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  1. Did this n it worked like a charm. Got my questions, 2 each round, on rounds 2, 4 n 6. Trophy popped after finishing round 6.
  2. M$ is refunding everybody for everything but Sony is only doing refunds for purchases in the last 90 days. Guess it better then nothing.
  3. The CEO has sexual harassment claims against him. It's so bad he was using a fake name already. So Disney didn't want nothing to do with that
  4. No they won't auto pop. The poster saying ur done means that u can't play the game any more so ur done.
  5. Goto the store. Goto the option below omega, think it's characters. Select spiderman. Press x to view omega offer. Buy with shard. Go back to game n bring up the menu. Goto rooster, select spidey n prestige him. I did it on level 1 too.
  6. Seen him twice in a 6 hr time span yesterday. Both times on Fjords of norway, the 1st level on the last chapter.
  7. yes u have to beat the game first to unlock the olympian difficulty level and u can play on the easiest option on ur first playthrough. the glitch allows u to finish the game on the olympian difficulty w/out actually playingthrough the whole game again. u just have to fight the last boss to be able to obtain the trophy.