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  1. Bouncy bullets
  2. If so just remove the word โ€œmoreโ€ from my sentence :) i hope that one day Sony will test their games before to put them on the psn store
  3. if so it's a good news, don't forget to often save with usb though
  4. i can confirm this save corruption, it happened to me after around 10 hours of gameplay, and i did not do coop, i even called sony service support, the only thing they told me is : you have to play it again from beginning, and save on usb stick... now this game is sleeping among my other hidden games it was 2 years ago, maybe now it's fixed? but i really doubt it and the more funny: i had a dozen of saves for this game on the psn+, they ALL have been corrupted at the same time!! seems the only solution is to save on usb stick regularly, but here is an other problem, the save data size for this game is very big, in my case it's around 400Mo, so if you have an old usb stick you will have to wait around half an hour each time to save your game, better use a fast usb3 brand new usb stick for this game
  5. thanks for the warning, me too now i begin to warn players about the bugs i encounter i hope it can help other players, and i hope that one day Sony will more test their games before to put them on the psn store
  6. but thanks to the autosave feature it's not really a problem just lost some time to close the game and re open it after each crash me i had a dozen of crashes during my walkthrough, i hope you guys will have less crashes
  7. for exemple if you save at the beginning of chapter 5, close the game, re open the game, press continue, the game will be frozen = you have to restart whole game from beginning exactly same problem if you save at the beginning of chapter 6, in fact here you will die each 2 seconds without can do anything at all = you have to restart whole game from beginning i have not test to save in other chapters, because all those bugs the best way is to finish this game in one run without saving at all, just try to not die too often for this trophy: Advanced dog navigator! (Complete the game with fewer than 200 deaths.) there are other few bugs, but if even Sony doesn't care, so nevermind... it's pitty because without all those bugs it could have been a nice small indie game, i was even surprised to be touched by the story of this small broken game
  8. trophy guide clearly indicate to avoid D pad as the plague but actually i did a mistake and have touch d pad exactly here : but i have then quickly close the application, and re open it, there was a checkpoint only few minutes before so I just had to re do some actions, but at the end of the game i have got the platinum on the first attempt so no stress, except if you touch D pad without notice it ๐Ÿ˜‚
  9. try to always do a perfect, especially after the "sword" opponent, it gives a 100.000 bonus score, much more better than the 10.000 or 20.000 score you will earn otherwise but it means to abuse of the ingame save, save after each successul punch or kick, and be careful to not save just before to being hit an other hint, it works pefectly with the "sword" opponent, and a little too with other opponents: always press square during whole fight wait he comes to attack you press left+down have fun
  10. Lego dimensions ps3 i did it last year on Ps4, I had a lot of fun with it, the hardest part was to buy all the minifigs needed for the 100% i know I will play again this game on ps3, but I wait more time to forget a little this game, in this way I will have the feeling to re discover it again on ps3
  11. Wheels of Aurelia Albedo: Eyes From Outer Space Firewatch World of Outlaws Sprint Cars Cast of the Seven Godsends: Redux
  12. It's an easy trophy except maybe the end of the level on the moving platform, but actually if you use the ice hat on this moving platform to transform into an ice statue it's even more easier, in this way enemies won't detect you: An other small hint, no need to collect absolutely all the yarns in each level, especially after that you got the last hat ( ) I just have the platinum and I have more than 20+ useless yarns in my inventory. Have fun with this amazing game!
  13. if you find that stage 1 boss is hard, just do a game over here just before to kill him, then you press Continue, your score will be reset to 0 bust just afer kill this boss and finish stage 1 you have some bonus points, and finish stage 2 is easier than finish stage 1 in this way you will have more than 20000 even before start stage 3
  14. it's also the only bug i have encountered, but when i have press circle button to crouch i was suddenly not stuck anymore, so it's fine
  15. From the master piece Unravel Ps4, one of my favorite song in this game, I have finished the game few days ago but this song is still in my mind
  16. bug

    stuck again, few minutes after this bug, now nothing happen when i set up 4 o clock, so i can't have the bloody key....... maybe it's because my original game save was with french language ps4 system, maybe need to delete it and start again from beginning with english american language ps4 system Last Edit : i finally managed to unlock all those trophies, in case someone encounter same bugs as me, here is what i did to solve that: - set up ps4 language system to english - copy all my save datas and pictures to usb stick - log on an other ps4 account on my ps4 - in settings i have delete my main account from ps4 - restart ps4 and create new user with my main account on ps4 - start this game from beginning - finish it directly to the end without disconnect or turn off ps4
  17. bug

    after many try i still can not give the key to Elena at beginning of Chapter 2 even after have delete the game and re install it even after have delete the save and restart the game from the beginning and even after have try it on a basic ps4 system and on a ps4 pro system there are still some players we can reach the 100% of this game, how do you do? a new game to my hidden trophies collection ๐Ÿ˜’
  18. bug

    Just received an answer from akuparagames support service, and the workaround for this bug is to change the PS4 system language (not the game, but the actual console) to English (American) !!! at least it worked for me, now i can finally finish this lovely small video game :-)
  19. Very easy game with the bad driver video guide. And itโ€™s a very beautiful game!!
  20. Thanks for your guide bad driver. got the 100% smoothly thanks to you
  21. If you are a regular chess player this "Noxious Knight Defeat the Black Knight" trophy is very funny, I never thought about this new way to play chess. And even if you are a novice chess player this platinum is not very hard if you follow a guide. Don't worry if some trophies seems to not unlock, actually you need to come back to the menu if you want your trophies to appear. I have noticed that while doing the Chess Puzzles trophies, you just need to complete 60 puzzles, but because trophies didn't show up, and those puzzles are funny and easy, so I have stop after around 100 puzzles, and the 4 trophies (Apprentice, Disciple, Scholastic and Knowledgeable) have appear all at the same time when I came back to the main menu. Maybe this trophy delay is in whole game but I mainly noticed it for those 4 chess puzzles trophies. Anyway, have fun!
  22. For players who still need this trophy, they will be lucky to have it quickly. For players who have earn this trophy the hard way, we can be proud to have been a part of it :-) Thanks to Sony and Evolution studios, and hope that this driveclub can have a little more success than he deserves before March 31st.
  23. EDIT February 12th 2020: seems this bug is now FIXED!! ok so first maybe it's worth to ask more informations here: and second i have read here that it's better to play online while trying to do this 2 challenges trophy: so now we are trying with Ozer928 to first do an online race, to push the game to make us appear as online, then we send each other a challenge, so far it's not really working better, but who knows? seems it's also better to do online race while our challenges expire i will keep you in touch if it works, in the meanwhile if someone has a better solution to finally have this Here Comes A New Challenger trophy, please share