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  1. I have tried many times to unlock the trophy “Words are loaded pistols”. I tried many things: - reload the save after the 2 first fights of the game - erase completely the save and start from beginning - save just before the final fight, and load this save and try again and again to have this trophy - try to replay the final fight after a game over NONE of all those steps above were successful to unlock one of the 4 ending trophy! Then I thought ok, there are 4 saves slot in the game, let’s try each 4 ending trophy on each of those slots, and so far it works!!! Just now I have unlock “The choices we make” trophy without any glitch, and it has unlock “Words are loaded pistols” at the same time. What I mean is play whole game for the ending 1 trophy on save slot 1, play whole game for the ending 2 trophy on save slot 2, etc And no need to do manual saving or loading, just retry from main menu after a game over. I hope I will have less problems with the 2 other endings. But if anyone want to try (or finish it) this easy platinum I hope that my advices will help you. And about other trophies (damage trophy, police tokens trophy, etc ) I had zero problems unlocking them at the first try. This is for vita EU. When I did the platinum for the ps4 EU stack many months ago I had exactly the same problem. edit: just got the platinum, my theory above works (one ending trophy per save slot), at least for me
  2. Thanks, I can confirm it works. I didn’t delete the game and downloaded it again. Just erase save data of this game was enough. I also set up Ps4 language system to Spanish(Spain), and never pressed the PlayStation home button to check trophies. Don’t know if it helps. Anyway before to do that half of trophies were not unlocking at all, not only the collector trophy. Also found a Spanish video walkthrough, not really necessary for such an easy game, but I see the average completion is under 50% so who knows...
  3. can you invite me too please? already sent a request to your crew ingame
  4. just a little update on this thread: be careful with this error code, maybe you will still earn trophies, but will corrupt some timestamps, not sure it's flaggable or not though anyway me from now on each time i will have this error code i will directly backup my saves&pictures and delete/recreate my profile without hesitation
  5. Actually i have this NP 32091 5 error code many times each time i begin a new game on my ps4 recently (it has began after i hide in my library hundreds of games i already got to 100%), i didn't fixed it because just need to start again the game and it's ok, and also i know it will remove all my library folders, but maybe it's the reason why i have some bugs not documented, for exemple now i even can't have the first boss trophy on radio squid game, even after delete the save and try again I will fix this error and hope that everything come back to normal So i rephrase my question about those not documented trophies bugs : if we are the first player to find glitched trophies, and/or if some of those glitched trophies are linked to the NP 32091 5 error, are they flaggable or not?
  6. hi, is it safe to show super korotama in our profile even it's full of weird timestamps? i don't mind to hide it, but i just want to be sure before to try the 2 other stacks of this game same question for CASE: ANIMATRONICS? (at least 3 trophies are a little glitched) and maitetsu? (had issue to have the makura trophy)
  7. I had the same issue use this command line instead: summon cw_Thanatos_Character_BP_c credits to Colin H (youtube)
  8. Yes indeed LukeTheGooner, but seems I am the first one to speak about some of those glitches, it’s why I prefer to ask more informations here, just to be sure. So no DaivRules we can’t say they are well documented glitches.
  9. me i first had the 10 levels arcade mode trophy before the 5 levels arcade mode trophy... and all levels are written as Locked, even when can play them also understood nothing about the million score trophy (where we can track it?), for me it has pop when i have die on purpose at level 6 of arcade mode to try to unlock the 5 levels arcade mode trophy oh and you can remove the ice mode in the option, it's almost unplayable with this ice mode
  10. seems many bugs in this game yes, me i have unlocked this trophy when i had the slowmotion power up, no idea why
  11. i am a little surprised that i didn't found any informations about that here or anywhere else, even if this game has already been completed to 100% hundreds of time (if I take in consideration the 4 stacks) so I share my experience, hope it can help other players to not waste too much time on those bugs: Picklock (Pick up the picklock) Bug EU: doesn't pop when you pick it up, neither if you wait, or turn around in the room, neither if you delete the save and start again whole game from beginning Workaround EU: what you have to do is just exit the room where you pick up the picklock, and the trophy will suddenly pop Workaround AS: if the trophy doesn't pop even when you exit room, close the application and restart it Don't blink (Meet the owl) Bug EU: i have no idea why it didn't pop, maybe it's because this owl has first killed me, maybe it will pop for you directly if the owl doesn't kill you at all Workaround EU: anyway i have just closed the application and restarted it, then the trophy has pop directly at the main menu (or just after load my save, i forgot) Elementary, dear Bishop (Collect all the notes) Bug EU: here it's very weird, i even collected 15 of them, restarted my save many times (my last save had 12 notes), this trophy has never pop, maybe it's because my 13th note was the one at the end of the walkthrough video on youtube (the one on the desktop, the only note that is not random) Workaround EU: close the application, restart it, took a random 13th note, and when i took the 14th note on the desk (the only one not random) the trophy has pop Bug JP: if you pause the game to access the note menu, the game only display 10 notes, even if you got 14 or 14 millions, so there is no way to track how many notes you already got Workaround JP: if you think you already got the 14 notes, so just close the application an restart it, load your save, and this trophy should pop directly without picking up any additional notes it's also possible that those bugs are only on my ps4, but I really doubt it, eg I also saw an online video where this picklock trophy doesn't pop when you pick it up I more beleive that those bugs are common and that there are even more bugs, and it seems each stack have their own bugs... except that it was a fun easy platinum
  12. june 9th i can confirm too it works, did it with the top 9 world player stream_force few issues to connect to EA nation, then again few issues to find or create a lobby, but after 10mn everything was ok
  13. According to EA community manager: "August 31st 2021. Until that date, you will be able to play and race your friends (and rivals) online" more info here: But the fact is that nobody can play this game online far the last few days
  14. Maybe it's just because dust. Same as house electric heating system, after turn them off whole summer/autumn, they collect dust, and when you turn them on for the first time in winter it's also smell as burn for few hours, then you are ok. But if you still smell that after many hours of playing so that's probably an other issue. I remember when I played tekken ps2 games into my ps3 fat, 10 years ago, i had the feeling to play a ps4 game 😆
  15. So maybe this bug occur only on my ps4 system, but what i can say for sure is that each time i have use the interrupt save data i was not able to earn trophies!! I have tried both "English version original mode" and "Japanese version original mode". I have tried with french language ps4 system and english (usa) language ps4 system I have tried by deleting save data each time Each time it's the same result: if I use interrupt save data, i can not earn any trophy So you have to earn those trophies same as in high score mode, earn at least 200 000 score without any game over. Me i did it on japanese version original mode and english usa language ps4 system. But you can set up the game to cpu difficulty 1, and rounds 5, this settings will not stop you to earn trophies. And no need to wait the game over screen to see if you earn trophy, you earn those trophies directly as long as you reach the score needed during the fight (100000, 150000, 200000). Actually it’s not very hard if you use Ryo and those 2 moves: down / down right / right / punch and up right / kick then down / kick
  16. Just to warn you that maybe some of you will encounter same bug as me that will prevent you to got this trophy and therefore the platinum: aunt Rose is missing! I don't know why I had this bug, I just can tell you that my ps4 pro was connected to internet, french ps4 system language, and i have used the "save&exit" option ingame, I had 5 pieces of the fountain and this Aunt Rose trophy was the last last trophy I needed. Anyway I have then close the game, deleted the save data, set ps4 system language to english, turn off internet and started a new game, withtout using "save&exit", collected 0 piece of the fountain, just rush all bosses in the caves, and then aunt Rose was finally where she was supposed to be in the forest! I had this bug from the asian stack, but I suppose it can also occurs on the european and american stack.
  17. it wasn't, at least not in french vita store 9 hours ago
  18. Now you can hide games from your ps5 library.... but they still appear in the library the only difference is they are tagged as hidden The only advantage is you can display only hidden games if you want thanks to filters. Let's hope next updates will fix this.
  19. If you have a game over on the level with the gap loot trophy before to enter the gap for the tropjy you will never ever see again this gap. You can do "retry NO" and start again from this lvl5 the gap won't be here, neither if you do "retry YES" and play again lvl1 to 5. In this situation the only solution to got this trophy is to delete your save data and start again the game from beginning. This has happen to me on the EU ps4 stack, I have not test this bug with other stacks.
  20. If you are missing picture #9 at the end of the game, it's in episode 2, hope it can help some other players. And don't worry about picture #32 it's automatically unlocked when you got pictures from 1 to 31. This game was fun, it would have been perfect if this trophy was not glitched or/and if we had any clue on which episode to play again to find remaining panties.
  21. Castle map / restart play through / restart the game / Russian language For me none of those turn arounds have works Here is what i did to unlock this Curious trophy: - new game - press triangle twice - wait few seconds before choose 1 - press triangle twice - wait few seconds before choose 1 - press triangle twice - wait few seconds before choose 2
  22. Castle map / restart play through / restart the game / Russian language For me none of those turn arounds have works Here is what i did to unlock this Curious trophy: - new game - press triangle twice - wait few seconds before choose 1 - press triangle twice - wait few seconds before choose 1 - press triangle twice - wait few seconds before choose 2
  23. Use the ship which has more life, you can be hit one more time before to die compare the other ships, which can be useful against this boss. Try also to not being hit a single time before to encounter the first boss, in this way your weapon will do more damage.
  24. as 2020/08/30 there are 2 ps4 stacks available for this game, but no information anywhere about which country they are from (EU, NA, AS, JP, etc) i don't know about other countries but me I bought one from french EU psnstore and one from north american NA psn store, and i can confirm there are 2 different trophy lists
  25. Tokyo Ghoul √A actually it's the first time i feel i did a bad choice to watch an anime, the first season was not bad, but then episodes after episodes it becomes confusing, i remember there is even one episode where i even didn't read completely the subtitles, i was counting in my mind each time they spoke one name, i even stop after few minutes after 20 names because it was stupid boring and meaningless, and the more funny is I had no idea where those names came from, very disappointed about this anime, and now i feel less confident for the choice of my next anime to watch here are some animes i already watched, sort by score, for me this website is a kind of psnprofile but for anime ^^ :