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  1. Platinum #182: Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension



    Absolutely adored this show as a kid, and loved this game to pieces. Going back for completion..nothing too hard thankfully. Doofenschmirtz (I probably slaughtered that) boss fight with avoiding 4 quad lasers gave me somewhat of a rough time, but thankfully. Nothing terrible

  2. Platinum #181: Odin Sphere



    ...I want more games like this one. This game was absolutely stunning and so much fun to play. However the eating everything at Maury’s touring restaurant trophy was a pain -_- however! I have a tip! 


    If the food has !!! next to it? You didn’t eat it yet. !! means you did once. ! means you did twice. All dishes can be ate with one singular character and you have the rest provide the ingredients post game, which is much easier to do

  3. Platinum #180: Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory


    Before I ramble, both one button and regular melody enemy counts can be added together. Example, you killed 30k on one button and 70k on regular mode? That gets you the 100k enemy trophy. Anyway




    As someone who religiously listened to the OST for this game series through high school, this was a breeze and highly enjoyable! Some of the songs on proud though O_O oh dear god 

  4. Platinum #179: Cat Quest



    1 word. Kitties! 



    Seriously though, this games just straight up charming and adorable. Needed something relaxing to play and this was quite relaxing for the most part 

  5. Platinum #178: Wreckfest



    Jesus..it’s finally done. Thankfully it’s easy enough, but some of the challenges can get aggravating. Still a pretty good racing game nonetheless

  6. Super Meat Boy One word. Don’t
  7. Platinum #173: My Hero Ones Justice



    *breaths in and screams like a complete lunatic* Jesus fucking Christ, the tedious bullshit I had to put up with along with the massive and draining grind, and my god was this a-


    Actually, while this game was grindy..Whew. Better and a bit easier than One Piece Burning Bloods intense grind nowadays



    Platinum #174: Saints Row The Third Remastered



    Great game, glad to have revisited it and gotten the Platinum finally



    Platinum #175: Life is Strange 2



    One word. Depression



    Platinum #176: The Last Campfire



    Last Platinum of 2020. Bye 2020, won’t miss you 🖕🏻Also super cute game c: 

    Went from 99 Platinums to 176 in 2020. 


    Now, Platinum #177: Yakuza 6



    Yes. I did it finally. Very proud of this one, and great way to start 2020. 


    Right now, working on Wreckfest and Mini Motor Racing X for next Platinums. Might try Tamarin as well, but..god it’s so dry and bland man..

  8. Is online dead for this game or? Mainly asking since I’m thinking of making a session for boosting multiplayer trophies, but I wanna make sure online ain’t completely dead
  9. must say, a few that I’m genuinely surprised by. Especially Skate 3. Some very impressive, and a lot pretty damn good!
  10. Platinum #172: A Hat in Time



    I needed something simple after getting the Platinum on One Piece, so I decided I’ll keep Ghost of Tsushima for Plat #175 instead as a milestone, but A Hat in Time? A damn good game with easy enough trophies and the game itself is quite fun if you love platformers like me 



    Next Platinum: Haven’t decided yet, but either Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 (picking up my copy tomorrow along with Cyberpunk 2077) or something in my backlog. Maybe Watchdogs Legion 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Elvick_


      A Hat in Time is amazing. So much fun. DLC should be coming to consoles sometime finally too.


    3. ihadalifeb4this
    4. MossyOakRcn42
  11. Platinum #171: One Piece: Burning Blood




    ...Burning Blood? More like, Burning fires of hatred that I have for this piece of trash fighting game that is so damn unbalanced and complete trash! 



    Ok I’m kidding, but this game did make my blood boil harder than any game has..so grateful I finished this one



    Next Platinum: It’s more than likely gonna be Ghost of Tsushima 

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    2. Baka_Marimo


      I love the One Piece anime and I REALLY tried to get into the games but it never actually worked out. Guess Brawlers are not my kind of thing. Congratulations on the Plat 👍

    3. ihadalifeb4this
    4. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎂

  12. Platinum #170: L.A. Noire




    Good god..I finally did this one. It’s not hard thankfully, but it can get very tedious as far as collectibles. Would like to also mention, dlc trophies are required for Platinum, the PS4 version anyway. Thankfully, game comes with dlc. The vehicles however can get very aggravating. With a video guide though, it’s so much easier 




    Next Platinums: Ghost Of Tsushima, Yokus Island Express, One Piece Burning Blood, Watchdogs Legion, and either Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory or Yakuza Kiwami 2   

  13. Platinum #169: Infamous First Light



    Not much to say. Liked it, but wasn’t as strong as Infamous Second Son imo. Gameplays fun tho, ill admit.




    Next Platinum: L.A Noire 



    (Lets hope I actually get this one) 

  14. Update: Turns out, yep. You gotta get 5 stars on the dlc cases in the PS4 version to get the Shamus To The Stars trophy. Rather annoying to know, but thank god I did this. Now I can worry about..oh right, the long grind to get everything in the free roam areas 😅 OOF
  15. I’m a bit confused about this. No answers anywhere, plus I got a 3 star rating on one of the dlc cases, and I really don’t want to backtrack..but if I must. So, if I may ask. Is it required to 5 star dlc cases or just main story stuff?