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  1. Thanks mate! Fortunately the season pass was recently on sale for €24,99, so I took advantage of it 😁 IW is a great game, it's a shame that is so underrated, especially zombies. Take care!
  2. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Difficulty: 8.5/10 Time: really hard to say, 50ish hours? I can't believe I've actually pulled this one off. I started this game back in 2017 when I bought my PS4, Infinite Warfare was included in the bundle. Back then I wasn't focused on trophy hunting and when I realized the difficulty of this platinum, I almost immediately gave up, especially considering there's an online trophy, "Dominion" which is still glitched. "It's not worth it" I thought. So I did the campaign trophies, but I encountered another glitched trophy: "Fully Equipped". I was pretty frustrated and I decided to move on. 5 years later I decided to tackle this platinum. First off, I got the "Fully Equipped" trophy. To get this one I deleted all my savedata and restart the campaign again. Then the "Dominion" trophy, this one is pretty unfortunate because without an adequate fix, you can just play multiplayer matches and pray that it will eventually pop. BUT, there's a guy called ryanshung from the Nexus Gaming server (discord) who helps people by running a match every week or so, and for whatever reason (probably due to his lucky geographic location), playing with him will guarantee you the trophy. Then the hardest part: zombies. I am an average player, I have some experience from Black Ops and Black Ops 2, but this one can be really tough. Especially the easter egg. I've been helped from some amazing guys who are a beast at this mode, and in just 2 sessions of 1 hour and a half, I earned everything I needed. No wonder this platinum is 1.15% rarity. Now forward to all DLCs trophies. Special thanks to ryanshung, sullynow, @sk8shred and @WON-JOVI
  3. Update: I've unlocked this damn trophy. I did delete all saved data (everything) and start a new save. The upgrade no.3 (the one you should get when you pull the lever) gives no message/notification when you actually pull the lever, but you get it anyway. Then I ripped through the campaign and it eventually popped when I interacted with the last terminal. Also, keep in mind that the upgrades for which you have unlocked both the version V1 and V2 will show as V2 only in the armory.
  4. Assassin's Creed and Spider-Man 3. I would love a trophy list for my favourite super hero
  5. Same problem. Has anyone any suggestions before I delete all saved data?
  6. Excuse my ignorance, what's directors cut?
  7. I would say go for The Last of Us Remastered, the multiplayer part is not that hard and very enjoyable in my opinion
  8. DARK SOULS III Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 6.5/10 Total hours: around 50 I'm glad I have finally completed this game. I started DSIII last summer, but I found it harder than expected at the beginning and I also had to study a lot in that period, so I decided to put it back. Then for some reason this break lasted a bit too much and I ended up picking it up again only a month ago. I also want to thank @Sukottodja and @vasu_vemuri123 for the covenant items farming and the rings, respectively. I've saved so much time thanks to you! They are really nice people, prone to helping others. I enjoyed a lot this title, even though I think Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Elden Ring are much better games in terms of "general atmosphere". Basically DSIII feels like playing Dark Souls with a fast combat system borrowed from Bloodborne. I really liked the boss fights and the NPCs' questlines, but the grind for the plat is terrible, I can't even imagine those who did everything offline. Also you need to plan a way to be efficient (save scumming) otherwise you could end up in NG+3 or +4.
  9. Assassin's Creed IV: BlackFlag (PS4) I still don't know how I've been able to pull this one off, I suppose pure desperation 😂 Long story short I wasn't able to play multiplayer matches 'til the end without being kicked off. And that was a huge problem since I needed to play different game modes and none would count Another one would be Bloodborne, the first FromSoftware title I've ever played. I will only say this: the learning curve is SO steep that I couldn't even reach the first lantern in Central Yharnam... and it took months to even think to tackle this platinum
  10. It depends, I don't have a strategy but generally I tend to focus on one game at a time to avoid building a backlog in my profile in the first place. However my actual backlog consists in games that I buy in a certain moment but I will play in the future. So once a game is completed, I choose the new one according to my mood in that period. For example right now I have in my backlog Dark Souls II: SOTFS and Sekiro but since I've just finished DSIII, I'll play Sekiro first to have a bit of variety
  11. I haven’t completed it yet, but as far as I’m concerned, I don’t think so. Dark Souls Remastered seems easier to me for the same reasons mentioned earlier in the thread. For sure the first one is the easiest to plat since the requirements are pretty trivial. Also, in Dark Souls and DSIII, weapons basically don’t break (played both in their entirety with the same weapon. In DSII I felt like I was holding breadsticks😂
  12. Can you drop to me the last rings I need? I need all the NG++ rings and the Havel’s Ring. Thank you very much
  13. Yes I do care! And I will also try my best to 100% everything even if I think the game is really hard (for me) or if it takes ages, as long as I'm enjoying it. The only games I will not plat are those which I find too hard and not fun at all. This combo makes me quit
  14. Thanks man, I will try to be more confident about it I swear 😂
  15. that's what I was about to write, I'm doing them right know... oh man. I've gained something like 40 levels meanwhile, just farming silver knights😂