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  1. Just double checked the NA Store (Canada). It's still available for $19.99 CA. Not sure about Europe or other areas though.
  2. Pretty sure the PS3 issue is for digital games only, right? Could have sworn I read a few months back that disc games weren't affected on the PS3, just the digital titles when the battery goes. It would be nice to have a fix since the bulk of my personal collection is digital for the system...
  3. It is, but there is a way you can pick on the constant spawning zombies to inflate your score. I'm copying from a post I made in another topic: 'For those who don't want to spend money on DLC, but still want 50,000 CASPO point trophy: Ghosts 'n Goblins (Score Attack) - Roughly 160,000 points is needed in 1 game session to equal the 50,000 CASPO needed. This is the equivalent of one play through right to the final boss... normally. What to do? Well, you gain lives at 20,000, 70,000, and 120,000. Armed with this knowledge: start by farming the Zombies (200 points each) at the very beginning. A good spot is to jump over the first tombstone to your right and sort of just hang out in the middle as they swarm around you. Try to move the screen left and right, the transition of scrolling loads more zombies than normal. Do this until you are roughly at 80,000 points (and 1 life left in the bottom). You can also attack the tombstone itself and a ghost wizard pops out and turns you into a frog (killing is worth 2,000 each; recommended doing during the last 10 seconds before time expires). Once you have close to 80,000 points and one life in stock, play normally. If you can make it to the beginning of Level 3, you will be very close to the 120,000 extra life bonus. Zombies make an appearance again and if you are efficient, you'll be very close to 160,000 points letting time expire with each life just by normal spawning and killing, again just move around the screen to let them swarm. This should give you the equivalent of 50,000+ CASPO and the trophy at the results screen. That's how I managed it, hope this helps!' Copy pasta LOL😂
  4. The exploit doesn't take too long to pull off, it is more or less 4 to 8 hours. It depends highly on your save game, where the large gain in points gets added to your score. It also depends on your patience, it's hard sitting for hours constantly doing the SAME thing over and over again. The trophy really was designed to be a 1 week to 1 month grind legit, so even just simple 'Load Games' from a save are quicker.
  5. I haven't personally tried it myself since the patch, but it did seem like more people were achieving the trophy shortly after (latest achievers list on the site here). I don't have my PS4 with me atm, I could have tested this on an alt account to really confirm... 😨
  6. @diskdocx, the only glitch I found was the 'enemies through the floor' glitch which sometimes happened near the later levels with coconuts. It made farming coconuts a pain (and probably why it's an ultra rare trophy too), but other than that, no save issues for me. I recently did this on my account 2019, and it took roughly a month to 100%. Not because of any save glitches, just because it is a bit of a grind in general (and work breaks of course LOL) Being a free to play, this should be no surprise though since the goal here was to get you to spend some money on it. I didn't spend a dime, and to me, it felt like Jetpack Joyride: every little progress got you just a bit further the next round. It is the same kill fest every round, so I can understand the argument here in that it can be shallow and boring sometimes.
  7. This was my favourite 'work break' game, used to always play it during lunch. A very addictive free-to-play, probably one of the best free games available on the Vita for sure.
  8. This is just awesome. So many hours were played online with this one for myself, back in the day. Quake, Doom, Duke 3D. As mentioned, now we need Hexen. 😀
  9. Why does it always seem like when a PS3 topic about some kind of issue pops up on the forums, there is always someone who says 'Well it's old and maybe you should move on to PS4, etc.' I have a PS4 and still spend a lot of time on the PS3. Why? It's still fun to play with. I'm not going to up and bury the thing just because it's old, I'm going to keep using it until it legit dies on me. Pretty sure the OP MidnightDragon is doing the same. Back to the actual topic, my PS3's do the same thing where they hiccup a lot as well with the connections. My current solution is to just get a direct connection through a router for the combo PS3/PS4 setup. This is also ideal if you ever use PSNow for actual streaming PS3 games and not just for the downloaded PS4 games. The irony is that way back when, wi-fi was supposed to be a 'big deal' and everything wireless, no cords and all that. With everything streaming and digital now, it's almost best to go BACK to the wired connections to get the max mbits/gbits per second....
  10. If you are referring to the 5 avatars in the photo, those are from the PS3 game rain or 'Lost in the rain'. Not sure if you can still get them...
  11. I'm pretty sure that a PSN name change will not remove trophy data or saves, but I can't guarantee that a name change will work or correct the problem with EA here. Your original PSN name is always going to be used by you, even if you change it to something else. So an example: If you were to go from LegendExeter to LegendExeter1, it will show your account as the 'new' named account... but LegendExeter will continue to be unavailable since it's still 'in use' even though the naming has changed. You are essentially tying together 2 names to 1 account, both become unavailable for future use by someone else. With this in mind, it may not fix your issue here.
