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  1. Fuck EA. Sorry, I had to let it out. I'm actually pretty sad I don't live in US, I'd try to sue their asses, even if it was a waste of money, just to make this public.
  2. The main takeaway is that people need to do online fast, since even if was troll - Ubisoft won't be maintaining things forever, sadly.
  3. The saddest thing is that they keep ignoring us.
  4. Let's just go and ask Volition on twitter and through email.
  5. Any news on this topic? I tried to read devs through twitter, they ignored me.
  6. They still violated their own rules, so we got to keep trying.
  7. While there are no news, @BlackjackWidow keeps making inquiries about the game, which is at least inspiring.
  8. Man, it's so dead out there, even idling doesn't help that much.
  9. It adds up.
  10. PC servers were supposed to be shut down back in 2013, so delisting in Origin isn't something that unexpected. I tried the game today and while I couldn't fine anyone playing, I've connected to EA Online no problem.
  11. No news I presume?
  12. I wonder if servers are still alive.
  13. EA Online is EA's service, so it's EA, not Insomniac. I doubt studio cares about Fuse at all, but multiplayer is on publisher's side of things.
  14. It's just rather sad to see some bloggers I've sent those news weeks ago ignore it outright.