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  1. Yeah, I have the game, I bought it this year, downloading it right now. But I implore everyone here to to to twitter, EA forum or whatever and ask that the hell is going on. It's sunday, yes, but we HAVE to make some waves just to get them talking. Or it's another Fuse situation where they killed the game and didn't say anything about it. I checked, Onrush isn't on EA Sunset's site.
  2. I've asked a friend who did 100% and he said that it can be done in 12 days (assuming 30th it goes down), but it's a tight squeeze.
  3. Spam EA's support and twitter about it so they at least announce the closure, don't let them be asshats about it. I wrote them, but they wouldn't do squat if there isn't some sort of uproar about it.
  4. Yeah, couldn't find it in UK and US. I suppose it will die indeed.
  5. Okay, so yeah, got generic response - "Call EA, we are part of EA family now". I can't submit a ticket to EA, so someone take it from here, please.
  6. Just wrote to Codemasters about Onrush, if they'll answer - I'll copy it here.
  7. It's still a mediocre game, but it's not offensively bad after the newest patch. Original is still overall better (though way harder), but at least it's not a travesty anymore.
  8. It was due to long names, yeah. I had no issues with online there and I have _ in my name.
  9. He was the host (in my case too).
  10. Now that's pretty cool of them actually. Especially considering what happened with FS this august.
  11. Breaking news - it kinda was. If you make some stupid online gimmick in your game - that's on you. You either have to be really dumb and short-sighted not to see that it's not going to last or you have to be smart have to give it your all and AT LEAST have a courtesy to give a notification about closing down something. Not to mention - some small-time devs commit themselves to supporting their games for 10+ years. With updates, with everything. They know what they sign for, they are adult people. Like, what's this, some user-generated nonsense, why is this in single player superhero game? Who needed it? So what do you think - are devs short-sighted idiots or what? And the fact that they made an announcement just 2 months ago about it, like, "hey-hey people, we actually care about servers and features and want to keep it alive" and then quietly killed it (if that's the case) makes them, guess what, liars. It's petty, I know, but you know what I really-really hate? Liars who smile, say one thing, but then - once dust settles - don't give a damn about things they said. Don't know about you, but I don't feel like making excuses for hypocrites. So yeah. In july some news outlets happily reported about cool and hip Sucker Punch making a stand to help their old online services see another day. Wow, how amazing, company does what company was obliged to do in the first place! To do the thing people payed for among other things. How amazing! We have to report it, it's so great that this big studio actually cares! Oh. They don't really care? All that was for show? Oh well, yep, no news there. What, you want it to be newsworthy? What's wrong with you? How dare you call people out on their lies? And make no mistake - I really hope that's the maintenance they were talking about, nothing more. But if it's not, well, I'd like to call them out.
  12. Just write devs about it. And if the answer is silence - make it newsworthy.
  13. Turns out Future Soldier wasn't future-proof after all. Man, it's really sad to see it die even earlier than expected.
  14. They would announce it already if they really wanted to.
  15. At least 2 money ones, they require connection to EA Servers. Coop things might be doable with LAN, but who knows. And yeah, Bad Company 1 is in danger, but it's mildly popular since it's only on PS3 and 360 (Mercs 2's online is buggy, and so Red Alert's too). They might give the game more time.