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  1. Im able to buy myself 1 more game for my birthday. Which do I choose? A game from a series I HATE that everyone loves (although this entry looks pretty fun and easy Platinum) or an anime fighting game with easy trophies? 


    Basically, Dragon Quest XI or My hero: Ones justice? From a critical and trophy hunting standpoint, which is better?


    I cant decide ;-; GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Such good games imo, but..UGHHHHHHHHH T_T 

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    2. IntroPhenom


      Fair warning - the first 40 hours of DQXI are boring.  Not being a fan of the genre could spoil your motivation for plodding through to get where the story picks up speed.

    3. DaivRules


      How bad can you hate the series if you’re willing to spend your money on it and said it looks fun and easy?

    4. DrewFrostStormy


      Its not one of those series where im like "Boycot it, BOYCOT IT!!!" itss just one of those series where I get why people love it but I personally cant get into it overall, even if my life depended on it. I played 7 and I quite liked it, but then it got so much more bland, imo. Once hero got announced for Smash, friends of mine just kept begging I play XI and tbh..Looks passable enough to where im thinking maybe I'll give it a chance and see what I think. I mean shit, ive become more open to playing just about anything over the years. Plus ive been opening myself up to more JRPGs instead of specifically Persona and Kingdom Hearts, so I figure "Ok, maybe theres something im not seeing with Dragon Quest?" 

      Like for example, I never got into JRPGs like Final Fantasy, Eternal Sonata or the Tales series. Most times I saw them and thought "..BLAAAAAAAAAND" As I got older however, I started seeing flaws yes but also big things to praise in each game. So looking at Dragon Quest XI, I thought to myself "..I loved 7, so..What made me hate Dragon Quest in general? Its like Final Fantasy as far as combat or just about any turned based RPG. Is there some edge that makes it unique that im not seeing?" More or less, I see it as a way to expand my horizons and try looking past flaws to see if theres something im not seeing with this series