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  1. Ok wow so I haven’t updated in forever on the platinums I’ve gotten o_o I’ve gone from 72 to 81 platinums btw



    Heres my recent Platinums




    #73: Life is Strange Before the Storm 

    #74: Life is Strange

    #75: Rocket League 

    #76: Tekken 6

    #77: Aragami 

    #78: Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion 

    #79: Saints Row IV: Re-elected 

    #80: Planet RIX-13 

    #81: SEGA Genesis Classics 





    yea..I’ve been pretty busy with both getting platinums and dealing with crap from family ._. I’m still impressed I managed this amount though with all the stress recently, BUT things are slowly getting better and I’m still alive and getting lots of new Platinums, people c: