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  1. Are there any spaces currently available?
  2. Anyone wanna squad up to help me complete this? My friends and I started to complete this trophy as we all wanted to get the plat. However, they appear to have given up leaving me to try this solo. Nevertheless, I think that games go much quicker in a party of 2+, so if anyone is also struggling solo I'm always welcome to play. PSN - ImVlux_
  3. The first time I got this trophy was by a stroke of luck, and I managed to complete it the usual way, by placing it on a wall and someone was caught in the blast on the other side. However, when I went for the trophy of this account (my new one) I was struggling so much even before this patch to do it the lucky way. So, ultrarareboy had the exact same idea as me, killing a downed enemy with one instead. Alternatively, you could also try and use it to your advantage by placing the breach charge on a breakable wall, and then (this is specific to bomb) place the defuser on the other side of the wall and wait for someone to defuse.
  4. Quick Update: Hello Everyone, I am now going onto the mission 'One Shot One Kill' Wish me luck
  5. Surely winning all five matches would place you in div 1 or 2?
  6. From my experience, I won 2 out of my first 5 placement matches and was placed in div 6, and when I watched the youtuber Aidrianoo play his road to div 1 series he won 2 out of 5 placement matches and was put in div 6 as well. So I'd say its between 3 or 4 placement matches to get into div 4.
  7. Any specific trophy you'd want to work on first?
  8. Which Trophies are you talking about? I'm guessing trading pure alpha and A lot of cheddar? Trading pure alpha pops when you make any profit from the stock market and I didn't know this myself but A lot of Cheddar can pop when you invest in the stock market itself.
  9. Just a quick update for everyone, I recently just completed Charlie Don't Surf on veteran. I know that is only the 3rd mission, but it was causing me a lot of trouble. Thank you to everyone who is still replying to my original comment, I didn't think I'd get this much help, and I'm struggling to read and keep in mind everyone's advice. I'm also sorry that there seems to have been a little argument between our opinions but I'm sure we can come to an understanding. Overall, as trophy hunters we all share the same goal, but like everything else in life there's always multiple paths to achieving our goals. I'm here if anyone wants to party up on any game at all too
  10. My main goal at the moment is trying to get the most out of the games I play, and earning the trophies as legitimately as possible, I won't go as far to "cheat" per say, but I will "boost" some trophies with the help of my friends. Playing games to the deepest level has really shown me how much effort developers put into their games, and it's a great experience. So I will 100% go for this trophy legitimately, but I'm not saying that doing the glitch is outright wrong, as in my opinion if it's in the game and they haven't fixed it, there's not much you can do from stopping people if it helps them complete things faster, and unfortunately not everyone is blessed with having a long period of time to play the games I'm sure they'd love to sink hours into.
  11. Yeah true, I get it is a respected method by the community, and no way does it say that he has "be respectful" haha.
  12. Bro, I totally agree with you on this one. This is the first Cod that I'm trying to plat, and playing through the entire campaign is what will make this worth while. I know the glitch is there, and I can see why you'd use it, but for me who'd like a challenge, playing on veteran is a big one. I feel like I can persevere through it though, as I completed GTA 5 to 100% completion and almost have it platinum too. He may be trolling, but I can see both sides' opinions on the subject, and it still is pretty funny 😂
  13. Thanks man, I definitely feel much better now about trying to get the plat than before the day started. I'm so close to platinuming a few games at the moment but Modern Warfare Remastered is the one I'm trying to focus on the most right now, so I really appreciate everyone's help.
  14. You're totally right. 'One Shot One Kill' Is 100% going to be the hardest mission I feel, my friend over on xbox is stuck on that mission, so I feel it's going to be a struggle for me too. I'll definitely use the spot you recommended though, as that sounds like a safe bet in my opinion. I'm worried more about the entire mission though, because from the veteran gameplay I've seen there are just infinite waves of enemies that spawn, so it might be a real struggle. I'm ready for the challenge though, and this platinum will look good on my trophy list.
  15. Thank you to everyone who replied. I see the main viewpoint of everyone is to stick to veteran for now. I appreciate all the help with being aggressive and use flashbangs etc, I will make sure to take this into account moving forward. I should have made it clear to everyone, I was aware of the glitch of recruit to veteran, however I my opinion I'm just trying to experience the feel of veteran and I think overall it will be a bigger achievement. I must say though, Charlie Don't surf is pretty frustrating, so I may use the glitch just for this mission. Thank you everyone for your help, I really appreciate it. I'm glad there are people like all of you that are willing to help a brother out. Now let's get this platinum boys