full in PS now spain
  5. I have 23 wins and Nothing That Trophy 😒
  6. Hi, i'm playing PUBG. I won 16 Times Lifetime: Solo 7: S1:3 S2:4 Duo 1 S1: 1 Squad 8 S1:0 S2:8 Any Advice or Help? 😔
  7. My List: -Obscure -Cold fear -Crash bandicoot Twin sanity -Crash bandicoot wrath of cortex -need for Speed Carbono,Underground, most wanted
  8. I completed the game 100% on PS4. and I had no problem with the trophies related to the collectibles. first I made the online that was the longest and from there I played the campaign. * Used Google translate
  9. Crash Bandicoot 2: cortex Strikes Back
  10. is the best campaign I've played this year, an incredible game! 😍
  11. GOTY for me, excelent game 😍
  12. Crash Bandicoot 2 😁
  13. Yes, i'm check The website on my mobile
  14. Shadow of mordor GOTY: 0 problems
  15. in my poor knowledge, only game that I can give an opinion because I played it is Dark Souls. and I see that you have the trophies of the weapons to the fullest almost that often, is the only thing that seems strange to me