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  1. Platinum #63: God of War


    Wow. Just..Wow. Umm. So yeah, this game. This uhh._this game 


    I WAS BAWLING TOWARDS THE END ;-; no, I actually was crying hysterically when Kratos and Atreus shared a genuine father son moment, spreading the ashes of Atreus' mother. They built up so well with Kratos struggling to tell his son the truth of who he is, and the character development of Atreus. The struggle of trying to do as his father wants..It moved me so much. I never had my dad around, so this game really hit me hard with story. Now as for collectibles, easy enough. Valkyries were easy as hell..Except QUEEN VALKYRIE, THAT STUPID *BEEP* (I want to say the C word, but that title belongs to me :P Jk) Like I said tho, I assumed it'd be meh, but..It shook me with how incredible it was


    Next Platinum: I think either Slime Rancher or Fallout 4 (Although I'll be playing Borderlands and Dying Light with friends possibly today, so might try getting more trophies in those games)