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  1. I came in this thread to post something... and already saw that what I was thinking was posted. Why does Sony need to do anything here? The fact that MS made this move shows that Sony is already and still is top dog. If anything, Sony just needs to reveal their 'Spartacus' thing that they have secretly planned. That should be enough to topple this move.
  2. 'Player information not found.' Just a shot in the dark, but did either you or your friend have a PSN name change done recently? Some PS3 games have online issues with accounts that have changed their PSN names to something else. This could be a reason for the errors since a lot of PS3 games don't recognize the change.
  3. It is way too early to be saying anything about 'PS5 disappointment'. The PS3 was hugely slow when it was first released, but finished strong late in it's life. The PS4 started off like the PS5 where everything seemed like it was either a cross-platform release (PS3/Vita/PS4) or was a PS4 remaster of a PS3 game. This lasted for a couple of years before the REAL games started to take shape and were eventually released. PS5 is going to be very successful long term. The only disappointment people should have with the system is the amount they paid for it (and that's more on the owner themselves for overpaying for it in the first place) or being impatient assuming big titles were going to be constant from the launch (which in any generation is never truly the case - 'looks at the N64 launch'...)
  4. I read the same thing. Considering that not too many in Hollywood ever make it a full century, it was like they were going to plan a special event just for the upcoming milestone. I agree with the OP, the world is a sadder place today... 😞
  5. Focusing on too much? It's happening to me right now LOL. I was on a roll for a few months earlier in the year (focusing on completing games here and there), and then I hit a wall of burnout. Didn't feel like I was playing much of anything (or if I was, it was like old school NES games for nostalgia). Now, I'm currently all over the place just jumping from game to game, making slight progress here and there. For me, once I start completing games again, the mentality changes to 'just playing whatever' to 'let's finish this one next'. Best advice I can give is try to finish off one of the games you are already playing. The sense of accomplishment in actually seeing an ending will get you motivated to clear the next. Think momentum driven: the next game could finish real quickly and so on, and so forth. Next thing you know, you may knock out 5 large games in one month. 😎
  6. It had to be a good 10 years now, but I remember reading an article (before PS4 got released) that said a lot of people who owned PS3's were using it more for Blu-ray movies and Netflix than ever before. It really was an eye-opener because it showed that a lot of casual gamers at the time (ones that might not have necessarily been everyday gamers) were using the system for other entertainment purposes.
  7. Just double checked the NA Store (Canada). It's still available for $19.99 CA. Not sure about Europe or other areas though.
  8. Pretty sure the PS3 issue is for digital games only, right? Could have sworn I read a few months back that disc games weren't affected on the PS3, just the digital titles when the battery goes. It would be nice to have a fix since the bulk of my personal collection is digital for the system...
  9. It is, but there is a way you can pick on the constant spawning zombies to inflate your score. I'm copying from a post I made in another topic: 'For those who don't want to spend money on DLC, but still want 50,000 CASPO point trophy: Ghosts 'n Goblins (Score Attack) - Roughly 160,000 points is needed in 1 game session to equal the 50,000 CASPO needed. This is the equivalent of one play through right to the final boss... normally. What to do? Well, you gain lives at 20,000, 70,000, and 120,000. Armed with this knowledge: start by farming the Zombies (200 points each) at the very beginning. A good spot is to jump over the first tombstone to your right and sort of just hang out in the middle as they swarm around you. Try to move the screen left and right, the transition of scrolling loads more zombies than normal. Do this until you are roughly at 80,000 points (and 1 life left in the bottom). You can also attack the tombstone itself and a ghost wizard pops out and turns you into a frog (killing is worth 2,000 each; recommended doing during the last 10 seconds before time expires). Once you have close to 80,000 points and one life in stock, play normally. If you can make it to the beginning of Level 3, you will be very close to the 120,000 extra life bonus. Zombies make an appearance again and if you are efficient, you'll be very close to 160,000 points letting time expire with each life just by normal spawning and killing, again just move around the screen to let them swarm. This should give you the equivalent of 50,000+ CASPO and the trophy at the results screen. That's how I managed it, hope this helps!' Copy pasta LOL😂
  10. The exploit doesn't take too long to pull off, it is more or less 4 to 8 hours. It depends highly on your save game, where the large gain in points gets added to your score. It also depends on your patience, it's hard sitting for hours constantly doing the SAME thing over and over again. The trophy really was designed to be a 1 week to 1 month grind legit, so even just simple 'Load Games' from a save are quicker.
  11. I haven't personally tried it myself since the patch, but it did seem like more people were achieving the trophy shortly after (latest achievers list on the site here). I don't have my PS4 with me atm, I could have tested this on an alt account to really confirm... 😨
  12. @diskdocx, the only glitch I found was the 'enemies through the floor' glitch which sometimes happened near the later levels with coconuts. It made farming coconuts a pain (and probably why it's an ultra rare trophy too), but other than that, no save issues for me. I recently did this on my account 2019, and it took roughly a month to 100%. Not because of any save glitches, just because it is a bit of a grind in general (and work breaks of course LOL) Being a free to play, this should be no surprise though since the goal here was to get you to spend some money on it. I didn't spend a dime, and to me, it felt like Jetpack Joyride: every little progress got you just a bit further the next round. It is the same kill fest every round, so I can understand the argument here in that it can be shallow and boring sometimes.
  13. This was my favourite 'work break' game, used to always play it during lunch. A very addictive free-to-play, probably one of the best free games available on the Vita for sure.
  14. This is just awesome. So many hours were played online with this one for myself, back in the day. Quake, Doom, Duke 3D. As mentioned, now we need Hexen. 😀
  15. Why does it always seem like when a PS3 topic about some kind of issue pops up on the forums, there is always someone who says 'Well it's old and maybe you should move on to PS4, etc.' I have a PS4 and still spend a lot of time on the PS3. Why? It's still fun to play with. I'm not going to up and bury the thing just because it's old, I'm going to keep using it until it legit dies on me. Pretty sure the OP MidnightDragon is doing the same. Back to the actual topic, my PS3's do the same thing where they hiccup a lot as well with the connections. My current solution is to just get a direct connection through a router for the combo PS3/PS4 setup. This is also ideal if you ever use PSNow for actual streaming PS3 games and not just for the downloaded PS4 games. The irony is that way back when, wi-fi was supposed to be a 'big deal' and everything wireless, no cords and all that. With everything streaming and digital now, it's almost best to go BACK to the wired connections to get the max mbits/gbits per second....