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  1. I can confirm, just got the trophy on the buggy save 0/7. It just works!
  2. Ok i activated my developer skills and these are my conclusions: The fundamental problem of the game with the introduction of the 1.04 patch seems to be the totally messed up saving ability. The 1.05 patch does not seem to fix this problem (i'm using the eu version, but the situation seems similar with the na version). The game does not save progress anymore, even restarting a checkpoint is not possibile. If you select restart checkpoint the game will bring you back to the beginning of the chapter because it is incapable of saving progress. Without saving progress the game is incapable to recognize when a player has completed the first run and therefore will never unlock the extra modes. Right now for a new player the new trophies are 100% impossible to obtain and i suspect that even the platinum itself is getting screw by the absence of right saving progress. So why two players achieved this damned trophy? This is my hypothesis: The game right now is incapable of saving progress, but if you have a past save file the game will recognize it and unlock the new modes. As far as i can tell if in your past save file you already did the 35 min speedrun, the game will bug and you'll be stucked with the infamous 0/7 counter and the trophy will be unobtainable for you. If in your past save file you didn't do the 35 min speedrun, the game will not bug and you'll be free to complete the challange mode and obtain the trophy. How can we verify this theory? @Banton_Grievous and @wuwiwa must follow what i write a few comments above (deleting the save file, reinstalling the game, doing a new first run). (thanks guys btw, luckily the game is very short and it shouldn't take you too much time) If they will experience the same bug that we're experiencing, being incapable of completing a first run to unlock the challenge mode, the theory will work. If they will not experience the same bug that we're experiencing and they will still manage to complete a new challenge run on a fresh save file, the theory will not work and we will have the confirmation that they are the chosen ones and we must accept our inferiority. I quote @ToAzalea too, you said to have written an email to the devs, could you do it again with this infos? Thanks These are my conclusions, let me now what you think. (also my english is trash sorry about that).
  3. This is the second person that achieves the trophy and their profiles is very similar. They were both missing the platinum and the only trophy left was the 35 min speedrun. Is this the explanation? If you have already plat the game you're screwed? I'll try in a fresh profile without the plat to test this.
  4. @Banton_Grievous Could you try doing this? Delete your game and save file completely (just backup it first if you want to) Reinstall the game, you should be on 1.05 now The challenge and developer commentary should be locked, do a normal first run of the game to unlock it ??? Profit My problem is that even doing so the game does not save progress and the challenge and developer commentary remain locked. I'm curious if your blessed console will glitch or not lol.
  5. I'm playing on a PS4 pro, no ps5 ever
  6. Nope the game does not unlock the challenge mode when i complete a run.. I have no idea how Banton got the trophy, this game is a mess
  7. Yes i'm currently speedrunning the whole game to unlock the challenge mode again. If it's still bugged i will cry...
  8. I reinstalled the game too, but have you started a new fresh save file to do the trophy?
  9. FYI the trophies now sync, but i still have the bug 0/7 in the challenge mode
  10. Yes i did the same, in fact you just need to listen to the chapter 9 and the trophy will unlock. The problem is i don't see the trophy in your profile so i assume you can't sync the trophy either. Could you try the challenge mode? Just to test if it's bugged for you too or not.
  11. Yep just tried it, same bug 0/7 and the prompt for the challenge doesn't show up. Is it a problem with the eu version? Someone with the na could test if the mode is broken for them too?
  12. I unlocked the trophy for the developer commentary and now i can't sync it with the psn. I keep receiving the error NP-32136-5. Does anybody has the same problem or have i just broken my account lol? I'm on the eu version
  13. There are three artifacts actually, one for every tombs after the first. It seems that you can't open that door yet, it's probably an open ending quest like the mastery challenges.
  14. I think it will be like the Makedonian lion in Odyssey. Just a normal snake in a precise spot.
  15. I'm playing the entire game with a friend. We've got the same armor piece and when we acquire the radiant mask completing the radiant set he unlock the trophy and i don't. He was hosting so maybe that was the problem i don't know. This trophy is still glitched...