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  1. Welp today went from a meh day to "Holy..GURL, CAN WE REPLAY THIS DAMN DAY?!" To sum it up, this day ended up fucking awesome. Btw, thank you for all the birthday wishes ^_^ 


    So, no Dave and Busters trip :( too expensive >_> To make up for it, Burger King for Dinner, and for the cake..CHOCOLATE CAKE :3 


    Also finally got my new phone ^_^ to top this sundae called my birthday with a nice cherry..


    I FINALLY GOT THE BIOSHOCK COLLECTION ON PS4 ;-; Well..Got the chance to order it online, so gotta wait a little (Bioshocks my 9th favorite game series of all time. been dying to get this collection for PS4)


    All in all, this gif sums up my mood after today: https://giphy.com/gifs/day-cake-realise-zcgKFHYzFVbAQ

    1. dennish8stennis


      happy birthday !!!