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  1. Update: so it turns out that turning everyone gold is what matters. So I’ve got all right now, including poop and the tree seeds. However, I’m missing one character. Gingerbread man. It says I can only make him with a human part from pine tree. I already used human parts to make the final items for the other 3 trees, is there perhaps other items I can make the items from other than human parts to make this a bit easier?
  2. Wattam still pissing me off 😒 ok so I’ve followed people’s advice and so far it’s working quite well. However I ran into a problem. Each trees final item? Needs a human body part to make said item. So far, I made spring, summer, and autumn trees last items. Now I just need winters. However..gingerbread man can only be made from human parts, guides say 🙄 can someone tell me, are there any other items that turn into each final item for each tree? Would be a great help to get some pointers toward that 

  3. Ok so after looking at everything, I’ve got all characters to gold. Yet nothing, so I’m assuming that more than likely, items from trees count. With that, I’ve also noticed a pattern. Each tree produces the same items over and over, but one specific item for each tree makes the last item on the trees list. Example: eat one of the eyes with the first tree and you get a strip of meat. Now if I could figure out which 3 items go with the other 3 trees, I should be good. Idk if it’s random chance with the items but, it’s what I’ve come to notice so far. Problem is, the nose I’ve noticed produces 2 items that I need with two separate trees. With the tree in winter area, gingerbread man. With the palm tree, a piece of meat. Making it become tedious and a pain in the ass for me to figure out. Idk if my theory would work but I am gonna try turning everyone that I can into fruits, then make them gold and see what that does
  4. The snowman? I think I have him actually 🤔 or well part of him. The other half is nowhere to be found. I’m starting to suspect that’s the problem if anything but I’m not sure
  5. Well the tree seeds, yes I did turn those gold too. As for your comment about turning everyone into fruit and making them gold, does that also work? I may honestly try that, see what happens 🤔
  6. Yes, I believe I got the pillow too, and the bowling pin. Course, it’s already gold to begin with from what I can tell but I still did it anyway just to be sure. Should I worry about the items that come from the trees too like guides say, or no? Just wanna make sure so I’m not pulling my hair out over this trophy 😅😂
  7. Wait..a star shape? 0.o that’s strange. I don’t think I noticed that anywhere, I’ll check again. As for the seeds, I do recall I made all of those gold as well. Like I also mentioned (or maybe I didn’t, idk) I did make the items that spawn from the trees gold, as a guide mentioned that was also needed too. Its all so confusing personally, but imma hop on and double check again to see if what you mentioned is what I’m missing
  8. Wattam. Ok..I don’t know if this games trophies are glitched or something, but up to now I’ve had no issues with the trophies, except one. The one called Struck Gold. 




    Ok so..someone wanna tell me, is this trophy glitched? Now, for context. I got every character turned into gold that’s possible. Big characters can’t like the trees, but the seeds can. I got the seeds gold and even the fruits and objects that come from said trees. Yet no trophy. Am I missing something? 

  9. I made everything gold. Everything, even the items from the trees and of course, all the poop too. Large, medium, and small. I turned every character possible gold. Yet no trophy. Is this one glitched? I want to know so I can either Platinum this or move on to another game soon
  10. Can someone tell me if the this is the end trophy is not possible? I noticed everyone who has this game, has not yet gotten the this is the end trophy. As for guides? None anywhere other than steam forums saying to bring ted on an expedition on day 2 when he’s the only one in the shelter. I’m kinda confused and starting to wonder if this trophy is glitched or something. If so, it’s unfortunate as I really want to Platinum this game. If anyone could let me know, that’d be seriously great
  11. Well dang..thank god I know now. So in a nutshell, dead or alive 5 last round Platinum is gonna require a hell of a lot of patience. I think imma just move onto Okami HD 😂😂 thank you for letting me know tho!
  12. Ok so can someone help me figure this out? 




    Dead or alive 5 last round. PS4 edition btw. Throwdown trophy. I’m aware invites no longer work which is fucking annoying, but oh well. So, I go into practice mode and oh! I got a throwdown request. I accept, it says the player didn’t connect. Huh..ok whatever that happens, I thought. I try again, nothing. Maybe try with new people? 5 different players now, and it’s the same damn thing. Anyone know what I can do to get the throwdown trophy, since I can’t get rid of patch 2.00? (I got this game via PlayStation now btw) 

  13. Does anyone happen to know why when I get a throw down invite while in practice, I can’t join? It just says the fighter can not connect. Even with different people with good internet, no connection
  14. Platinums #101-#106




    #101: Goat Simulator 

    #102: Overcooked 2

    #103: Catlateral Damage 

    #104: Duke Nukem 3D

    #105: Sims 4

    #106: Surgeon Simulator (by far my personal proudest achievement in trophy hunting) 




    Im probably gonna stick to some easy Platinums for a bit, especially after Surgeon Simulator. Then again, I probably will jump into getting another hard one xD 

  15. Platinum #100. I made it. Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lair was my 100th Platinum. The game overall? Easy as hell. However..the impossible lair? It can burn in Hell..my god, so many attempts that left me screaming and almost breaking my controller. I finally. FINALLY got the Platinum and have reached 100 Platinums like I’ve dreamt of doing. 





    Will i be continuing with getting more? Yes. Yes I will be 

    1. DamagingRob


      Congrats on reaching triple digits!

    2. ihadalifeb4this
    3. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

      Awesome milestone :)