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  1. There’s a lot of people unlocking this trophy even though it’s apparently been unobtainable for 7 years. How? I’ve heard this game is filled with modders now because the game isn’t moderated anymore so are they unlocking it like that?
  2. The game sucks
  3. This game is like dirt cheap now and I was thinking about booting up my old ps3 and platting lots of the old gems. Is the multiplayer still possible? I know gta 5 on the ps3 had its servers shut off but gta 4 still has its servers up so I was wondering if the servers are still up and if there’s even enough people playing to feasibly do this? (With or without boosting)
  4. Say if I platted the ps5 version of this game would there be any way to auto pop some or all of the trophies for the ps4 version?
  5. Is it still glitched?
  6. I’ve been crafting legendaries for about a week now. Before I make even more I need to know can I keep stacking the same legendary weapons or do they have to be different ones. I’ve been crafting the red rocket because it only takes 2.5 days to make and I have two max level workshops making two at a time. Does anyone know? (For the 20 legendary outfits that just randomly popped I only crafted 1 outfit ever, got mine from doing quests)
  7. So damn true. Definitely didn’t deserve game of the decade. I’d say skyrim, gta5, minecraft, or rdr2 did just because the effects they had on the industry. And for the whole father figure and young girl surviving the apocalypse thing I though walking dead season 1 did that 100x better
  8. 2k21 is already unobtainable and the game isn’t even a year old. 2k17 released with an unobtainable trophy and the only person who has it clearly hacked it since he platted 3 2k games in one day
  9. Lots of those are shared accounts
  10. > hates the game > will play the game for 100+ hours for a plat
  11. Some of the $1 games are pretty decent like those Christian sports ones and the mayo series. I just didn’t expect the game to be so horribly designed
  12. Oh yea it’s so good I finally managed to do the last level and my trophy didn’t pop. Fucking amazing game 10/10, made me cry harder than rdr2 Edit: it popped after I went back to the main area and paused the game. Never buying another game from the dev again no matter how easy it is, they don’t deserve my 30 cents after tax
  13. I didn’t think the game was hard until the last level but holy shit is the last level frustrating. I bought this game 5 months ago and still haven’t platted it. I’m not closing the application until I do now because I have to clean out my backlog but DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. 50 cents make look cheap and the percentage may look high but seriously this game is not worth the frustration