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  1. OMFG pls give me that Devil May Cry 4 Platinum !!! remember this game playing on my xbox and had trouble to continue this game because i didn’t know where to go. and yes Gloria was hot as shit !
  2. 1. Fortune Street i wasnt even aware of this game. Have to look that up. for those other games. i have the platinum for monster in the deep and ffxv i don‘t need them multiple times. listen I want the platinum for my personal satisfaction. I don’t want others to understand me in any way.
  3. what else is missing do you mean chocobo mystery? i earned the money tho so thats fine for me aslong i can save my time and so i can invest them in other games im gonna look for it anyways thanks a lot !
  4. So aslong the account is never linked to any ps4 it should work right?
  5. Hi guys is it possible to buy a endgame account for pc and buy those expansion and transfer it to ps4 for the trophies. its my last remaining platinum for Final Fantasy but i don’t wanna invest time in it because i don’t like it. plz don’t blame me i have the money. i just want to know what is important to do it the fastest way. thank you
  6. Shadow of the Collossus
  7. Is there any platinum guide for this? mainly looking for English ones because my japanese is way too weak to play this game :/
  8. Rise of the Tomb Raider
  9. Question above ! Im watching Crunchyroll.... I have never seen so many animes in one weekend