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  1. is your pc on the same network as your playstation? have you put the correct proxys? tbh it could almost be everything!
  2. I have a missing one mire trophy but when i started the game in the morning my game was updated even though i always deleted the new patch when i started downloading ...thats absolutely bullshit what happend? i cant play this game anymore cause i hve 1,30 version now again i switched off the automatically update the version edit: Nevermind solved it ! just did the whole process again...better play this game offline guys
  3. @Golden Devil Gamer thanks a lot everything worked ! you deserve a lot of credit !
  4. my current situation. I have the base game with 1.30 bought the royal pack, season pass and episode ardyn. Can i still do this method?
  5. I expect my next trophies will be either the 1000 synthesize trophies for cooking or 100 dungeons completed. A few months ago i thought i will never get this platinum because of the psn description with around 1000hours playtime but after talking to certain veterans and playing it by myself...i can tell the platinum is actually pretty straight forward and if you play it just for the trophies you hardly need more than 250-300h playtime. you just need around 5-6 months in general for the levequests. but tbh the game is actually pretty fun aswell so if you guys haven’t tried it yet...go for it you can almost do all trophies without buying the game !
  6. so if i finsihed the story i can even get the team attacks in the first mission right? and how to boost the moral ? is there a faster way than just fighting?
  7. Still don’t have any of those team attacks. i know how i can use them...but most of the time the team attacks won’t. can anyone recommend me a way to farm those 5 teamattacks easily?
  8. Does Anyone have the code for Lavenza (Platinum trophy)? i would even pay some money for it ! i got the platinum but unfortunately my platinum trophy was before release date and didn’t trigger
  9. shadow of tomb raider