  12. Pretty sure if it's already synced to your profile, you need to delete it from a PS4. The only other way would be to hide your 0% list. Deleting user from PS3 or formatting a PS3 would work only if the list wasn't synced to your profile.
  13. I know the answer has been given already but I'll explain what I did (for those who were confused): One thing you can do because the same thing happened to me (owned the digital copies, had no minigames included) - Play the mini games on PSNow; you will need to unlock the prologue trophies from the 3 games to do this, but after that it's an easy 100% for the Sly Mini Games. Sync ALL trophies to profile. This will obviously add all 4 lists to your profile (and they will all have at least one trophy popped - can't be deleted/removed now). Now, play the 3 games on the digital version ON your actual PS3. It's a shared list between physical/digital, so even though the prologue sections will need to be played again, you aren't stuck having to play all 3 direct from PSNow through streaming. This helps a lot if your Internet Connection isn't exactly the greatest for streaming games. NOTE: There is no way to just get the mini games list 100% and avoid the other games.
  14. Just saw this now, great to hear for those who were waiting for the patch. The grind won't take nearly as long now as it did before... with the REWIND exploit. Of course, Level 20 is still quite the grind regardless of how it's done. 😁
  15. I was surprised that they actually put a WWE game on the PS+ line-up in the first place. With all the talk of it being rather crummy, I'm starting to understand now why it was free... 🤕
  16. Guess that's something I did not think about, but if the account was compromised with CC info on it, well what do you do right? It's already too late but I do understand that things like a purchase history is also important. I usually just delete e-mails from any purchases I make. Reading that the OP needs recent last order info makes me think it's best to hold on to a few purchase receipts for reference.
  17. I was thinking about getting this game, I enjoyed the one on PS3. Eh, maybe I'll take the plunge, I need more fighters. I also agree, without some help from a guide, guessing what needs to be done to pop a trophy would be maddening.
  18. I think the tax addition finally kicked in July 1st. For the longest time, no tax was being taken off my purchases and a few days ago, I bought Crystal Defenders on the PS3 console store. Sure enough, they added like a good $1 and change on it. Didn't seem a lot for the purchase, but tax was definitely being added to the final amount.
  19. Best advice I can give is to never leave credit card info on your PSN account. Considering Sony isn't exactly stellar when it comes to keeping their systems 'in check' and secure, I would never leave sensitive info anywhere with them. It is a pain to constantly add it back when you do want to purchase something, but it's the safest route outside of gift cards.
  20. Pretty sure it was coined 'shovelware' during that great video game crash back during the Atari days. The game in question I believe was E.T. and it was buried in a landfill (all the cartridges) which is why it was coined as such. You needed a shovel to literally pick up the crap LOL.
  21. I know it's in there, but what I'm saying is why did it change in the first place? That is a good point though, a little customization of stats can go a long way for this site I would think.
  22. Absolutely. I forgot to mention this in my posts before, but you got it right on. Way back when, this website used to have the average rarity of a person's collection right next to their completion percentage on their main PSN profile page. Why did they change it? I think it's actually a better stat to have on there than the daily trophy average rate (which barely changes).
  23. That was my point. There are different ways to make leaderboards happen. The numbers are there whether through a website such as this, or even through PSN itself. Why couldn't it happen? Overall, rarity, system specific, genre specific, etc. EDIT: There are filters for system specific on the current board so that could be a filter of sorts for additional.
  24. I think that's really the big sticking point here: Effort. I know I have some cheese on my profile (and yes I play some easy games in-between better ones while I 'work' for those harder plats), but the idea of a wall of easy stacks is what really angers the more dedicated community members. This current division in the trophy hunter section on gaming here is starting to remind me of the big thing that started when the Wii first came out: Hardcore vs. Casual. It sounded so funny at the time, but the idea really came from new players suddenly thinking they are 'gamers' because they got their first console and now 'game' like everyone else. I think now we are seeing this in the trophy hunting community as availability and ease of achievements has become more a focal point for newer/older(?) gamers wanting to get into the trophy scene. What I'm getting at is: this is becoming a Hardcore vs. Casual trophy hunting debate on the forums. Which.... apparently gets started back up on Sundays due to scheduling. 😨
  25. With that logic, a AAA game like Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart wouldn't even be listed at all for any trophies at all since the plat is still around a 60% earned clip. Beat me to the punch. In reality, there should be a main leaderboard and a rarity leaderboard with certain filters for both. If people still have issues with either or, jump ship and go to TrueTrophies if you really think you're good. I'm pretty sure the numbers there are solid, and I hear very few complaints if at all. Overall, rarity is the god stat of trophy hunting. Bar none, since it's based on who's got what by the ownership. Regardless of difficulty.