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  1. Pretty sure It's only PS4-->PS5. Most of the trophies does pop upon transferring to Legacy of Thieves, like collectibles and difficulty related. Only remaining the misc and Way of The Warrior ones, so I'd recommend play PS4 version first.
  2. Only ONE per region (Village/Castle/Island) AFAIK.
  3. Yes, you will get both trophies related. They aren't flagging this game anymore because of the glitches.
  4. Just be on a private match alone with bots, modifiers does not matter.
  5. Check my post in this topic regarding Guarded to Perfection trophy: Some trophies doesn't unlock properly, so you have to play a private match with bots only and redo the requirements.
  6. Finally got the trophy, this may be the definitive solution. -First off, start a private match 1x1 and go to where the Predator spawns -Quit the game with the Predator (He will sit down and be invisible) -Kill him, trophy should pop afterwards (The person on the Fireteam must be the host) If the trophy doesn't pop, keep doing this until it does. (your count may not be at 25 yet)
  7. @qsire246Try to make a lot of headshots to save ammo. Do your 3 mercenary flying kills before Benoit arrives on the ground. And another trick, you can't resupply from the shop box, but you can open the box to make a checkpoint whenever you want, just don't change weapons or resupply and you should be fine.
  8. To escape the vault, always set the left bomb last, climb the stairs to your right, wait for one guard on catwalk to come through, kill him with headshot and then advance to your right while in prone position. For last, 2 guards will come and you simply kill them, if you did this correctly, you can escape the vault undetected. It's a bit tricky to explain here, but this is that worked for me. Hope that helps
  9. The leaderboard glitched to me, OP method still works, thanks!.