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  1. It doesn't really matter. They don't affect the main scenarios at all - TLA and OTE are their own scenarios, and Rifts is an endless mode map. They can affect your Ultramarathon playthrough, but only if you choose those options. (The Rifts map is more complex, so I wouldn't recommend it for an already difficult playthrough. OTE lets you toggle settlements in endless mode, at the cost of also enabling random hazards. Some people say the trade-off is worth it, some don't. I got the Ultramarathon trophies before DLC came to console, so it's definitely possible to do without.)
  2. I went into the details more in that section of the trophy guide, but the short version is a certain scouting location can appear anywhere between 3-5 stops from your city. If it doesn't appear on stop #3, getting everyone fed before they starve is very difficult. In the rest, RNG shouldn't play too big a part if you have a solid strategy.
  3. I would say there's only one trophy (Refugees Survivor) where you need to rely on good RNG, and even then it's only for one section of the playthrough. The rest is just about developing a good strategy.
  4. I'm writing a guide for Frostpunk on PS4 as I work towards the platinum. If anyone wants to help out, I'm open to adding co-contributors.
  5. You should be fine, just don't spend extra time talking to her in the Labyrinth or after she lays down on the bed in the hospital. Keep in mind that examining Mary's photo and letter will count towards the "Leave" ending so don't go overboard with it. If you're worried, you can just spam the examine button on Angela's Knife for a bit and that should get you "In Water."