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  1. Apparently, it's been happening over the last couple of weeks. A few people on this forum (I really should have posted this stuff in that one other topic) have already had issues with the PS+ subs. Also on some Reddit forums as well. It may not be widespread yet because most people either keep their subscriptions constant with no interruptions or just don't have a PS3 or Vita to begin with. So a lapse wouldn't even concern them.
  2. I've been doing these tests today, so I'm not sure. The last time I did any kind of renewal was back in April of this year and it worked (that was for the alt that was to expire July 1st). It could very well be a bug (I'm in NA region) but in the other threads, it does sound like other countries are affected too. It's probably a more recent thing; if you did yours 6 weeks after it ran out back in... February let's say, that would be April renewed which is roughly the same time. It might have just used today's date for the PS3 system even though the sub started well before. Knock on wood it's just a bug, but right now I'm prioritizing for the worst.
  3. Some good news for my one surviving alt account. When you check the info (press Triangle, Information), it states the date of which the game expires. For me it was to be July 1st (10 days). I fired up the game 'Mutant Mudds Deluxe' expecting for it to update it maybe through play. Checked the info after exiting, nothing changed. I was concerned, so I did a test. I deleted the above game (it's only 34 MB on PS3) and downloaded it from my Download List (all PS+ games are still in there). Once installed, I check the new info: August 1st (41 days). So the PS+ renewal EXTENDED the game's life as predicted. So I literally bought myself a month to keep playing some of these older games... Sorry my friend, if you currently do not have PS+ on your account (main or alt), there's a possibility the games will have disappeared. We obviously don't know if this is a thing with Sony or a complete bug with the system. The only proper workaround at the moment is to not let PS+ lapse. Maybe with the supposed 'store closing', this was a plan of Sony's to completely wipe PS3/Vita off the map with the freebies licenses (if users ever stopped using PS+ on PS4/PS5). Note: All content bought and paid for on the accounts are not affected. It's all there, this is just the free games being missing.
  4. This could be a tricky thing, something that Sony might use in their response. Back in March, when it was announced that the stores were going to close for good in July (and later reversed), they had sent out an E-mail with some info. In regards to content owned, it said: 'You will still be able to re-download and play game titles you have claimed through PlayStation®Plus as long as you remain a member of the service.' Sony uses Auto-Renewal for it's subscription model where it will automatically take payment off your funding card or wallet when the time comes as to 'not lapse' the service, not even for a day (like what happened with OP). This can be turned off. Granted, Sony didn't announce that they would remove PS3 and Vita content if the subscription lapsed going forward, but then there's the bold part above: as long as you remain a member of the service. Which I wasn't on 2 of my 4 accounts, before I did the test. They will likely look at this as 'my fault' for making it expire in the first place.
  5. Okay, just ran a test here on some accounts. I pretty much put PS+ on all my accounts (gave them one month each to see what happens), and will describe below what I noticed: -Main Account (Current): Already has PS+, all games are currently there on list. This is really a non-factor since I have PS+ until the end of the year anyhow. No lapse. -Alt Account #1 (Old - 2012): Renewed fresh PS+ 1 month, missing all PS3 and Vita free games. Existing free games already downloaded on PS3 no longer work (HUGE). Account Lapsed. -Alt Account #2 (Old - 2014): Already has PS+ but renewed PS+ 1 month, all games are currently there on list. Free games are out of order but are all still on top in download list. No lapse. -Alt Account #3 (Old - 2017): Renewed fresh PS+ 1 month, missing all PS3 and Vita free games. Account Lapsed. In all cases, PS4 free games will show up on PS4. In the cases where PS+ lapsed, games disappeared and cannot even be PLAYED if already downloaded. The PS3 gives an error that content cannot be found (it will try to load up the Playstation Store to download licenses - fails) Now this is the key one: My #2 alt account luckily has PS+ still on it. All free games are there, I can download and play as normal. My renewal even shows up with an extended expiry date one month later. It is the only surviving alt account right now for PS+ use. Conclusion: Don't let PS+ expire on any account where you have free PS3 and/or Vita games on that you want to still play. Otherwise, it will no longer be accessible and will require an actual purchase to regain in the Playstation Store.
  6. This is definitely a thing right now. I just put PS+ on my one alt account (agorazHD) from about 4 years ago (did not have PS+ on it since 2019 - should have had games like Bound by Flame and Serious Sam 3: BFE on the updated list) and when re-newed: no PS3 or Vita freebie titles show up. Furthermore, logging into the Store to see if I can download the past freebie games shows I now have to purchase them outright at their regular current cost. PS4 is not affected by this as I still have all the freebie games there, including Friday the 13th, Batman: The Telltale Series, and even Mad Max (server closed and all). So it looks like if you have current PS+ accounts active with free PS3 and Vita games on it, DON'T LET IT EXPIRE! You will lose the games on your list.
  7. I had a GBA long time ago, and even had a couple of these games and never got around to playing them. This will be awesome if it comes true. 😁
  8. I wonder if this is country specific, or perhaps even region specific if you're NOT in the current region and getting PS+. Meaning if you are located in EU (as an example) and the account is NA PS+ (so outside the region), maybe they are now revoking PS+ freebies on THAT account. Just a guess, I don't know enough about this situation since my PS+ games are still available on my alt (same region though NA).
  9. Yeah I just double checked my 2 slim PS3's. Both working okay. Both from NA region in case it matters. EDIT: Also both used often (weekly at least).
  10. This looks solid, lots of info I didn't even realize (like the Special Challenges). For some reason, I thought all games had the option to play until I saw some greyed out. Did not realize that they were part of the Bonus Campaign and playable only on certain dates. Great guide, this should be a sticky or something. They do sticky posts here... right? 🤔
  11. Yeah I kinda touched on it a little with one of my progress reports where it suddenly seemed like after midnight one evening, my CASPO was doubling up more than usual. I believe it was the weekly games bonus thing that kicks in every week and Ghosts 'n Goblins was on the list. I didn't make a big thing about it really, but it's great that it's working for you! Upon further reflection and having played some other games in the collection, I don't recommend GnG as the game to grind at all LOL. I could have picked a half dozen games (mostly the 19xx and variations - 1942, 1943, etc.) since the point bonuses are way better in those ones. I generally like action platform, even fighting games better, but it seems like the shooters work better for this specific grind. 😀
  12. Pretty sure it's 3 packs of 10's or the whole package all-in-one only. It does kinda suck because Pack 1 has a lot of games that were already on the Capcom Arcade Cabinet (PS3) so you'd be buying a lot of duplicates (if you already have them on PS3). Otherwise, it's more the price of packs that is off-putting. I ended up only getting Pack 2 for Captain Commando, and it really helped with the 100 hours trophy. 👍
  13. This isn't my video, and it's from the Capcom Arcade Cabinet (but it still applies here). Watch the attacks. His very first shot will connect and do damage, the rest will bounce off:
  14. Yeah, it's kinda not explained well or even done well within the game, but the actual hit box is to aim BETWEEN the two faces. The idea is to kinda aim with your shield (or Holy Cross if you're playing the Japanese version) as you're landing from a jump or just starting jump. Hitting from full height or standing on the ground produces zero damage.
  15. This is definitely a thing with the Vita that isn't really talked about much. Hard to find Memory Cards for it, and when you do, the prices are high. I currently have an 8 GB in my Vita, and I'm deleting and adding games on the fly. One benefit of having a Vita too is it can play digital PSP games (from the Vita store) as well as some PSOne classics like Suikoden II. You can turn it into a pretty decent classic RPG portable system. That of course, is whether you like RPG's or not.