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  1. @qsire246Try to make a lot of headshots to save ammo. Do your 3 mercenary flying kills before Benoit arrives on the ground. And another trick, you can't resupply from the shop box, but you can open the box to make a checkpoint whenever you want, just don't change weapons or resupply and you should be fine.
  2. To escape the vault, always set the left bomb last, climb the stairs to your right, wait for one guard on catwalk to come through, kill him with headshot and then advance to your right while in prone position. For last, 2 guards will come and you simply kill them, if you did this correctly, you can escape the vault undetected. It's a bit tricky to explain here, but this is that worked for me. Hope that helps
  3. The leaderboard glitched to me, OP method still works, thanks!.