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  1. The iron mode trophy will pop if I play in the easiest mode? I want to do it in an speed run to finish with this game and start with other one.
  2. I finish the game with 1.04 version. I uninstalled the game and reinstall with the 1.00 version without network connection. I start a new game in Ranger hardcore, passed chapter 1 (Moscow), and in chapter 2(winter) I went to main menu and in chapter select only appears until chapter 2 (winter). This is because I have passed first playthrough with 1.04 version or I did something wrong?
  3. Thanks, later I will try in the Volga level. For the guide creator, this must be fix on the trophy guide.
  4. I have the same question, yesterday I was killing canibals for a while and I don´t get the trophy. I assume that they don't count?
  5. Yes i did exactly like you. take all orbs two times? that´s crazy Thanks very much!! i have already read before in the trophy guide this trick for the trophy "that hard mode?" and i try it but didn´t works, i forgot that i install the patch few seconds ago
  6. I passed the game on hard diffculty (for the platinum). but i want to get the bone to bone trophy of the DLC, and to pass the last challenge of la caverna del pollo on hard difficulty with the skeleton luchador skin it´s really hard. and now the question, there´s any way to change the game difficulty to normal difficulty again?