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  1. same here, no problem during all easy cups, but critical bug each time during loading screen between 1st and 2nd race of pizza cup medium difficulty now i have set up ps4 langage system to english, disconnect ps4 from internet, and not skip too fast the result screens after each race, and no more bug during loading screen so far have also to say that those critical bugs during loading screen were just before i unlock the 30mn drift trophy, so maybe after got this trophy there is no bug anymore... hope so
  2. Before playing on your second account have you first disconnected from your main account? Maybe it’s the reason why. Seems it’s possible to unlock trophies on more than one account at the same time on the same ps4 if some account are not disconnected. But I am not very sure about it, or maybe it depends games.
  3. Of course, and i suppose as many of us, when I think about all the games I have played and enjoyed on Ps2 i directly think about those games: burnout MGS FF resident evil soul calibur tekken ace combat ray man crash bandicoot Castlevania maximo odin sphere silent hill ratchet and clank NFS god of war tomb raider And I forget many but the one that I have enjoyed the most and which are maybe less famous (at least I see nobody speaks about Klonoa and gitaroo man so far on this thread) but very good games: gitaroo man okami klonoa 2
  4. that you like racing games, no matter it’s with 2 tires or 4 tires
  5. Nice and Easy A French light comedy from 2014 that make me laugh a lot, I have watched it again recently because my wife didn’t know this movie, she have also enjoy it. Not famous, low budget, but at least the story is original and interesting. Plot Summary Sebastian has one ambition in life: to do nothing. His horizon is his couch. His life he does not want to live but contemplate. But today, if you do nothing - You are nothing. So driven by his two roommates, that chain internships and odd jobs, decided to Anna and not quite decided Bruno, Sebastien will have to - A little.
  6. thanks a lot Squirlruler!!! you have summed up in few words exactly what i wanted to ask AND the answer at the same time :-) you have make it very clear and understandable, at least to me oh and i suddenly realize that if i sort my psnprofile by "last trophy" rather than by "last played" everything is finally chronologically perfectly fine even with my hidden/not hidden/online/offline games people working on this website do really an impressive job
  7. Thanks AJ808, the example you give is something forbidden on psnprofile? Or is tolerated but better avoid? I think I did something similar once or twice, but not with 2 Ps4 but between my Ps4 ps3 and vita instead and with hidden/unhidden games. And thanks MMDE for your explanation, I didn’t know it’s possible to play a game without psn account, and I am sure I will never try it. I hope that players who was also puzzled about late sync have also figured it out now. Maybe it could be worth to write few words on What constitute a flag topic about late sync to know what can be done and what can not be done.
  8. agree 100% and agree 100%
  9. yes, here no choice but to sync online in real time, as example it's what I did recently with burnout and call of juarez, and i when i got the 100% on both of them i was not only happy to fnish those 2 games but also to see again this 100% next to my profile there is an other advantage to play offline 99% of a game, then to go online to sync the last trophy before 100%, is that in the "news" part of the ps4 dashboard will appear all the trophies of the game at the same time, as the final part of firework, useless but cool
  10. actually sometimes i also prefer to sync everything in real time, because if you play offline sometimes there is a bug when you sync and you have to play again the whole game from beginning, it's already happened to me, fortunately it was a powgi game, so easy to finish it again twice, but sure that from this point of view there are some risks to play offline "trophies that are unobtainable anymore. Someone can use the argument "well I just synched that one in late": i agree here it's not easy for CRT, but seems it's not what I do, me all my timestamps are ok, it's just that in case 1/ i sometimes do a very long pause to finish a game to 100% and in case 2/ i wait a little time before to sync all my new earned trophies and 2000 hidden trophies from a profile that i have from 2008, i think it's reasonable if you want keep a 100% ratio on your profile, but you are right without that I am far from 100%, but at least it's fun to see this 100%, actually i plan to remove a lot of them to finish some old games to 100%, but i prefer play newgames, and even hide new games if it appears that it's too hard or too long to finish them to 100%, it's the freedom to have a H next to your profile ^^
  11. I understand and I hope CRT can help you, and if what you did is wrong I hope they will not flag you before to explain you what's wrong in my opinion it's just much more simple to hide anything that give you any kind of trouble, yes you will loose some trophies on this website compare to your real psn profile, yes it will mess up many of your milestones, and yes many players will think you are maybe someone weird (in best case) or a cheater (in worst case), but at least it's still you that manage your account as you want, and don't have to stress and argue about anything to anyone should not care about what other people think as long as you know that what you do is right any way I hope you can resolve your problem soon
  12. sometimes I read few posts about late syncing on this forum, but I am still puzzled about what's wrong with it... for exemple me i do mainly 2 things to keep my 100% ratio profile: 1/ hide games that are not 100% finished, and after few weeks, months or years i sometimes complete some of them to 100% (if platinum is still obtainable, RIP FFXV😢) then unhide them 2/ download few games on my ps4, then turn off internet for few weeks untill I am close to finish them to 100%, then turn on internet and finish them is there anything wrong with what i do?
  13. hi, even you are 100% sure what you did is legitimate, if you have any doubt about what is flaggable or not I think the best is to hide games which give you this kind of trouble
  14. Better Call Saul
  15. I was speaking about that: ” allow other people onto your profile to unlock trophies for you ” It’s just my opinion but I feel it’s much more illegitimate than few bad timestamps