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  1. Platinum #246: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep 



    I. I did it. Every Kingdom Hearts game on PS4, I’ve gotten the Platinum for. I wish I could describe my love for this series, and my history but perhaps I’ll tell it in a future video one day :D 


    But seriously. Birth by Sleep is my second favorite in the entire series, and for good reason! Genuinely challenging, satisfying, fun, and an amazing story! 


    I first laid eyes on this series when I was 9, and I fell in love with it from the start. 2 was my first, and will always be my favorite game of all time. At the age of 24, I’m sitting in my bed crying from happy tears listening to the dearly beloved theme knowing I finally accomplished something I’ve been dreaming of attempting. This wasn’t a Platinum Milestone. This was a personal, and phenomenal milestone especially for me. 


    Thank you, Kingdom Hearts. Thank you for all the incredible memories ❤️ If I could wipe my memories of this entire series and experience this all again from the start, I absolutely would 



    Even if Mysterious Figure and Red Eyes did piss me off to absolute hell ._. 

    But seriously. Kingdom Hearts 



    Thank you for all the memories ❤️

  2. All Journals in Birth by Sleep are complete. All that’s left..


    Critical Mode o_o 



    This is the sendoff for the series for me as this’ll be the last Platinum I need for the series on PS4 (id do it all again on PS3 if I still had it but I don’t. Even so, Kingdom Hearts is a series I can’t hold off till 250 for since this series is just so special and fun for me. I adore this franchise even to this day.) 



    And even once I Platinum this..



    Im waiting for the next game, and I’m absolutely getting it’s Platinum. However I can only imagine..next game will be 



    Kingdom Hearts: Race Against Darkness 



    And then it’s a Kart Racer with Kingdom Hearts and Disney characters 😂😂😂😂


    (if that happens, I’m all for it but please don’t slaughter me if it does ;-;) 

  3. Platinum #245: Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories



    5 left now! 


    Ahh. Kingdom Hearts. My absolute favorite video game series of all time. I’ve gotten the Platinums for all but Chain of Memories and Birth by Sleep. Why? Well..Idk. Other than RNG. Anyways, last 5 Plats up to 250 I’m thinking are gonna be games that I hold near and dear to me, and this was one of them



    Its probably controversial in the fanbase to admit this..but I love all the games. Chain of Memories is really good for what it is. Especially it’s combat and story. This series means everything to me as I said, and now being one Platinum away from having all the Kingdom Hearts Plats on PS4..I just can’t resist trying for Birth by Sleep next tbh 

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    2. DrewFrostStormy


      Nullray, which boss do you mean?


      For Sora, I’d highly recommend using certain boss cards like Marluxias (due to his 2 combos at once bonus) and of course have an item card or two to save for later parts of the fight. I recommend using the megalixir, but again. Be very cautious with how and when you use it, like with your other cards.  I learned the hard way sadly 😫 also absolutely be sure to use some tough keyblades like Oblivion and Oathkeeper, and for magic cards I’d recommend Fire based cards. 


      If you mean Riku..oh boy. I wish I could give some tips, but with how randomized his deck is? Oof. However, I’d recommend using some Boss Cards like Ursula to lower Magic attacks by half for some time. Throw in Jafars too, and Captain Hooks in case Ansem decides to trying to One shot you. Not to mention, break his cards any chance you get because Darkness helps MASSIVELY in the final fight 

    3. MidnightDragon


      Congrats. I’ve likely asked, but forgot. What’s 250 gonna be?

    4. DrewFrostStormy


      For Platinum 250? At this rate..Either Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep or Last of Us. Haven’t decided yet but we shall see soon 


      Both are special games to me, so it’s pretty hard to decide but will more than likely be Last of Us 

  4. Platinum #244: Nexomon Extinction 



    6 more Platinums to go! 


    So Nexomon. Story was pretty decent I’ll admit. Plays about the same as Pokemon, but..the true key to making this as good as it was? Coco. Jesus. Coco was the saving grace of this game due to his hilarious savage moments. I want more characters whom are self aware like Coco in games 

  5. Platinum #243: Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD



    7 more till 250. Now WHY DID I DO THIS ONE?! U_U



    Ok so...This was a Christmas gift from 2019 actually. I started it, enjoyed it but then put it in the backlog. Came back to it in time and slowly went for trophies. Then I went for Champion Medals and my god were those stressful. Not to mention, the Expert time trial? ..I almost had to reset on World 10-5. That was anxiety inducing to say the least. Then it just got boring as hell having to drag through time trial and decathlon mode (idk how to pronounce it), 36 TIMES. 


    ...Let’s just agree that this is not something worth going for unless you have a hell of a lot  of patience. 

    is the game overall fun though? It’s a good time I’d say, but it’s not OG Super Monkey Ball. The Remakes as id call them in October however? I’m making sure I get as soon as possible when it releases 

  6. Y’all ever have a moment where you don’t get a Platinum, but progress towards it happens like getting a really aggravating anxiety inducing trophy or two? 

    Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz. How dare you make me get all 10 Champion Medals and complete all Time Trial runs and do them all surprisingly in my first try ;-; 


    ive never felt such anxiety yet pride until doing this. Jesus. I almost fainted during World 10 realizing I’ll have to start over and almost said screw this im goin to bed. I didn’t. I stuck with it, I got the trophies, now I’m 2 away from the Platinum. I’m very excited to add this to my list, and have another Ultra Rare after just getting another one recently. 


