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  1. When I got the spatula, it didn’t register on the spatula count - so now I’m 99 instead of 100 a and it’s now it’s the only trophy I’m missing for the plat... Anyone else encountering this? Fixes, dev updates? This was just a slap in the face..
  2. Let’s keep this thread active until this issue is solved. From what I’m seeing - at least from cross referencing region + psn names - no EU players are getting any trophies synced. (Eg: all players with trophies on psnprofiles are NA region - that must be indicative) Devs have responded on twitter saying: ”We’ll check this”. It’s definitely on their/Sony’s side, it just sucks not knowing what’s going on/when it’ll be addressed. Stay patient, guys. Will be in touch soon!
  3. I’ve been reading that some EU players are able to sync. This is a very weird issue. Going to give it a couple more days and take it from there...
  4. Thanks for all the replies, everyone! Good to know I'm not the only one. I'll give it a few more days and report back. I've notified the devs on Twitter so hopefully it'll be sorted soon!
  5. I had pre-ordered Outward (on EU PSN) and have gotten a few trophies for the game yet it's not able to sync. I assume that trophy data is not live yet but anyone else with an EU account getting this error? (I've had a few confirmed reports).