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  1. Serious question


    Gravity Rush 2 or Shadow of the Collosus? 


    I have $25 due to my great grandma sending me money for my birthday (Thats on Sunday) and im debating on these two masterpieces. As far as story, gameplay, and trophies..Based on my preference of games, which would be better?


    I like games with colorful settings, captivating stories, great realistic characters, unique gameplay..And as far as trophies, I like mixing it up every so often. So, based on those preferences alone..Which is recommended highly?


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    2. Beyondthegrave07


      Shadow of Colossus is a masterpiece. Not much words to the story and one that seems to be simple at first. But the ending made me go wow. I absolutely loved the gameplay as it's challenging but not frustrating.


      Gravity Rush is more artsy and sylized and is more of a fun, whimsical tone. I haven't played the second one, but the first one was great. It has a cool overworld and the powers are fun to play with.

    3. ShinigamiSensei-


      Yeah, i played both and yes...i'm going with Shadow of the Colossus too. I enjoyed Gravity Rush 2 and it's an easier platinum but, SOC is a better experience. Happy birthday in advance pal!

    4. DamagingRob


      I love both, but yeah, it's hard to argue SoTC's greatness.