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  1. Going for Platnium #32: Psychonauts 


    IMO, very good game. Cant wait for the sequel tbh ^_^

    1. Elvick_


      Have fun with those figments. What a nightmare those are. Love the game, a bit janky in places but still awesome.

  2. I didn't even know it has a avatar only available if you get the Platnium 0_0
  3. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOmCPX6jN2KL0JBphh_GMkw?app=desktop


    My YouTube. Be sure to subscribe, my goal is 1k subs  (even more in the future hopefully)


    Also, bear in mind I dont have the best content, but hell..Would be nice to grow a fanbase and be someone as its been my dream to be a YouTuber

  4. Last trophy I earned was the Platnium for Jak X combat racing
  5. Going for Platnium #31, Jak X combat racing 


    Too much grinding to do ;-; #killme

    1. MidnightDragon
    2. DrewFrostStormy


      Thanks ^_^ Really gonna need it ;________;

    3. ee28max
  6. Platnium. Number 30. Achieved. *tilts head back and inhales* BOI

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    2. DrewFrostStormy


      Thanks :D was quite a difficult one, but nothing I couldnt handle honestly. Currently now trying to debate between Jak X combat racing or Psychonauts next, but im not sure

    3. ihadalifeb4this
    4. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

      Nice milestone! :) 

  7. Tommorow is the day. The day I will achieve my 30th Platnium trophy. Holy crap, im rather nervous ;-;

    1. LightningCharm


      Nervous?  You should be proud of 30 platinums! :D Congrats on your soon to be achieved milestone.

    2. DrewFrostStormy


      I think im mainly nervous as I'll be livestreaming it all tommorow, and wondering how many will tune in ;-; Hopefully a few people will show up

  8. Started my journey toward my 30th Platnium last night. Im ready to get my 30th Platnium, and be one step closer to my goal of 100 Platnium trophies. Lets. Do this. *insert 80s montage and/or motivational music here* 

  9. When I come onto the site to update my card and see advertisements for "Who is Jesus?" 


    Like, I didn't come on here for advertisements about a mythical man in the sky 0_0 did you mean our lord and savior, Shaggy Rogers?  Cause yes, I'd love to learn more about him :D

    1. MidnightDragon


      Either become premium or use ad blocker.

    2. ihadalifeb4this


      You just hope Santa doesn't see this post. Because if he does you're going on the naughty list and you're not getting any gifts for Christmas this year.

    3. DrewFrostStormy


       *insert gif of im a good noodle from Spongebob*

  10. So, 30th Platnium. Im debating amongst these 3 games 


    Uncharted lost legacy 


    Mirrors Edge Catalyst 



    Im thinking I'll go for Uncharted lost legacy, but im not entirely sure. Ive seen that its a 3/10 difficulty, and I haven't really touched it yet. Thoughts?

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    2. DrewFrostStormy


      Ive decided imma Platnium Uncharted lost legacy, so far its as difficult as Infamous second son expert mode. Which tbh that was a walk in the park :P also I think PooPooblast knows you said that O_O  PooPoo might also know what you did last summer :o

    3. DamagingRob


      Gotta hide.



      Early on, Lost Legacy is pretty easy. A few chapters may be a bit tough without tweaks, though. If you need to, you can lower the difficulty whenever, and pick up the Crushing playthrough after you've beaten the game and have access to those. 

    4. PooPooBlast


      I came here for 3 things

      1) Mirror's edge catalyst (how dare you rob!)

      2) I know what you did last summer reference 

      3) that hilarious cat gif :lol:


      But you already know what my vote is going to be :P. Uncharted the lost legacy was also fantastic and it's arguably the second best uncharted after 2 imo. 

  11. Platnium #29, Infamous Second Son has been achieved :D


    I'll be posting a poll of what to Platnium next in a few hours as im somewhat conflicted on what to Platnium next :/ 

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    2. Evertonian


      good game that and well played on the plat

    3. MidnightDragon
    4. ihadalifeb4this
  12. "Infamous second son is hard to Platnium"


    Ive been seeing that argument amongst friends of mine, who have the Platnium. In my honest opinion, its about as hard as Horizon Zero Dawns trophies. Aka, mostly easy. Expert mode trophy, I'd recommend your second Playthrough you go for it. Btw, go for the combat related trophies in first playthrough, along with 100% completion. Also, focus on getting good karma or evil karma. Dont choose what you feel you'd do in situations. Whatever karma you fully achieve on first playthrough, achieve opposite karma on next playthrough. Go for expert mode in this playthrough by setting your difficulty to expert, then start second playthrough. Once done, boom. Platnium. Im currently finishing up getting the trophies as I haven't played in forever, 


    Hopefully if anyone needs a few pointers with this Platnium, it'll help :)

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    2. DrewFrostStormy


      Thats what I said :P low and behold, some of these people have literally 90% of easy trophies, a few impressive ones tho 

    3. UltraRareBoy


      165.238 platinum achievers ummm... nope it's not xD

    4. DrewFrostStormy


      Exactly, well add 1 more to that total :P imma soon have it

  13. Lego Worlds..Its my greatest achievement yet, but HOLY CRAP its rage inducing. Currently attempting to Platnium Infamous Second Son currently..Im not ready
  14. Platnium 28 has been received, Horizon Zero Dawn. Now moving onto #29, Infamous Second Son