  7. Platinum #242: Team Sonic Racing



    Damn. 8 to go now till 250, which is gonna be The Last of Us. 


    Anyways! Damn, another Ultra Rare Platinum in my collection. So, where do I begin? Well. For starters. For a racing game? I love it, and it’s concept. I don’t like it as much as All star racing and all star racing transformed..but it’s a good sonic racing game! When it’s not glitching for going too fast ._. 


    Trial and Error here is pretty damn fair shockingly compared to something like Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz (least for me anyways. I still wanna try to Platinum it but the champion medals making me say hell no.) and I must say. I loved this game for what it is as mentioned. 


    Would I recommend it? For a good price? Hell yeah! It’s a fun time and it’s pretty good for what it offers. If you’re going for the Platinum..good luck is all I’ll say. It’s definitely a challenge! 

  8. Platinum #241: Akibas Trip Undead and Undressed 



    Ok so 9 Platinums left till 250! Uhh..ok so where do I begin with this..bizarre game? Pretty easy Platinum trophy, but screw the Otaku difficulty. Save that for last honestly when you’re powered up to the max. Otaku is literally no joke. It’s aggravating 



    Recommend it? ..If you’re looking for an easy Platinum that’ll have you thinking “...What have I gotten myself into” this is the one for you. 

  9. Platinums #231-#240 were


    #231: Spectrewoods

    #232: Biomutant 

    #233: Knack 2

    #234: Monster Jam Steel Titans

    #235: Mortal Kombat 11

    #236: Super Neptunia RPG

    #237: Lost Words: Beyond the Page

    #238: F1 Race Stars

    #239: Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy 

    #240: Far Cry New Dawn 


    Now time to decide my next 10 Platinums 

  10. Platinum #230: All Star Fruit Racing



    ..Oh my god it’s finally done. The 20 hour trophy just about killed me U_U so agonizingly boring. It’s a good kart racer for what it is, but it’s not as good as Crash Team Racing. Still, I applaud anyone who put up with this game much like I did and got the Platinum 

  11. Platinums #226, #227, #228, and #229: Little Nightmares 2, Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, Moving Out, and Burnout Paradise Remastered 



    Lets start with #226:


    Wow. Uhh..I really gotta play the first one sometime. I loved the setting and lack of dialogue, so that the utter silence envelops you with the horror of feeling so isolated. Yet pertaining some hope by having a friend with you. It’s a beautiful game, and also one I bought on my birthday that was recently :D (Along with 6 other games so..AWESOME! Still gotta get around to the others soon) 



    Onto #227: 



    I know this game isn’t the best game ever. Olympic Games. Oh wow. I think I still loved it though due to my nostalgia for Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games. It was a pretty decent game to play nonetheless and pretty fun actually.


    Onto #228: 


    ...Oh. Oh no. Keeping track of all the collectibles was a nightmare 😳 but I did it! Overall a really solid game for what it is! I was hyped to try it out, and I loved every second of it. Would recommend!


    Lastly. The big one. #229. 


    Wow. Burnout Paradise Remastered, where do I begin with my love for the original? I have so much nostalgia for the original when I played it on Xbox after all my friends kept telling me to try it out back in high school. It was one of those few games that got me through hard stuff (Alongside Dead Rising and Bioshock) Overall? I’m so happy this is finished now. 

  12. Platinum #225: Yakuza: Like a Dragon



    ...I. Can’t believe I’m saying that. The true final tower is no joke, all I can advise is? GRIND. GRIND. GRIND. Other than that, great entry to the Yakuza series and actually pretty damn deep later in the story. Overall, great game but the Platinum is..oh it’s rough 

  13. 3 and 5 aren’t spawning by any means. Everytime I go there after using a cab?! Nothin. Swear to god, I hope the RNG gods see my rage and just go “Fine, here’s your damn trophy. Happy?!”
  14. Platinums #221, #222, #223, and #224: Crystar, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Samurai Shodown, and Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel 



    So let’s start with #221. Crystar.  My opinion? It was very RNG based at times, but nothing like Yakuza 0 levels of it. Still, a very emotional and personal story for me (Mostly with Reis character development, although I can understand people saying she seems insufferable sometimes) 





    Now. Platinum #222. ...God. I’ve been back and forth with this one thanks to the damn winning 10 matches in a row on survival. I got nostalgic due to Kazuya coming to Smash soon, so I thought “Ehh, why not? I’ll try again!” ...After all the suffering of that and getting to Rank Dan 30? ...It’s done. After all the screaming and controller breaking madness I went through almost, it’s done. 


    Platinum #223...Oh boy. Gauntlet mode. FUCK. Gauntlet Mode. I got through it thank god from sheer luck after taking a long break from the game, and jumping into Under Night In Birth. Once Gaunlet was done, the rest was quite a breeze! Overall a really good fighting game that I genuinely enjoyed from start to end. 


    Platinum #224..Weird fighting game. It’s just kinda there, but I did enjoy my time with it (despite the combo based trophies. Not nearly as rough as Blazblues as I’ve been told) 

  15. Platinum #220: Skully



    oof..ok so I love Platformers. I adore them in fact. So I must’ve loved Skully right? Ahh..no. I did like it however, and I think the platforming is very precise and fun. However, it’s the collectibles that got on my nerves a lot during this even with a guide. Oh well, glad to have this games Platinum on my Platinum list 

    1. LukeTheGooner


      I gave up on this game, just got annoying and repetitive. fair play for sticking at it

    2. The Arizona Ranger
    3. ihadalifeb4this